Do a Google search for click here. What you’ll find is around 1.7 billion (yes billion) instances in Google’s database where website owners have used “click here” as linked text on their website. Let me guess, that includes you, right?

But click here is seldom the best option for linked text. Take a look at these two examples:

To find out more about how I can help you grow your business, click here.


Find out more about how I can help you grow your business.

Which link tells you, as the site’s visitor, where you’ll go when you click the link? Isn’t it clearer in the second example that the link will lead you to how I can help you grow your business?

This may seem like splitting hairs a bit. But really, it’s not. There are a number of reasons to use descriptive linked text rather than click here. Here’s a few:

  • Clarity – Descriptive linked text makes it much clearer where the link will you while click here basically just offers the command – click here. There’s no real clarity of why you’d click here or where you’ll end up.
  • Scannable – If you scan most website pages, the links will stand out. They’re usually colored and styled differently than the text around them. So when you use descriptive linked text your visitors can scan your page for where they’d like to go next. Click here simply doesn’t offer the same advantage.
  • SEO – If you care the least bit about search engine optimization, and you should, adding keywords in the links is one method of optimizing your text for search engines. Think about the 1.7 billion instances on websites that are using click here. Is that really what they’re hoping to rank for?
  • Usability – As a big fan of the ‘don’t make me think’ principle of website design, I don’t want my users to have to interpret, guess or consider where my links will lead them. And that’s exactly what click here does – forces my visitors to think.
  • Accessibility – Remember, not all your visitors will be using beautiful, graphics browsers to view your site. Some will use braille, aural or text browsers. Think about how visitors that are blind or have reading disabilities will use your site. Asking them to ‘click here’ gives them no idea where they’re going to end up.
  • Readability – Isn’t it simply nicer to read content where the links have been crafted into the content rather than breaking it up with the old click here?
  • Printability – More people print out your web pages than you might realize. Click here just doesn’t mean anything on a printed page and often breaks up the flow of text.

That said, you can use whatever linking strategies you like. Sometimes you can get higher response rates by directing people to click on a link. I suggest, however, not making a habit out of it. Use terms like ‘click to continue’ or ‘read on’ sparingly and only when you really need too. Otherwise, let your visitors know where they’re heading when then select a link.

So, how are you using click here. And what’s your overall in content link strategy?

(note: image from ovizo0n on Flickr some rights reserved)

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  1. Kim says

    The second one on the example is better. I’ve seen some who use ‘click here’ for their links but just incorporating the link in the target text makes it have a subtler appeal and of course, works well for SEO purposes.

  2. Derra Huxley says

    1.7 billion search results for “click here”! That is almost beyond comprehension. The only argument for “click here” that I can think of is that it is a call to action.

  3. Alan Tay says

    I think you got all the reasons for people around on why not to use click here. I used to use the term click here too before, because I worry some novice internet user will not realize the link within text. However, I think your reasons got my concern covered. Thanks for the tips.

  4. Denver Assisted Living says

    Relevant anchor text is so important, I cringe when I see the examples you referenced used in sites. With a little thought the user experience can be enhanced and the webmaster will benefit too.

  5. Gary Simmons says

    I would absolutely agree with you in principal. However, if you are wanting to create a “natural” link structure, the occasional click here would seem to be okay.

  6. Mia says

    Hm.. I see your point and I have to admit that I haven’t thought about this until now. So, it will be best to integrate the link in the text, then hiding it behind a “click here”.

    Indeed, links include certain keywords, but I thought it was easier for the user to just click here than having to copy-paste the link in another tab.

    Now i tend to think that the best option is to insert a link behind certain key words.

  7. Voigt says

    Lets be honest each dofollow backlink with an anchor text like “click here” is useless because it won’t improve the visibility for our site in Google search. People doesnt know about this and after they make a tons of backlinks like the one youve mentioned in your post they are asking a question why my site doesn’t move up in the search result . Then they can read your article and find the answer:).

