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Well my friend and fellow blogger, Joanna Young, is back! Where’d she go? Well, first she moved her blog from TypePad to WordPress – a move that I fully support and applaud her for. Then, she took a week off from writing to move into her new home. Can you imagine….not blogging for a whole week? I recently did it a couple of times and it wasn’t that bad – though I did miss writing.

I had the pleasure of meeting Joanna at SOBCon08 in Chicago last May and she’s even more lovely in person than she is on her blog. And what makes meeting her special is that she, and Chris Garrett, hopped a plane across the pond to be with us at SOBCon. And I only had to drive 3 hours from my home outside Ann Arbor.

Anyhow, I just wanted to welcome my friend back and thank her for some of my favorite blog posts. Here’s a few to check out:

  • Kiss Excessive Words Goodbye
  • 10 Outstanding Definitions Of Powerful Writing
  • 7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Ask Your Readers Questions: Part V Of Purposeful Questions
    • The entire Purposeful Questions series I loved. Here’s the rest:
    • Part I: How To Ask Purposeful Questions
    • Part II: Creating The Space To Ask Questions
    • Part III: The Purpose That's Driving Your Question
    • Part IV: Asking Questions For A Change
  • Do You Think You Can Tell? Powerful Questions That Wake Us Up
  • 27 Secrets To Writing Like Hemingway

When you have a moment, take a stop by. Read some of her latest writings. And drop her a line to say hi and welcome back.

And, oh yeah, remember to grab her feed.

(note:  image from  Kiwi Mikex on  Flickr,   some rights reserved)

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  1. Joanna Young says

    Dawud, thanks so much for this post, and highlighting some of my work. It means such a lot to me to get back to blogging today and find all these wonderful friends – people I’ve met and people I’ve not met and may never meet – extending the hand of friendship like this.

    Blogging’s quite something, isn’t it?


  2. Karen Swim says

    Dawud, what a wonderful tribute to Joanna and a nice reading list too! Next year I hope to share in the SOBcon love, you all returned with such a special kinship.

  3. funny news says

    That’s one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen a blogger write about another blogger. I’m gonna have to check her stuff out.

    Fo sho.

  4. Investment Property says

    Honestly, I don’t know much about you Joana but as Dawud introduces her and highlight her works. She seems to be very good in what she does. So, I visited and read few of her blogs and found out why many readers liked her so much. Indeed, she is great!

  5. San Diego Lawyer Finder says

    Thanks for the heads up about Joanna’s blog. I checked it out (especially her post on writing like Hemingway) and really like it.

  6. Buy Essay says

    I’m one of the loyal readers of Joanna’s ConfidentWriting blog, and I do loves her writing style.

    Glad she is back on track…

  7. Kirk says

    well, i imagine how thrilled you are now that joana is back… i just would like to say that i enjoyed my visit, and i surely will drop by next time… thanks for the links about writing and getting good at it…

  8. Rosie McCleaner says

    I’ve just started reading this and I have to say I love it! I love reading it they are fantastic, thank you 🙂

  9. Marrie says

    Welcome back Joanna. Those are really great news, and i am already enjoying her writings. Glad she is back…

  10. watch naruto episodes says

    well first of all welcome back Joanna..Wow! you have such good and qualitative posts..that’s really a hard work..and offcourse a great one…Your blog rocks…

  11. DP Cham says

    Joana and dmiracle.com are really useful to many upcoming writers, especially those who are very low on confidence.

  12. Balaji says

    Hi i haven’t heard of joanna before. But your heartly gesture to welcome her back, moved me so much that i have visited her blog confidence in writing.

    After reading i take immense pleasure in saying welcome back joanna.

  13. yeshi says

    I don’t know much about you Joana but as Dawud introduces her and highlight her works.
    After reading i take immense pleasure in saying welcome back joanna.


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