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The Simplest, Yet Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself About Your Business

As small business owners, we tend to make things so much more complex than they need to be.

Think about it. If you run a small business, where do you usually put the majority of your focus? Marketing? generating revenue? Your work with you clients? Things like this?

So often the question you have about your small business deal with how or what, right? You know – how do I generate more revenue or what do I need to do to get more from my marketing? Aren’t these the questions you most often find yourself asking?

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You Need To Be Curious To Be Remarkable

What does it take to be remarkable?

According to Seth Godin the path to being remarkable is paved by stones of curiosity.

I’d have to agree. If you’re not curious about things, about processes, about life – and about your business, you have little hope of growth; of change. Yet success in business (and in life) happens through growth – which is built on change.

This is why I say a business is never finished. Rather, a business is always a work in progress. How else could it be? No successful business, regardless of how much planning, ever stays the same. [Read more…]

Do You Do Something Remarkable?

So what does Seth Godin mean when he says that being good enough is not enough?

He means that if you’re average, your business will be average too. And an average business will usually do one of two things – succeed at a very moderate rate or fail.

Why? Because people don’t want average. When’s the last time you said, “I bought my car because it was average?” Or, “My spouse was pretty average, that’s what I was drawn too?”

We don’t want average. We want excellent. We want great. We want stupendous. We want remarkable. Remarkable in every sense of the word. But more than anything else, as consumers, we want to buy things or participate in experiences that we can share; that we can remark about. [Read more…]