productivity.jpgMany things go in to creating a successful business. Whether it’s vision, marketing, message or audience, each has its importance in the growth of your business.

Yet each part of your business needs a plan and a structure to get accomplished. And how you get accomplish your plan is just as important as what you try to accomplish. That’s why productivity is so important.

So, thanks to Ben Yoskovitz’s efforts a short time ago, we have 137 ways to increase your productivity. There’s some great tips here. So take a look and let me know what you think.

  1. Increase Productivity by Conquering Procrastination by Gia Combs-Ramirez
  2. Ultimate Tip To Reach GTD Nirvana by Andrew Flusche
  3. Productivity Secrets Project by Lisa Sabin-Wilson
  4. Maximizing Productivity by Ah Pek
  5. Thoughts on Productivity by Rowan Manahan
  6. Being more Productive with your Marketing Efforts by Chris Brown
  7. The Ultimate Guide to Productivity by Don The Idea Guy
  8. 5 Productivity Tips That Help by Brett Evans
  9. The Ultimate Guide to Productivity by Sue Olson
  10. Productivity Tip for Students (From the Other Side of the Fence) by ispf
  11. There's only one secret to increased productivity by Colleen Wainwright
  12. 8 Productivity Tips to Take Control of Your Life by Krista
  13. Choices Are Made Long Before You Decide – Productivity Tips by Jonathan
  14. Up Your Productivity and Profits too! by Andrew Wee
  15. Meme Tagged, Meme Slayer…I Give In by Wayne Porter
  16. Ultimate Guide to Productivity by Janet Barclay
  17. Ultimate Guide to Productivity by Lorraine Pirihi
  18. Ultimate Guide to Productivity by Kathie Thomas
  19. 14 Tips to Get More Done in Less Time by engtech
  20. Work-Life Balance and Productivity by David Bohl
  21. My Contribution to the Ultimate Guide to Productivity by Harrison
  22. The Ultimate Guide to Productivity by Wendy Piersall
  23. How Productivity Comes From Clarity by Adam Kayce
  24. How To Stay Focused For Greater Productivity by Dawud Miracle
  25. The Ultimate Guide to Productivity – Wanna Share One Big Secret? by Ponn Sabra
  26. My Productivity Secret – The Joy of Flow State by Chris Garrett
  27. The Ultimate Guide to Productivity – MomGadget Style by Gayla McCord
  28. If you don’t have passion and purpose, greater productivity won’t help you! by Alister Cameron
  29. Building a Home Business One Weekend At a Time by Tony Clark
  30. Ultimate Guide to Productivity Group Writing Project by Jennifer Louden
  31. Be Aware, Make Choices by Alex Fayle
  32. The Ultimate Guide to Productivity by Digging into the Blogpond
  33. The Ultimate Guide to Productivity meme by Doris
  34. Ultimate Guide to Productivity by KM
  35. Ultimate Guide to Productivity for Adult ADD Sufferers by Deborah Petersen
  36. How to become a Productivity Super Hero who Rights Wrongs, Saves the Environment, and Rescues Cats from Trees by Aaron Potts
  37. Zugunruhe Ultimate Guide to Productivity: Time Budgets by Tara Robinson
  38. What Are Your Secrets For Personal Productivity by Lisa Mills
  39. Blogging Productivity & Criticizing Goals by Andy Beard
  40. The Ultimate Guide to Productivity – what's your secret? by The Kiss Business
  41. Tag! Productivity – how do you get so much done? by Mark Silver
  42. Ultimate Guide to Productivity: My Secret by Ellen Moore
  43. Technology Could Be Your Best Friend – Or Not by Jonathan
  44. 100 Ways To Be More Productive by UKStevieB
  45. Secrets to Productivity by Tara
  46. 7 Productivity Hacks for Bloggers & Writers by Kim Roach
  47. Ultimate Guide to Productivity: My Tip by Cristine Favreau
  48. Blogging and Productivity by Daniel
  49. The Ultimate Guide to Productivity – Systems Check by Beth Dargis
  50. How can you squeeze more out of your day by Rebecca Morgan
  51. Being productive (and mean) by Kim Kotecki
  52. The Ultimate Guide to Productivity Group Writing Project by Bonnie Gillespie
  53. Best Productivity Tip: Disable Your Inner-Critic by David Wahl
  54. 20 Steps to Maximize Your Productivity by Daniel Sitter
  55. Tips on Productivity – How to Achieve Your Goal of Making Money Online by Maki
  56. Prioritizing Your To-Do List by Deborah Brown
  57. My Two Cents on Productivity by Asgeir Hoem
  58. Five top tips for increasing your productivity by Aaron Russell
  59. I have Clarity…Now Let me Explain by Martin Neumann
  60. Ultimate guide to productivity: My tip by Julie Fleming-Brown
