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  1. faizah says

    i am supposed to give a ‘tazkirah’ (a short talk/sharing session) on being of service to others (khadam) to the whole school this monday, 18 Feb.

    i came across a song (islamic nasyid) over the radio with the lyrics ‘give a little of yourself’, which i wanted to use as the opening of my talk. however, i couldn’t locate the singer nor its title.. looks like i may have to forgo this idea of opening with a song.

    i googled ‘give a little of yourself’ and got to your blog entry of the same title. perhaps i can mention your thoughts in my short talk, coz i’m sure students would be able to relate to the blogging theme.


  2. faizah says

    SubhanAllah! i never expected it, that i wrote that comment to the singer himself..Alhamdulillah! this is Allah’s way indeed!


  3. Dawud Miracle says

    Oh, dear one. I’m not Dawud Wharnsby Ali…I’m Dawud Miracle. I only wish I sang half as well as our brother.

    So you’ve not reached the artist – only one who knows of the artist. Please forgive any confusion.

  4. faizah says

    sorry for the misunderstanding… anyway, i am very happy that you have given me the artist and the name of the album. it helped me a lot indeed!


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