As small business owners, we tend to make things so much more complex than they need to be.

Think about it. If you run a small business, where do you usually put the majority of your focus? Marketing? generating revenue? Your work with you clients? Things like this?

So often the question you have about your small business deal with how or what, right? You know – how do I generate more revenue or what do I need to do to get more from my marketing? Aren’t these the questions you most often find yourself asking?

The answers to these questions are often lengthy, require learning or have many steps required to see results. So much so that we then find ourselves lost in the jungle of what to do next. So we can learn about what and understand how, but one question – the most important business question – remains unanswered. And without answering that question, it’s difficult to truly succeed.

The question…why?

In your small business, you need to know ‘why.’ And you need to know ‘why’ about everything. And I do mean everything.

Of course, perhaps the first most important part of asking why is asking why you’re in business in the first place. While this may seem elementary, it’s of vital importance. It’s difficult to evaluate where your business is heading if you’re not clear why you’re in business in the first place. Find that out why you’re in business will help you align all the parts of your business behind a united goal. Not knowing why, in turn, often means a splintered business model where not all your business processes point in the same direction.

One note, there’s no wrong or right answer to why you’re in business. It’s only important to know why you’ve started and continue to run your small business. The goal isn’t right or wrong, it’s clarity of purpose and understanding.

This is why asking ‘why’ should   penetrate every single aspect of your small business. In other words, you should be asking it about everything. “Why did I choose to sell this product?” “Why do I answer the phone that way?” “Why am I not closing more deals?” “Why are people hiring me?” And on, and on…

Ultimately why is the foundational question about your business. No other question really matters too much until you understand why. And if you look at most small businesses that are failing most often you’ll find that they’re not clear about why they’re in business in the first place. And if, by some chance, they do know why they’re in business, their lack of success provide a window into what they’re not asking why about in their business.

Take it out of the context of running a small business for a moment and think about being a parent. If you’ve had three year-old kids, you know that the only word that ever comes out from their little lips is, “WHY!?!?” Why, why, why, why, why? There’s no end to their questions. The reason for this is that developmentally they’ve reach a place where they being to see that the world has structure and order and they want to understand it. So they ask why about everything so that they can – no, not annoy their parents and other adults. They ask why about everything so they can – LEARN! And that’s why you want to ask why about every part of your small business – to learn.

So use ‘why’ as a chance to awaken your understandings of your business. Ask yourself ‘why’ you do what you do the way you do it. Ask yourself why your customers buy from you. Ask yourself why you’ve generated less revenue this month than last. Ask yourself why – incessantly. Doing so will help understand the motivation and goals behind how you run your business. And when you understand what lies beneath, you can make better decision about marketing, positioning, pricing, etc.

Do you ask ‘why’ in your business? If not, why not?

And if you do ask ‘why’ about your business what new understandings has it led you too? What insights have you gained? And how has understanding why you do what you do changed your business?

Let’s talk about it.

(note:  image from  Amish Shah on  Flickr,   some rights reserved)

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  1. rummuser says

    If you know why you are in business, which very few do incidentally, the only one question that makes any sense all the time, is to ask why you do anything the way you do. This helps you to innovate and get better by adding one more question which is, how can I do this better?

  2. wilson says

    As one of the small business owners, I always find myself caught in the middle of complexity, due to my worrisome attitude…

    Thus, I have learned a lesson from it, “Try to keep the things as simple as you can!”.

  3. Spam Filters & Anti Spam Filters says

    I agree with wilson, “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!”. I think understanding your goals is the crux of a successful business. I also think that logical prioritizing and “down-time” can help a business owner from having a mental breakdown!

    Great post,


  4. Kit Kat says

    I am running a small business, a lot of time there is no answer to the “Why” question. I always wonder why some product are so ugly and they sell like hot cake and some that is so well designed cannot sell.

  5. Sales Training says

    Dawud, this is a little bit of an adjacent thought to your post, but in our sales seminars, we are always teaching sales people to ask “why?”

