Is Failure Good?

I was going through my feedreader, catching up on some blog posts that I fell behind on. Lots of good stuff. But one post, in particular, caught my eye - 10 Business Lessons from a Snarky Entrepreneur, by the venerable Steve Pavlina. Bullet item number 5 reads: Fail your way forward.� Recognize … Read more about Is Failure Good?

Hey, I'm 1 in 2000

Tino Buntic is building a showcases of 2000 bloggers. The only criteria he has is that you have a photo of yourself on your blog. The feeding frenzing is fast and growing. And there's some 'big' names included in his list. People like Seth Godin, The Donald, and Rosie (haven't they've had a fun … Read more about Hey, I'm 1 in 2000

I'm Back! Happy New Year!

I've returned from a very nice time off with my family. Mostly, I got to play with my daughter and son all day long. My first full week off in three years. Just an update on this new site...I'm close, but not ready to go live yet. That's why you continue to see the splash page when you come to … Read more about I'm Back! Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays

I'm going to be away until Jan 2 for some much needed (and deserved) personal time with my family. 2007 looks to be an exciting year at Healthy WebDesign. So look for a lot of updates, changes and growth this next year. Please enjoy your holidays and have a wonderful new year. See you soon. Dawud … Read more about Happy Holidays