I love posts that are short, simple and to the point. So I was refreshed this morning to see Ben Yoskovitz’s post, The Most Important Question You Can Ask When Networking.

How Can I Help You?

This question is so effective because:

  1. It shows you care.
  2. It gives the person an opportunity to talk about themselves.
  3. It opens up opportunities.
  4. It's easy for the person to reciprocate by asking the same question.
  5. It gets to the heart of networking.

So, how can I help you?

That’s the entire post. Didn’t I tell you it was short?

Yet it brings up a very interesting subject about blogging in general – giving. We’ve all heard that we should give if we want to receive, right? And even though it can seem counter-intuitive in business, you have to give first to receive.

The very nature of blogging illustrates this. With a blog, you give something at every part of the journey. First, you give your knowledge away through the posts you write. Yet, to create a successful blog – one that markets your business effectively – you really need to give more.

You also need to give away your knowledge and opinions posting comments on other blogs. Why? Because it helps to make you visible in the blogosphere. It lets you share your knowledge on topics you may or may not writing about in your blog. And it opens the door to networking with other bloggers.

From posting comments, you’ll begin to receive – usually with comments back on your blog. Sometimes with a link in a blogroll. Sometimes a contact directly with a blog owner. There’s lots of ways you can receive. But first you have to give. Give first, receive second.

Giving is certainly one of the secrets not only to successful blogging, but having success in all aspects of life.

So how do you give through your blog or in your business?

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  1. faizah says

    i am supposed to give a ‘tazkirah’ (a short talk/sharing session) on being of service to others (khadam) to the whole school this monday, 18 Feb.

    i came across a song (islamic nasyid) over the radio with the lyrics ‘give a little of yourself’, which i wanted to use as the opening of my talk. however, i couldn’t locate the singer nor its title.. looks like i may have to forgo this idea of opening with a song.

    i googled ‘give a little of yourself’ and got to your blog entry of the same title. perhaps i can mention your thoughts in my short talk, coz i’m sure students would be able to relate to the blogging theme.


  2. faizah says

    SubhanAllah! i never expected it, that i wrote that comment to the singer himself..Alhamdulillah! this is Allah’s way indeed!


  3. Dawud Miracle says

    Oh, dear one. I’m not Dawud Wharnsby Ali…I’m Dawud Miracle. I only wish I sang half as well as our brother.

    So you’ve not reached the artist – only one who knows of the artist. Please forgive any confusion.

  4. faizah says

    sorry for the misunderstanding… anyway, i am very happy that you have given me the artist and the name of the album. it helped me a lot indeed!


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