    Prospects will explain to a sales person that they need this feature or delivery by this date or they don’t want this option or a host of other things. But the best salespeople frequently ask “why?” Asking this question can open up a whole new plane of dialog with the customer, thereby increasing sales results. A good part of successful selling is asking the right questions, and “why” is one of the best.

    -Skip Anderson

  6. Ron Meledandri - Sentra Business Solutions says

    I agree that asking “why” is very important. I have found that the “why” which is selom asked is, “Why am I making money?” Usually business owners wait until they are losing money to ask, “Why am I losing money?” It is essential to know why you are making money so you can make the right decisions for the future. For example, many who thought they were experts in real estate investing found out it was only the boom market that put money into their pockets. When the market went done, so did they. Many mortgage lenders that they were great business people during the refinance boom from 2000 to 2004. You know what happened in that industry. If you don’t know why you are making money, you won’t survive in the long term.

  7. ldbidz says

    Your are 100% right you have to be on top of everything. I am a small business owner and I also worry about every little detail to the point where i make myself crazy sometimes. Thanks for the post much appreciated.

  8. eurail pass says

    Why, Perhaps 31 years of my life can’t answer this question. May be I am in the internet business accidentally and am still doing all stuff unintentionally. I know it can take a few more years to answer this question because nothing is in my control at the moment.

  9. Barry Wise NJ SEO says

    The first goal in marketing is determining what it is you are trying to market. It’s very important for any business to easily and quickly define that.

    My old marketing prof once asked me to define my business in 10 words or less. It’s a great exercise to make you think about your business focus and clearly define your goal.

  10. Alrady says

    I like your thought process, because often it also answers WHO or the other w questions.

    Often it seems that it is hard for people to prioritize needs in biz. If you know the answer to your basic question and some of the other 2 questions then the priorty of A, B, or C becomes much clearer.


  11. Raj Krishnaswamy says

    Great post. Sometimes asking the “why” question may lead to more philosophical posture about our business than otherwise. The question of why has come up to me many times and funny that the answer has changed over the years. What was true a few years ago is not true anymore. This is a strange phenomenon I have noticed and I think that transformation is okay also. Thank you for a great article.

  12. Alrady says

    Skip… that is really good because sometimes people think they need something but they really need something else. Its part of benefit selling (as opposed to sellling ice cubes to eskimos).

    SKIP all I can say is WOW. That is really a good point. In our internet biz we know the answer thank goodness and that has helped us in developing new products for customers while focusing on meeting needs of the older stable bread and butter customers.

  13. Victor Lorentzo says

    I know why I am building this internet income. I want to stop waking up at 6:45 every morning,.

    I want to have more controll of my hours and spend time doing what I think is important. Build friendships and build businesses.

  14. says

    I find that a little bit of discipline goes a long way. Especially with marketing, as it’s a daily ritual to keep up with the web. However, just a little bit of everything everyday helps to balance it all out for me. Don’t get me wrong there are days when I get swamped, but I still follow my own set of tasks for the day no matter how brief.

  15. dainik samachar forums says

    Great post. Sometimes asking the “why” question may lead to more philosophical posture about our business than otherwise. The question of why has come up to me many times and funny that the answer has changed over the years. What was true a few years ago is not true anymore. This is a strange phenomenon I have noticed and I think that transformation is okay also. Thank you for a great article.

  16. Ariane Benefit says

    Great post Dawud, you are so right. I try to always question how I’m spending my time “why am I doing this?” other questions I ask often is “Who cares about this?” How can do this faster? What is the real value of what I’m doing? What results am I getting?

    I suppose the most important thing is that you ask questions of any kind and not just go along on automatic pilot!

    Thanks for your always great food for thought!