  8. Rafi says

    This is very true and very common. I myself used to do this, and still automatically revert to the “click here” while writing content. I have to remember to change it, and I usually do. I dont know why the “click here” is so natural

  9. Lucious says

    Great to see this information on focus, haven’t seen this anchored text “click here” topic been discussed in a while.

    It’s always good not to create a hyper link with a text “click here” as this is too much common & might seem to be spam to a moderate internet user.

  10. Computer Repairs Calgary says

    Great article, completely agree. Web surfers will click links anyway – they don’t need instructions to “click here”.

    Another popular type of “click here” is the “more” link WordPress uses at the bottom of article summaries. I like how you changed yours to “read on and share your thoughts”.

  11. svens says

    Very good. That is correct, on search engine optimization and proper organization of the blog very much depends

  12. Brad Fitzpatrick says

    I agree wholeheartedly Dawud, seo benefits being one of the most important reason imo.

    However it is sometimes hard for me to not include “click here” in the actual link, either alone or WITHIN the desired anchor text… Mainly because I’ve always been a strong believer of telling the user EXACTLY what you want them to do, or as you put it..”directing them.” Sort of a “Don’t Make Me Think” mentality.

    I’ll also sometimes use “click here” right before the actual link… like “click here for: LINKED TEXT.”

  13. Jeremy says

    “Click here” is such an action driving phrase. Its hard to get away from it simply because people find that more users are going to click the “click here” link rather than the “make money online” link. Just like your ad for your free guidebook, it simply is hard to completely cut out the “click here to get…” from a website.

  14. Bill@Sacramento Homes For Sale says

    I had to laugh…yes I have some ‘click here’s’ on my blog. I think some are Word Press generated defaults.. some are just a bit of laziness. But you’re right and I will keep an eye on it.


  15. Pete says

    This is one of those habits.. i think it started because in the early day of internet people didn’t know that you can “click” on text and go someplace. (and thanks to sites having links as different colours from standard blue) Also sometimes when you have a sentence like: We have “red apples” for sale every day. By the time person reads it they have already missed the link. In this case I would suggest adding another short sentence saying: Read more about our “red apples”.. instead of adding click here on the end.

  16. Decorative Pillows says

    As a large follower of the ‘don’t create me think’ standard of website design, I don’t want my users to have to understand, supposition or consider where my links will guide them.

  17. Linds says

    Just to give a contrary opinion 🙂 When I come across a website where all the links are keyword rich it tends to make me think “spammy”. A nice “click here” reassures me that the website is intended for real people, rather than robots (who don’t need to be prompted to click!)

  18. Miami says

    I totally agree with you points. The only time I use click here to make the link idiot proof not for SEO purposes. Thanks for sharing the info..

  19. Dave says

    I have to admit that I’m sometimes a little lazy with writing ‘click here’ but I’m getting better at this now and will try and utilise links with keywords.

  20. JD @ How To Start a Business says

    Totally right, small things like this separate the people who succeed and fail. SEO knowledge is a must for people who want to succeed on the internet.

  21. Stefan says

    Thanks! I still use “click here”, but as in “click here for more information on the new iPhone 5”. There is still a certain amount of people not firm with internet and links, for them, its better to have an underlined, bold link with a hint like “click here” 🙂

  22. Contact Lenses Reno says

    I agree with the thought behind this article, but I think that the reason that “click here” is so often (over-) used is because of the call to action aspect.

    Are you suggesting to avoid “click here” altogether, or would you instead suggest pairing “click here” with the reason your readers should click (such as “Click here to read the article about clicking here”)?

  23. Seb says

    Thanks, I knew I shouldn’t use click here too much, but now I know why. If one is selling products, any suggestions on how to avoid BUY NOW or learn more with a link I would imagine that the number for buy now far surpasses click here.

  24. WorksForWeb says

    You are absolutely right.

    I know exactly that I shouldn’t write “click here” but it’s still not became a habit and I use ?click here for more information? sometimes 🙁

    Thank you for this article.