  61. Secrets to Personal Productivity by The Practical Chick
  62. Secrets to Productivity by Randa Clay
  63. Productivity Tip by Jenn Givler
  64. Productivity Tip – Just Start by Andrew Garrett
  65. My Key To Productivity by Matt McDonald
  66. How Productive Are You? by Tish
  67. Time management for graphic designers by Rob Cubbon
  68. Productivity Tips 2.0 by Stephen
  69. My Most Powerful Productivity Tip by Ellesse
  70. Ultimate Guide to Productivity by Ian McKenzie
  71. Ultimate Guide to Productivity by GTD Wannabe
  72. The ultimate productivity tip by Matthew Cornell
  73. My single best tip for productivity by Brett Kelly
  74. My Key to Productivity by Andrew Barbaccia
  75. Blog Even More Efficiently by Scott Hartshorn
  76. The Greatest Productivity Tip in the World by Gary Vaughan
  77. The Ultimate Guide to Productivity Group Writing Project by Joy Slaughter
  78. Single Best Productivity Tip by Leo
  79. Join the Ultimate Guide to Productivity by JC
  80. My top productivity tip by Steven Aitchinson
  81. The Greatest Productivity Tip in the World by Phil Gerbyshak
  82. Virtual Assistants and Ultimate Guide to Productivity by Key Business Partners
  83. Ultimate Guide to Productivity (My First Meme) by Geoff R.
  84. The Ultimate Guide to Productivity – What's your secret? by Mary Ann Copson
  85. Continuously Increase Productivity by Embracing the Optimization Mentality by John Wesley
  86. The Ultimate Guide to Productivity — What's Your Secret? by Derrick Sorles
  87. Instigator Blog: Productivity Tips by Mitch Owen
  88. The Childlike Secret to Productivity by Kim & Jason
  89. Just Do Something, Already by Lorna
  90. Productivity Secrets by Angela Smith
  91. Maintaining Productivity In The Midst Of Interruptions by Lexi Sundell
  92. The Key to Dunking Your Doubts and Unclogging Your Optimism by Adam Kayce
  93. A Nice Collection of Productivity Ideas by Dan Markovitz
  94. My Ultimate Guide To Productivity by Vlad
  95. A stupidly simple way to have a productive day by Jonny
  96. My Secret to Productivity is Not Really a Secret by Char Polanosky
  97. Tag, I'm It! by Christina Haas
  98. Challenge Your Brain for Productivity – 5 MITA Steps by Robyn McMaster
  99. My Ultimate Productivity Tip: Unplug! by Hugh Hollowell
  100. 10 Ways Communicators Can Stay Productive by Nonprofit Communications
  101. One Is A Productive Number by Carolyn Manning
  102. Ultimate Guide to Productivity: To-Do Lists by Tonya
  103. The art of getting things done by Vernon Lun
  104. The Greatest Productivity Secret Of Them All by Roger Carr
  105. Productivity Tips for Writers by Yvonne Russell
  106. A Housewife on Steroids by GP
  107. Single Best Productivity Tip by Susan Sabo
  108. How To Organize Your Desktop to Boost Productivity by Anthony
  109. Productivity Group Writing Project by Vickie Turley
  110. What's Your Greatest Productivity Secret? by World Wanting Peace
  111. Get More by Doing Nothing by Lyman Reed
  112. Productivity Group Writing Project by Karen Del-Marmol
  113. Ultimate Guide to Productivity by Jeff Simon
  114. Ultimate Guide to Productivity: My Tip by Gillian Hood-Gabrielson
  115. What is my secret to being productive? by Sunny Days
  116. What's my top productivity tip? by Tracey Lawton
  117. The Greatest Productivity Tip in the World by Alex Brie
  118. Number 1 productivity tip by Shannon
  119. Productivity: Snooze It or Lose It by Connie Reece
  120. Automation: My Ultimate Guide to Productivity by Alaeddin
  121. Meme Week: My Secret to Productivity by Mark Goodyear
  122. Cutting Out the Bull: Information Overload and Productivity by David Bohl
  123. Fear – The Ultimate Productivity Blocker by Shaboom
  124. Ultimate Guide to Productivity: A Tip the Worx by In The Worx
  125. What productivity? by Paul Enderson
  126. The Tale of the Gnawing Scrimshanks by Zep Hopper
  127. The Ultimate Guide to Productivity by J David Macor
  128. Making The Most Of Your Productive Time by Winterbride
  129. Passion and Productivity by PixelHead Online
  130. Secrets to Being Productive by Dan
  131. The Key to Productivity: Immediate Deadlines and Mini-Goals by Renita T. Kalhorn
  132. Being Productive Online by Charity Ondriezek
  133. The Key To Being Productive by Robert Hruzek
  134. Productivity Hint? NO! by Annie Boccio
  135. 25 Ways to be Jazzed about Productivity by Liz Strauss
  136. Productivity Tips by Lillie Ammann
  137. Tips for increasing productivity by Sera Strawbridge