  17. Brian Krassenstein says

    What I do with my domain business is have sort of a panel of trusted people I ask their opinions about. For instance if I have a domain I’m thinking of purchasing I ask myself as well as panel “Why should I buy it”? “What could be the downfalls of a purchase?” “Could i spend the money in a smarter way to earn a greater return?”
    Brian Krassenstein
    TDM Krassenstein Inc

  18. Jenna says

    Running a small business (or any business for that matter) is no easy task. We often get lost on our paths to success. Questioning yourself helps you focus, improve, and build.

  19. laser college says

    I don’t think about the “why” of the business until I find myself doing so many tedious tasks that I can’t think straight…. then I feel the need to “start with the end in mind” (quite a similar concept to considering the “why”) and realize that if things aren’t bringing us more students or helping us to provide better training to our students, I’m not being productive. the hard part is not making up justifications so that every small tasks fits into one category or the other!

  20. Simon Slade says

    Excellent article! I think it will actually make people take some time out to answer these questions instead of just plodding along with no real direction. This is definitely going to help business owners realize and reach their goals.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  21. TeasasTips says

    The need to know why…as a curious individual I was often punished as a child for being a smart mouth, when all along I was setting a foundation for more knowledge..that quest has not changed for me. I believe asking why separates one from the herd of followers and into the arena of leaders. Great article.

  22. Jagad Guru says

    You should have a clear mission/vision for your business, and then when you ask all the “why?”s you can see if the answers match up with it.

    The part about the three year old kids asking “why?” made me laugh. My neighbor’s three year old daughter comes over all the time – and her questions really are endless!

  23. Erica- Copywriters Needed/Make $200/hr says

    I have asked ‘why’ many times, and the answer has always been ‘financial freedom’. Maybe that is the problem with most businesses. They don’t find something they really enjoy or can be helpful to others because of greed or the need to become financially stable.

    With the horrible economy of today, I think business owners are losing sight of their real dreams in order to make a quick buck because they are in survival mode.

  24. Kirk says

    agreed! sometimes we get lost with everything going on at once when what we need to do is to figure out the most basic things so as to make clear which direction we should take…

  25. ????????? ????????? says

    I think the biggest mistakes from small business owners is that they dont stay focused on their first “idea”, afraid of loosing business here or there they will accept clients or works which doesn’t match their aptitudes…

  26. Florida Bus Dealer says

    I have been in business for about 7 years and I think this article is making me rethink where I am with my company. It is that simple, just ask Why. I hope this gives my business a whole new spin. Just ask WHY?

  27. TeasasTips says

    @Erica–i agree, many business owners are in survival mode because of the state of the economy. In times like this it is very important not to lose focus and the reason why you got into business in the first place.

  28. Bhelle says

    In the world of business where competition is stiff, we business owners should be well rounded in both the financial, customer service and marketing aspects of our business.Thanks for a great post Dawud!

  29. TeasasTips says

    @Victor Lorentzo: to your comment–“I want to have more controll of my hours and spend time doing what I think is important. Build friendships and build businesses.”

    That sums up my desires completely. Adding the freedom to travel wherever I like, whenever I like.

  30. Perfume says

    The trouble with running your own business entirely on your own is that you dont have time for everything and your post is right on the money! Good writing!

  31. Dele says

    You are dead right!

    I am a small business owner and I always want to know why internet marketing gurus take any particular course of action as it may indeed reveal their thoughts and the reason for their success in that particular area.

    Top Home Business

  32. Engago Team says

    Why we have started: because we had an idea.
    Why we have limited our ideas: in order to deliver
    Why we have build it: in order to prove the idea
    Why we are spending most time on marketing: in order to create interest.
    Why we want to sell: in order to run the business profitable
    Why we keep on going: because it drives us

  33. Horse Rugs says

    That’s true,

    for any business we have to think first how it can provide benefit to customers. Why customers should come to you?
    When you get the answer, you will definitely be successful.