  25. Rafa says

    I sai that I don?t understand why they would need to copy-paste the link in another tab? Just use keywords as anchor text instead of using the words ?click here? as anchor text. I really agree with this post.
    Another option is a button that says click here but has ALT and Title atributes that use the keyword. It’s kind of a combined solution.

  26. How to download videos from youtube says

    Ha ha, nice article! Click here, click here)) But I think, some links can be interesting.

  27. Jobs in India says

    Message with click here link gives the meaningfull description, while Anchor link title doesn’t look good and there may be confusion (i think it will be helpful for SEO).

  28. Supplements Man says

    Being an SEO for the last 10 years, I have always been for using keywords in text links. It just help so much more than having broad-unrelated phrases or the dreaded “click-here” text. Also, I am with you on keeping it simple…stupid. If you have the link say “click here”, it must mean that people don’t know to click there without you telling them to, which is a problem all on itself.

  29. jacque smith says

    So if you want to drive someone mad, then link them to this page. When people see the link “Don’t click here!” they will, as you, allmost always click on …in reality you are missing out on the biggest missing link in protein metabolism. ….. This thread has reached its maximum number of replies.

  30. CBT Test says

    It’s definitely better to use keywords rather than click here and obviously it helps with SEO too and makes me think about what I’m writing instead of being lazy and using ‘click here’.

  31. Jessica says

    I’ve used click here a couple of times on my sites, and have never really thought of the seriousness of using descriptive words in my links. But I must say your post was really enlightening with this regards. I’ve just started learning seo and this blog is a really great resource. Keep it up with the great content.

  32. hboney says

    howdy Mr.Dawud…i think i’ve got something can make me more sharp especially when i must make some links on my blog, so people have a little bit perception about the link refers to…
    it’s just a kind of my tradition by writing”click here” in my blog with never thought the explanation about it.

  33. Natasha says

    Absolutely right on. The best links are contextual and link directly to your website keywords. Saying, “click here” doesn’t necessary tell your reader where you are taking them. A phrase that indicates where you are pushing them to go is better for SEO. Great article.

  34. dunlop Reifen says

    I would absolutely agree with you in principal. However, if you are wanting to create a ?natural? link structure, the occasional click here would seem to be okay.

  35. car shipping rates says

    I hate “click here” links because then, at a glance, I don’t know what I’m clicking. So, I’ve got to stop and read the text around the link. Yes, I scan when reading and you might say I’m a tad lazy in that respect. 🙂 But that’s how the internet works…

  36. EKG Interpretation says

    This sounds like such good advice. In all the presentations about SEO that I have seen, however, using “click here” as link text is always included. I wonder what weight the Google algorithms really give the phrase. Thank you for the insight.

  37. Gadget Guardian says

    I remember years and years ago all I used to put was click here when I was building sites just in my spare time, how times have changed nowadays. The SEO side of things is vitally important but like you say, just from a visual point of view and making people more inclined to click, having a descriptive text link gives the user a clear picture of what they are clicking. If you have something saying click here with no relevant text around it, I certainly would click it as I like to know where I’m going.

    After all, its links that are the road map of the internet and we all like to keep thing simple when navigating it.

  38. Shaun says

    I have to admit i do this alot but after reading this i think ill have to force myself not to do it.
    I dont realy know why i guess its like supplements man said i feel like i have to point people to the link and not let it flow in my writing.

  39. seo mumbai says

    I completely agree with one of the comment above. According to me 2nd example would be more accurate and it?s better in terms of presentation. We can receive higher response by directing people to click on a link rather directing them on ?click to continue? or ?read on?.

  40. Port Orange real estate says

    it’s better to use click “then be specific” instead of using just “here”. clicks should increase when using more specific terms for visitors. Many visitors only briefly view pages and will move on to another site if they don’t find what they are looking for quickly.