(my tip is #24).

So what’s your favorite productivity tip? And certainly feel free to share your productivity tips in the comment box.

(note: image from pingui75 on Flickr)

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  1. Cory Huff says

    Seriously…137? I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed. I think I would do better with like…3. Yeah, 3 is a good number.

    I’d be really interested to see who has actually read all of these.

  2. Dawud Miracle says

    There’s such great stuff here, it’s worth the read…

    I actually have. Not all at once, mind you. But I’ve come back to Ben’s lists over and over again to grab a tip here and there.

    Sharing the whole list just gives you one place to come.

    Absolutely. Great tips, btw.

  3. linkerjpatrick says

    I was sort of making a joke… I will look over them and see if I can boil them down to a short list. It’s just that we only have so much to do during a day and I’m learning more and more how important it is to whittle stuff down to what I will really use, read, etc.

    For instance, I’ve got a lot of books that I already own I intend to read but often face to temptation to buy new one or check them out of the library, etc.

  4. TzuVelli says

    Nice list! I’m not productive enough to get through it though. Oh well, maybe another day;) Seriously, great list.


  5. Dawud Miracle says

    I know. I actually consider categorizing them. Yet it turned out to be way too much work considering my current work load. Maybe I’ll update them in the future.

    I had a similar experience posting them.

    It’s my pleasure to include your post

    There’s some really good stuff on this list. Ben and I had talked about making it into an ebook. We’ve both just been too busy – his startup.

    Catch-22, huh?

  6. Serge says

    Hi, yes i did it… i’ve read all 137 items.. but when finished i didn’t remember what it was in the middle 🙂 Anyway thanks you for sharing it.

  7. Mark Goodyear says

    An ebook is a good idea. It was good to hear from you again through the backlink, Dawud. Hope this finds you well.

  8. Linky Love says

    Thanks for the Linky Love and in my tips (79 on the list) I said exactly what linkerjpatrick said: use a short list 🙂

  9. Dawud Miracle says

    Great to hear from you. Long time…

    We’ll see if the eBook ever materializes.

    Certainly. Let me know when you do.

    Linky Love,
    Yeah, but what fun would that be?

    Home Recording,
    And Ben’s a great guy. Met him last year at SOBCon.

  10. Dawud Miracle says

    You got it.

    Sure, is there a favorite tip or two of your own?

    Dining Room,
    I have a plan. Soon to come…

    Hey there old friend…great to hear from you. I made the update just now. And welcome to WordPress.