  34. Peter Andrews says

    This post rings my bell. As we grow, we indeed tend to feel smarter (even if we are). However, this mental attitude can prevent us from learning ‘thanks to’ the lack of curiosity. The “why” question is important to keep us aware of many opportunities. We don’t take anything for granted, be it our way of doing business, work with clients or many things. The “why” question will lead us to better alternatives and more efficient ways of doing things. Heck, the ‘why’ question even save us from doing anything worthless to begin with.

  35. Andrew Green says

    i can say one thing ..If u understand the purpose of the business for what u are doing then u can be the successful

    And i am really thankful for the professional article which helps to remember few things abt the business which i am doing

  36. Jordans says

    “In your small business, you need to know ‘why.’ And you need to know ‘why’ about everything. And I do mean everything.”

    in the end it will just make my head hurt if I keep asking why.

    but the main reason is “Success”

  37. Christy says

    Re “Cheap Research’s” point, I totally agree. You not only have to remind yourself of your goals and mission(s) constantly, but also ask yourself, how can I do this better? How can I step up to the plate for clients better? It’s all about staying on top of your game and delivering top results… Thanks, Dawud!

  38. BonScott says

    Man I really like your posts!
    It was pleasure reading this.
    too bad I havent find this in a days when I started my bussiness and grasped to succeed.

    Keep up with good work.


  39. Jeremy Lim says

    I find myself fighting more and more fires the older I get. Aren’t we supposed to get wiser as the years go on?

    We fall into routine – but it’s not just the things we get stuck in in our own ‘worlds’. We forget selling is about solving problems, not pushing product. Moving away We pack lunch grudgingly for our children, missing that its the greatest feeling to give back to those who gave us happiness. Forgetting purpose is one of the saddest things about life. All that energy and passion and love falls to the wayside; it shouldn’t.

    Looks like I’m seven days late for the discussion, but thank you all the same for writing this post.

  40. willb says

    I have seen many successful business ended in a failure. I think we can’t focus on everything and if we are going to have too many ventures, we should have the staff. Alone we can do nothing other than ruining our businesses.

  41. Bad Credit Business Loans says

    there are always new things to learn and improve, so I think we all are constantly asking ourselves “why?”.

  42. Embroidered Baby Gifts says

    I think First of all, you give importance for the goal of that business.The owner should know the exact purpose of the business.Otherwise he will lose every thing.Because they can gain from from business and also loss from the same business.

  43. ebayguy says

    Great article. Why is a good question to ask to do well in business. I’ve heard the better the question, the better the answer. I would add to this with the 80/20 rule to prioritize your business and life. To focus on the answer of the whys in your business.

  44. 7 Marketing School says

    asking questions like WHY relating to your business can help you understand your business more and more as well as your customers.. there are many ways to improve and develop your business… so start asking why to yourself. lol

  45. Dallas Web Design says

    It really all boils down to finding people that can do it better than you and know how to keep them motivated. If you can develop and good team in any business the rest is history. I will tell anyone just find people who really want it and give them rope and they will either take you to the top or you cut them lose and move on to the next ambitious one.

  46. interim manager says

    “Why?” “?Porque?” “Porquois? “Neden”? Language may be different but the question is always the same. For middle-sized and small buisness it’s important question too, be sure. Every day we ask ourself: why do we work with this supplier? Why didi we choose this way?

  47. Roisin Markham says

    Great post. Yes I ask why but I also ask HOW and when I come to conclusions or answers I also ask “what else?”

    A mindful reminder when your in the thick of it to always take a why? question. Perhaps an why? iphone app or desktop pop-up would be fun…

  48. thinning hair says

    When you really don’t know where to start, it’s always a good idea to start a home based business first. You would be amazed at what you learn from them! It’s a low-risk.

  49. Dallas Web Design says

    well, this article was eye-opening. I guess there’s always an answer to the why and if there is none, then i shouldnt be in business. great article.

  50. Gina Rafkind says

    Love this! I’m going to incorporate this one word question into every aspect of my business starting right now.