  41. Dave from funny videos says

    I used click here a lot in my begining too 😀 Learned lots of useful stuff lately and almost always using anchor words for internal linkiing. But I also think that usually the internet user is usually likely to expect exactly the “click here” simply to help him to navigate further. 😐
    Just a simple fact. I am sure that this page might be among the top ranked positions for click here phrase just becouse this interesting and long discussion 😀

  42. wilma yulia says

    So far I usually use keywords instead phrase “click here”. But sometimes I still use “learn more”.. I think I’m better avoid both of them because I totally agree with your 7 reasons

  43. marquita herald says

    Compelling case study – the thing is, not that long ago I read an article by one of the top rated bloggers in the country who said based on his studies “click here” worked far better than other phrases. I think this is a great example of how people new to building a online business can make themselves crazy by trying to follow the experts. Learn, yes … keep an open mind, yes … then experiment with your own audience and find out what works best for you.

  44. liquid diet weight loss says

    The scary part is that google will only display 2 or so click heres from each page. While it is used a lot, using it for in-linking can’t be too bad. Its linking to another site with out no follow that makes for crappy links right?

  45. NYC Acupuncture says

    Using click here instead of an anchor text might not help you to boost your ranking. I would like to agree on what the poster have said. You can basically tell if a person is a beginner if he/she is using a “click here” sign instead of his keyword.

  46. African Paintings says

    I’ve been trying to get away from the click here habit. Switched to little images links with alternate text for SEO. Hopefully this works.

  47. Yeshua says

    I have mixed feelings about using ‘Click here’ as hyperlink text. On one hand, it’s like a road sign for someone who is quickly scanning you page for the good stuff that they already know they want. On the other hand, those 2 words don’t add anything for SEO ranking.

  48. Extra Long Shower Curtains says

    Your observation on using the word “click here” to refers to ones webpage is quite educating. In fact i recent read an ebook where the author explain and show that it is adobe website that is ranking position one on google page one.

  49. Amit Kumar says

    I see your point and I have to admit that I haven?t thought about this until now. So, it will be best to integrate the link in the text, then hiding it behind a ?click here?.

  50. Summer Holidays says

    That’s a very good observation. This article is truly unique and insightful. I have some links with click here or read on. I am now going through my site to somehow change this as early as now.

  51. SEOAura Uk says

    i tried to get away from the click here habit. Switched to little images links with alternate text for my promotional business.will make few changes on my current project and check. hope it works naturally.

  52. Destin FL Long-term Rentals says

    Just as all links are not created equal, all anchor text is not created equal.
    However, I do agree with Linds above, “When I come across a website where all the links are keyword rich it tends to make me think ?spammy?.”
    It is all in how you write your content. I would rather delete a keyword somewhere else and put it in my anchor text.

  53. powerpoint kursus says

    I think it is very necessary to use the entire text as a link instead of using the classic “click here” or something else. Of course there could be an issue with old habbits, but I think that people are getting used to that the anchor text is more sppecific and most internet users do not have any kind of problems with that.

  54. B24 E Solutions says

    I?m agreeing…. Click here does not give clear idea about what to click here for? It also affects SEO.
    In third point you suggest about keywords for linking. This is a best option that inserts a link behind keywords. Because when we search in Google we use keywords. Anchor text is also very important and best way of linking?
    Find out more about SEO/SMO Services please visit us at:

  55. Today India News says

    Those are excellent concerns about life in common, not just about a enterprise, I realized at an beginning age that I desired to find perform that was exciting and significant for me.

  56. Comparison Shopping says

    To be honest I think most SEO’s will use click here as anchor text in a certain (low) percentage of their anchor texts and this will look more natural to search engines, from what i’ve read (and i’ve read alot) if you don’t have a nice mixture of garbage anchor texts like “click here” or “visit this site” in with the rest of your link profile then it might raise a flag with google.

  57. Amit Kumar says


    Thanks for this awesome tips.

    I always create link with “Click Here” , from today I ll not make any link with it.

    Thanks a lot

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