You already know my experiences at SOBCon08 – at least those I could get down in a reasonable amount of time.

But aren’t you curious what others have been saying about it?

Well, I’ve done my best to compile all the posts I could find about the event. While extensive, this is likely not a complete listing. So if you have a post you’d like to add, please do so in the comment box and I’ll add it to the post below.

Did I read them all…no. But I did read most of them and commented on those I had something to add too. What always intrigues me most is that people often report more about their time getting to know someone then then they do the event content. Is there a little business secret tied up there? What do you think?

So what’s the marketing secret I mentioned above? Any idea?

And for SOBConers and non-SOBConers alike, just one question: what’s one tool you’ve most recently started using that’s changed the way you use your blog or social media? How has it affected your marketing and your business?

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  1. Joanna Young says

    Thanks for a great round up. Much appreciated.

    One tool that’s made a difference? Twitter. For conversation, connection, learning, finding new resources, spreading the word, keeping my blog focused, sharing other ideas in a more fluid stream.


  2. Adam Kayce says

    Hey D – still working on my contribution…

    One tool? Well, I’m looking into Twitter (would love to hear how you’re doing all that, Joanna!), and I’m playing with Tumblr more (to be made public soon).

    But the main thing I’m trying out is Spaces on my Mac – sitting next to Chris Cree, and seeing him flip back and forth, it looked like a fantastic complement to Exposé.

  3. Michael Martine says

    That’s quite a collection of “aftermath” posts. Just goes to show that the impact of SOBCon is far greater than its size. It was a pleasure to meet you, Dawud.

  4. Stephen Hopson says


    Well, first of all thanks for the round up you got there – that was pretty cool. BTW my name is spelled Stephen, not Steven. Just a preference. 🙂

    The secret? I think while the content was excellent and I did write what I learned from each speaker, it was all about building relationships that got the most buzz. Why? Because the universe brought together and amazing group of people that could not have been better matched the way we were at SOBCon08.

    I mean consider this – I made at least 3 “best friends” – that’s more than I’ve made in a whole lifetime! Literally. That says a lot about the composition and make-up of the crowd being pulled together.

    Don’t get me wrong – the content was FABULOUS. But for me, I got my money’s worth just from the personal connections I made. That made all the difference for me.

  5. Dawud Miracle says

    Yeah, I’m really digging Twitter too. That reminds me, I’m opening Twitter right now.

    Great to meet you too.

    I was pretty blown away when I started cataloging all these links. Truthfully, it became much larger a project than I expected.

    I use Spaces, Exposé and Widgets on my Mac so much that I can’t remember life without them.

    Been playing with Tumblr too. Still finding the best way for me to use it.

  6. Mother Earth says

    Love that you compiled ALL these in one post.

    In recent months a group of fellow green bloggers and I have been stumbling each others posts. At first it was a gesture – hey lets see what it does to our analytics but now we are really reading and savoring each other’s work, and now strategizing on ways we can do more.

  7. J. Erik Potter says

    Nice list of links, Dawud.

    Fav tool? Probably Twitter. Finally feel like I’m hitting my stride with it.

    I still haven’t embraced Flickr but its next on the list.

  8. Michelle Vandepas says

    Dawud, I’m using Twitter more and more. and trying to find the balance between addicted and a tool…but I’ve made terrific connections.
    SOBCon was great.

    The link to my live audio podcast is on my name above.

  9. Dawud Miracle says

    I hear you. The connections were a lot of the event. I was great, for instance, meeting you in person.

    Right on. Did you see Remarkablogger’s suggestion for creating a pack to gain traffic?

    J. Erik,
    I’m not on Flickr yet either. Not sure if I will be. We’ll see. And I’m digging Twitter these days.

    Nice. Thanks for linking to your live podcast. I’ve been using Twitter more and more. Interesting how it’s working.


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