    Thanks for this Dawud. I look forward to reading your posts.

  51. Frank Tibbetts says

    I have been in industrial sales and marketing for over 35 years and 5 years ago started a small business, consulting with small & medium sized businesses on Internet marketing, website development and searchengine marketing. I have found that SME owners have little knowledge of Internet marketing and if they have a website, it has not been found in SERPS and they have not had any new business from their web presence. I build professional business websites that are functional, have a unique selling proposition, professional content with a call to action, and through pay per click and SEO the clients have realized a significant return on investment.

  52. Cheap Textbooks For Sale says

    I think the question of “why” you are in a business is indeed the most important question. Often times I have seen many a entrepreneur flame out because they were in business for the wrong reason. Many had general notions of “getting rich” or proving something to their parents or spouse. While this can be a good initial jumpstart, this motivation often does not last when the times get tough. You truly have to have a passion for the business you want to enter, not just the “concept” of owning your own business.

  53. brunette escorts says

    Reading the article (which was great by the way), you ask “why”, my very simple answer to that is (1)money and (2)secondly comfort. I like the idea of being my own boss so that is the secondary answer to the “why”, but if i make just as much money doing a nine to five at some big corporation – i wouldn’t like it. Not me.

  54. FinallyFast says

    If I’ve learned anything in watching my more successful bosses and managers over the years is that the key to successful delegation is answering all the potential “whys”. As a current business owner I’ve definitely learned from their examples and I analyze data and crunch numbers all day to get the answers to those important why questions. It definitely helps me delegate more effectively when I actually understand why a certain task needs to be completed.

    Also, LOVED the illustration using the incessant “whys” of a 3-year-old. I remember those days with my little sisters..annoying then, but certainly a poignant illustration for your post!

  55. Michael says

    While the objecting of any non-profit business is primarily to make profit, there is surely a secondary question why you have chosen this industry, unique selling point etc. The question Why perhaps is an open question, which leads to others. Things ARE complicated…

  56. Maryanne Perkins says

    I really enjoyed your explanation of “Why” and it made me realize that I had basically stopped questioning my business!

    Yes, I ask my kids “Wht” all the time, I had stopped holding conversations with my business!

    Time to regroup and make certain that if I cannot get a valid response to “Why”, then I do not need to waste any time doing it!

    Thanks for getting me to open my eyes!

  57. Tom says

    I have found that I need to be careful to not spend too much time pondering questions like why.

    By spending too much time I sometime lose my momentum to move forward with action.

  58. Matty says

    evaluating your business Is a never ending process to ensure you are on top of your game and not struggling behind competitors. I would also encourage that all employees do this same thing in their roles and tasks as it is important to pull together as a team that as this help maintain your focus and achieve your goals

  59. Mia says

    Instead of asking myself “why this and that” I prefer the question: what can I do to make things better. As I see it, one needs to try to improve things constantly and to find new ways to do so in order to keep up with competition and with clients’ demands.

  60. Ascentive says

    Love it! Every small business owner just needs to let out his inner-child!

    Very sound advice though. Understanding the reasoning behind your actions or the actions of your customer will allow you to really fine tune your strategy so that you’re doing the things that effect the bottom line and not the things that don’t!

  61. john newland says

    Its such a simple question, but one we all frequently forget to ask.

    instead of “how do I get more people to my site” you ask “why don’t more people visit my site?”.

    putting up better content may draw more visitors than the best seo/traffic generation could.

  62. Alex says

    Nice psychological advice! Now I know that asking myself why can easily substitute all business methodics. I don’t need Marketing!

    Problem with this question is, that in many small business runners aren’t just in it for the dream, but because of practical reasons and situations. For example taking over the company from your dad!

  63. Antiques Valuations says

    I like to think that most people know why they are in business before they launch their business. Hopefully it’s driven them to do what they do – but unfortunately I think this is idealising, and you’re dead on the money here.

