SOBCon07 is only one week away. Who’s coming? Are you?

bloggytagsmall.pngThe Idea Dude started a neat little idea (I guess that’s why he’s called The Idea Dude). He asked, What’s you SOBCon oneliner? Liz followed up with hers. Now it’s our turn. Me first…

  • One person, you
  • One thought, friends
  • One action, smile (okay, I have to have two – a hug)
  • One question… isn’t this great?
  • One event, SOBCon07

So are you coming? How can you not with this line up of conversation starters?

Can’t wait to meet you. So, to everyone coming…what’s your SOBCon oneliner?

Sandra Renshaw : Brad Shorr : Timothy Johnson : Tammy Lenski : John Yedinak : Joe Hauckes : Tim Draayer : Jeremy Geelan : Carolyn Manning : Sheila Scarborough : Steve Farber : Dawud Miracle : Doug Mitchell : Jeff O’Hara : Dave Schoof : Jamy Shiels : Adam Steen : Hannah Steen : Chris Thilk : Barry Zweibel : Eric Bingen : Ellen Moore : Cord Silverstein : Jean-Patrick Smith : James Walton : Sharan Tash : Vernon Lun : Tony Lee : Paul Mangalik : Scott Desgrosseilliers : Mark Murrell : Muhammed Saleem : Kammie Kobyleski : Easton Ellsworth : Mark Goodyear : Ann Michael : Kent Blumberg : Ashley Cecil : Robert Hruzek : Sabu N G : Mazur Krystyna : Lisa Gates : Franke James : Chris Brown : Troy Worman : Karen Putz : Chelsea Vincent : Jesse Petersen : Terry Mapes : Andy Brudtkuhl : Premchand Kallan : Lucia Mancuso : Peter Flaschner : Derrick Sorles : Michael Snell : Ella Wilson : Mike Rohde : Ayush Agarwal : Thomas Clifford : Rajesh Srivastava : Claire Celsi : Jason Alba : Cristiana Passinato : Sean R. : Alex Shalman : Lorelle VanFossen : Adam Kayce : you

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  1. Adam Kayce : Monk At Work says

    How’s this?

    * One person: inside, we all are one person!
    * One thought: love
    * One action: same
    * One question: Love is the answer… so what’s the question?
    * One event: SOBCon07


  2. Dawud Miracle says


    Yeah, thanks. Jesse mentioned it to me also and I just fixed it. Should be okay now. Things got screwy in the silly WP editor.


    Ooh, I like the first point. I should have asked about a song lyric like both Liz and Idea Dude.

    All togther now, “All you need is love…”

  3. Joe says

    Hey Dawd,
    Thanks for the link, but it seems you have everybodys name and their link mixed up.
    The onliner…
    Don’t find your name in the dictionary under procrastinate.

  4. Sean says

    I’m coming to SOBCon 🙂

    My one liner can be seen on my site but for those of you not brave enough to look, hehe, here it is:

    I asked for a Car, I got a Computer. How’s that for being born under a bad sign?

    See you in a week.


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