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  1. Hi Dawud

    Cheers, regard this as a compliment (another one ;-))

    Will go over everything during the weekend, a bit too busy at the mo, but will definitely ‘join-the-train’

  2. Hi Dawud!

    Thanks for faving me…I faved you back and linked-ya–but, I really do know and like ya too πŸ˜‰

    Please add me to your list.

    Here’s my info:
    username: ponnsabra
    Fave me here.

    Link back post here.

    P.S. I see a few people doing it your way…I’ll have to read more, thanks.

  3. Thanks for including me! I have favorited your site, too. I will take this and run with it once I finish launching my blog’s new look.

  4. Being relatively new to all this, I hope I’ve gotten it right…

    I fav’d you, and because I’m on the list above, do you still need this?

  5. Whoops, sorry ’bout that… this should do the trick, I believe.

  6. Hello,
    I have added you to my technorati favourite. You can do so my clicking here.
    I will also add your URL to my post. I would appreciate if you reciprocate πŸ™‚
     Please consider subscribing to RSS feeds if you like my blog.

  7. Hi Dawud Miracle, Thanks for your fave. I’ve faved yours too. Please inform me if you’ve added my TFX page on your list so I can return a reciprocal. Thank you!

  8. Wow Dawud πŸ˜‰

    In one day from being favourite by 1 member (thanks Lisa) to 18 !

    (Now I really have to find time to return all the favours and add to the train – will do so hopefully this weekend, still very busy with last preparations for our largest exhibition ever coming Thursday)

  9. ApOgEe, Doug, AnitoKid,

    You were already in my faves.


    I added you.


    I show you in my faves before you posted. I couldn’t find you initially because there’s a space between mumshome & .blogspot so Technorati returned an error. But I removed the space, found you, added you to my faves and was informed you’re already there. Hope that helps.

    Karin H.,

    Yeah, my faves have climbed from 12 to 98 as of this moment. I’d love to reach the top 100 but there’s a lot more work to do.

  10. AzDana,

    I added you to my faves.


    Yeah, certainly.


    Yeah, I read Dosh Dosh’s post thoroughly and thought about it for a few days before deciding to do this. I’m getting a bit tired of all these memes. But this one was a bit different. I’m just curious what having lots of Technorati faves can do for me. Maybe nothing…maybe something. I simply don’t know. This is truly an experiment.

    My traffic and feed subscriptions have gone up a bit in the two days. We’ll see what happens longer out.

    Things are well, thanks. You?

  11. I added you to my FAVES and also created a backlink in my post for you. Will you also add a backlink to me in this post?


  12. Susan,

    Just use my post URL. Unlike TypePad, WordPress builds the trackback/pingback system right into the post. Any link coming to a wordpress post is treated like a trackback. Makes it much easier to manage.

  13. Faved… Thanks!

    Userid: ddang

    I added you to my Technorati Faves. My UserID is ddang:
    Click Here and Add me to your Technorati Favorites List

  14. Hi,
    I have added you to my Technorati Favorites.

    Please have a look at my own (very generous) version of the Technorati Favorites Exchange which allows you to be automatically favorited and discovered by hundreds of new blogs across the world.
    Also consider adding me to your Technorati Favorites.
    – Vinod @ VinodLive!

  15. hi there,

    i have favourited and linked you. Awaiting yours πŸ™‚

    My technorati address is here.

    Also wrote a post on this. The url is here. So whoever favourites me or link to me, and leave a site name on my blog will get a favourite/ linkback from me too.

  16. Hi, I’ve faved you!

    Please fave me too @ Add to Technorati Favorites

    My link exchange url is here

    Drop me a message when you fave me, k?



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