  64. Logo design says

    Definitely! Why is everything. Asking why is what would be your ultimate purpose in business. Anyway, this post really an interesting one and though provoking. Valuable points you’ve got here. Thanks for pointing out those.

  65. Erik says

    This post is very timely for me. I always feel that I’m in the eye of a storm of things to do for my business.

    Asking “why?” forced me to reevaluate my priorities. I’m sure every entrepreneur can admit to sacrificing family time or exercise to work instead, not realizing that for most people, family and well-being is the purpose for everything we do!

  66. Rosa G. Perkins says

    Nice article, when starting a business, we need to have a concrete plan on everything, from marketing the business to implentation and customer service. The “why” should turn to “wow” overtime. Great insight!

  67. sanantonio says

    i do agree about ” why” as a chance to awaken our understandings of our business. but sure we still need a good plan about our business

  68. Brilliant Canvas says

    I wonder whether perhaps a more important question to ask is “HOW?”

    ‘How’ can lead to thoughts on how to achieve more, how to turn more profit, how to keep clients etc etc…………..

  69. Remote Support says

    It’s a very interesting post on the question “why”. I have seen that maximum small business owner become puzzled to troubleshoot any problem and get confused. They should focus on their object and keep patient to get result.

  70. Vitamins says

    My stable and easiest question is: where my time goes, why I always missed the deadline? Why do I always managed to do half of what to schedule an in the morning? Something is wrong in my work …

  71. vanzari apartamente cluj says

    Sure is wise to constantly ask yourself why and what for you’re doing what you’re doing, but I think the answer to the first why is very simple and quite the same for everybody: to do a whole lot of money!

  72. best animation software says

    Very nice post. I find it amazing at how many small business owners don’t ask why the way that they should. Very well said, knowing the answers to everything in your business is key.

  73. Chris says

    Great, informative post. The “why” factor is pretty interesting to think about..we small business owners do tend to keep track on things and make them even more complex cause its OUR business.

  74. Self Defense Sprays says

    I’m always asking myself what can I do better? Maybe I’m not placing my concentration on what really needs attention, do I really know what that is? Hmmm, now I guess that’s something to ask!

  75. Jamie Fairbairn says

    I think “why?” is a very important question when it comes to small businesses using social media. So many business owners I speak to join Twitter because they feel they should, not because they are planning to actually achieve a specific outcome.

  76. Max says

    Brilliant post. As I ponder this, I must admit that I hardly question anything about my business. It is running on autopilot right now and I often employ the “if it is not broken, do not fix it” mindset. I really like your advice and will sepnd some time asking questions and hopefully this will increase my profits.

  77. John R says

    Great article. Your are 100% right you have to be on top of everything. I am a small business owner and I also worry about every little detail to the point where i make myself crazy sometimes. Thanks for the post much appreciated.

  78. Joel Libava says

    Thank you for reminding me about the “why.”

    I once read a post about copywriting. In it, the writer suggested that when we writes a blog post or an article, we need to ask “why” after the headline, and after important sub-headings.

    Example; “The 10 best widgets for Moms.” (Ask why it’s important to Mom’s, and add it to the title.)

    Same basic idea as your post.



    Because it brought back this great reminder about writing copy!

    The Franchise King®

  79. denver floor says

    This is an awesome article! Doing trial and error always keeps me in check with my small business and always asking myself what I can do better keeps me on my toes

  80. wedding favors says

    Very interesting topic! Asking “why” to yourself before making your first move is one way for you to know how can reach your goal and why there is a need for you to do this. Think it many times first before you do it.Hope that everyone will always remember this.

  81. Shawn with Carpet Cleaning Appleton says

    I think as a business owner it we often think we have to do everything or be masters of everything. I think our business suffers and revenue may even drop forcing us to think we can’t afford to hire experts. Thanks for the great reminder to focus on what matters.

