I had an amazing weekend at SOBCon07 in Chicago over the weekend. My write up will come next. But first, I want to send out some link love and a whole bunch of huge, bear hugs to every person who was there. Each of you inspired me to be a better blogger personal publisher, and a better person. I’m truly in awe of each of you. Thank you for your sharing, your honesty, your beauty and our new friendship…


To SOBCon07 Chicago Attendees: Sandra Renshaw Brad Shorr Timothy Johnson Tammy Lenski Muhammad Saleem Lorelle VanFossen David Dalka – Mobile Search Marketing Todd And John Yedinak Joe Hauckes Tim Draayer Jeremy Geelan Carolyn Manning Sheila Scarborough Steve Farber Dawud Miracle Doug Mitchell Jeff O’Hara Dave Schoof Jamy Shiels Adam Steen Hannah Steen Chris Thilk Barry Zweibel Eric Bingen Ellen Moore Cord Silverstein Jean-Patrick Smith James Walton Sharan Tash Vernon Lun Tony Lee Scott Desgrosseilliers Mark Murrell Kammie Kobyleski Easton Ellsworth Mark Goodyear Ann Michael Kent Blumberg Ashley Cecil Robert Hruzek Sabu N G Lisa Gates Franke James Chris Brown Troy Worman Karen Putz Jesse Petersen Terry Mapes Andy Brudtkuhl Lucia Mancuso Peter Flaschner Derrick Sorles Mike Rohde Thomas Clifford Rajesh Srivastava Claire Celsi Jason Alba Cristiana Passinato Sean R. Alex Shalman Cristiana Passinato Brad Spirrison Ari Garber Dr. Rob Wolcott Cheryll Cruz Sharon Scherer Jonathan Phillips Jason Wade Jill Pullen Doug Bulleit Wendy Kinney Chelsea Vincent Ayush Agarwal Paul Mangalik Premchand Kallan Xochi Kaplan Michael Snell Ella Wilson Adam Kayce

And to the speakers, thank you for making this the most engaging experience I’ve ever had at a conference…

SOBCon07 Chicago Speakers: Andy Sernovitz Phil Gerbyshak Liz Strauss David Armano Mike Sansone Drew McLellan Mike Wagner Terry Starbucker Rodney Rumford Ben Yoskovitz Chris Cree Robyn Tippins Diego Orjuela Vernon Lun Wendy Piersall

I can’t wait to see each of you some time soon…

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  1. Adam Kayce : Monk At Work says

    I agree completely, Dawud — I would’ve loved more time to get to know everyone.

    Time for Jonathan to ramp up SOBCanada, and let’s see who wants to work on SOBHawaii, SOBNewZealand, SOBVirginIslands… 😉

  2. Mike Wagner says

    Dawud, what a blessing it was to meet you. I really enjoyed our brief conversation about you, your business and the vision you have of supplying the sound biz wisdom to your clients.

    It will be fun to see you again.

    Keep creating,

  3. Hannah says

    Alright so we don’t have a beach…but we could still have fun at SobDesMoines! Thanks for the link, Dawud!

  4. Jonathan-C. Phillips says

    Was great, meeting you man! You’re one funny guy, i had a blast! So what are you up to now? new design? tweaking? After the blog critique thing you probably have lots to do. If i can be of help in any way, lemme know! So next year it’s SOBCanada.com? 🙂 we can do this in Montreal!

  5. Adam Kayce : Monk At Work says

    Jonathan, it’d better be in Montreal! You’ve got me all excited to see the city.

    And sure, Dawud, SOBBarcelona, SOBParis, SOBVenice — I’m game — especially if I win Vernon’s contest…

  6. Jonathan-C. Phillips says

    Hey Adam! I’m sure you’d love Montreal 🙂
    Liz told me an event like this is a load of work, but i’ll have to see with her, cause i think it would be really nice 🙂

  7. Terry Starbucker says

    Right back at’cha man! It was a great pleasure to meet you (and thanks for stepping up on the blog critique). I like your heart and your approach to life – I look forward to many more great discussions! See you again soon. All the best!

  8. Mark Goodyear says

    SOBCamp sounds really cool. We’ve got lots of places like that down in Texas…

    Maybe we should just have SOBKerrville? Too podunk?

  9. Dawud Miracle says


    Thanks Terry. But truthfully, the pleasure is all mine. I loved having the chance to get to know you this weekend. Here’s to many more returns.


    SOBDesMoines…interesting idea. I would come just to see all of you.


    Miles to go before I rest…

    Great to meet you as well. And I will let you know if I need anything. Thanks.


    I’m with you…


    The events are a ton of work. I’ve done conferences before. They take a lot. And they’re worth it. So let us know about SOBMontreal.

  10. Jonathan-C. Phillips says

    Hey Vernon, you’re in Toronto? cool, i’m in Montreal, Ben Yoskovitz is from Montreal too, TO is just like 6 hours drive, we could definitely organize something, like a “in between sobcons” kinda thing! let’s keep in touch 🙂

    Hey nice post Dawud! By the way, can’t wait to see your “rebrand” or “redesign” (or blog tweaking), got some nice tips from David Armano and others, can’t wait to see what you come up with buddy.

  11. Dawud Miracle says


    Thanks. There’s going to be a few tweaks on the current design for now – feature updates and some functions. As David suggested, the next step is for me to rebrand myself. Once I feel solid in my branding, then they’ll be a new site design. So stay tuned…lots to come. And I will definitely keep everyone in the loop.

    Keep us updated on SOBCanada ’cause I’m game.

  12. Connie Reece says

    Good thing I can add, or I’d never make it past your spam protection. LOL

    Look! There I am in your picture, between Tony Clark and David Armano. See? I really was there. But my name doesn’t appear in any of the lists of attendees. 🙁

    So good to meet you, Dawud. SOBCon was one of the best events ever — and that’s because of all the great people.

  13. Dawud Miracle says


    Just keeping the less than smart ones off my blog – you know, spam.

    I saw you there so I can be witness too. It was nice to meet you. Maybe we can find some time to talk again soon.

  14. Katie says

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