  82. Alease Michelle says

    I really love this post. The “WHY” is so often overlooked and is only usually asked after you did not get the results you expected. The “WHY” question will really help new Entrepreneurs.

  83. Allentown PA CPA says

    This is enlightening! I never thought of asking myself the question “why” even if I’m running my small business for quite sometime now.

    Maybe I should start asking myself this every time I make decisions for the company. And maybe even for my family and myself.

    I agree with John R that as a business owner, we should be on top of everything. If you yourself as the owner is not engaged, how can you inspire your staff? It’s good to check in once in a while.

    Aurora Mesner

  84. social media says

    “why” is a good question to ask. but what about another thing to ask yourself? what about asking yourself “for what”? i think this will make you think even more about what you’re doing in your business. this also leads to answering to “what will i get from this”

  85. Joel says

    This is great. I think for me the “why” really needs to inform the “what”. If I guide my actions from my deep motivations then I am much more productive then if I just try to come up with an action plan based on other thoughts or the need of the moment.

  86. Outdoor Bean Bag says

    Agreed! sometimes we get lost with everything going on at once when what we need to do is to figure out the most basic things so as to make clear which direction we should take…

  87. Vigrx says

    Your post is very for me because i am owner of my own Business. I do motivate my staff as a set time period and I set some rule and conduct for my business. This is the key of my business success.
    Appreciate your post wonderful.

  88. pete says

    I have just gone back to college at the age of 47. i am doing voluntary work for a local housing group. at college we are doing about office work. my question is i have been asked by the manager to update files and ask for clear instrustions why is this

  89. Cupolas says

    It all comes down to why and how? Everyone needs to look at their business from an outside perspective and look and what they really are doing

  90. James bell says

    Very interesting topic! I agree! If you are in a business, you should know and understand why you into that business.I think for me the “why” really needs to inform the “what”. thanks…

  91. David Bueford says

    Business is about relationships and how comfortable people feel with you. Most products and services are just commodities any competitor can deliver. While businesses struggle for visibility young people can get hundreds if not thousands of followers on Facebook with little or no effort. This has always amused me. The smart ones find a way to profit from those relationships.

  92. safari tents says

    You build a team of people around you, each of them having knowledge and insight that you don’t have. These team members can’t just be friends or other people you happen to know. You will have to select each team member actively and based on what they bring to the table.thanks

  93. enfermera bebe says

    To start a business you will need to choose or create a business idea. While this is an obvious step many people who want their own business don’t have an idea,

  94. yipit clone says

    worth reading this article and iam sure it will be very useful to all the business owners . it contains really valuable points and ya one must know their positive and negative and must work accordingly .in the running life we just forget the simple logic and keep breaking our heads thinking something big . whatever we do , we must be prepared have a clear idea and starting working and that would lead to accomplish our goals

  95. Solar panels uk says

    If you are sure that you’ll make a or are already making a profit, spell it out for them. Show them how you’ve flourished and how you expect to grow in the future with this money. Obviously you don’t have to know every specific detail going into the distant future, since no one can predict what will happen with your business, but at least develop likely scenarios so you’ll be prepared for anything.

  96. Today India News says

    The high attrition amount in small businesses is due to these concerns being genuinely resolved. Peculiar, but I would like very much to be demonstrated incorrect.

  97. NJ SEO says

    Great way to simplify a marketing 101 idea. But I agree that businesses lose the vision that they had when they started and they first asked “why” do we do what we do.

  98. says

    I do think it’s important to keep asking yourself “why” all the time. As in “why” is it done this way, “why” am I doing it this way. “why am I even in this business”, or most importantly “why do I want them as a customer”. Sometimes, these questions can lead to profound and difficult, but important changes.

  99. Rochade Estate Agents says

    I am agree that it’s very important to keep asking “WHY?”, but I think that’s more important is to learn how to answer this question without self-deception. And more important, that we often hide the real reasons for the everyday needs.


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