  11. Jeff Knight says

    Wow! It will take hours, if not days to read all this! This will definitely is going to affect my productivity, and I’m affraid not in the very best way. I right now I’m using this tool – Wrike. It’a a great solution and it has really made life life a lot easier []. I guess everyone is to find his own way to productivity anyway.

  12. Dawud Miracle says

    Isn’t that two mistakes?

    Failure is something all of us deal with. When procrastination used to get me, it was usually from a lack of clarity about the structure of running my business. How’s your workday structured?

  13. Kids Games says

    For entrepreneurs, take a look at for inspiration. I don’t know that it helps fend off procrastination (isn’t reading websites a type of this?), but if you don’t get sucked in, you can walk away with a renewed sense of purpose!

  14. Gary Ruplinger says

    Thanks for the tips.

    I’m finding I need to stay away from social networks like Facebook. I get sucked in and *bam* an hour has been wasted. (twitter’s the same, way, it’s like crack).

  15. Gunady says

    The ultimate way to increase productivity is to subscribe to dawudmiracle’s productivity post :mrgreen:

    Thank you verymuch for the post! 😛

  16. Gunady says

    Dawud, when I want to subscribe by email, it says:
    “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled”

    That’s too bad. Oh well, I’ll subscribe with other method then.

  17. Duplication says

    127 poitns is a bit long, but thanks for the effort of posting it. I think the main fundamental requirement is to have the ‘get up and go’ attitude, and to be able to think different to the crowd. Warren Buffet once said, that when the market is being greedy, be fearful, and when the markets are fearful, be greedy. 🙂

  18. modern sectional sofa says

    Wow I admire your own productivity doing or having this whole set of list. Rebecca Morgan’s article is the first one I’ve read because I saw her comment, It’s short and straight to the point. Thanks for sharing the list, it is very very useful.

  19. invisible braces says

    I agree with the 31st point… because it reminds me of one saying “productivity comes by leveraging the time by doing the most important thing…”

  20. Herman says

    Actually I intend to rewrite my productivity posts, I may now have to do it because you have to take it to my attention. Thanks David.

  21. Affordable Wedding DJ in San Diego says

    For me, the biggest motivator is getting away from the computer! In this day and age those little monsters can suck us in and have us doing unproductive tasks (chatting, etc) for hours and before we realize it the day is spent and our to-do list is still populated!

    In order to remain productive, I close the laptop lid, and start attending to tasks, chores, and the small things that make up a good life.

  22. Political Cartoons says

    Agreed. Thanks for the post. You have a nice take on the subject and I will be looking forward to more. I have bookmarked the site, the list is so long it willl take me forever to go through them all so I will just pick one or two.

  23. San Diego DJ says

    Number 53 was extremely enlightening to me. Most of these are actions to be taken but that was an angle I hadn’t thought of… changing your mindset by basic thought reprogramming!

  24. Matt Maresca says

    You forgot #138: Do not read all 137 lessons on productivity.

    Wow! That’s quite a list!

  25. GBG says

    Great list – lots to go through! My biggest productivity killer is distractions. It took me a long time to learn that I had to jealously guard my time – i.e. no calls, emailing, FB, etc. during peak work time.

  26. Power Safety Training says

    This is quite the list. One that tops some of the finer efforts I’ve come across in surfing the internet. 137 links equates to a lot of reading, and I feel the way to approach this is to break it down into bite sized chunks and to read one or two a day. It will still take a good two months, but at the end of that your productivity should be at an all time high, or something is seriously wrong with you!

    My approach to prroductivity is simple – Do It Now!

  27. last minute hotel UK says

    Very impressive list, however I would prefer a little bit more action-items. I work for myself, therefore it is highly important to me to learn what really takes most of time of my productive life. I.e. I used to have problems with projecting the amount of time I need for my tasks. So instead of using only organizer I started using I kept my usual to-do stuff and forecasts in and used my offline calendar only AFTER I completed task – so that I could have the ” planner ” and the ” timesheet ” separately. Over a few weeks I was able to make corrections to my ” it should take only 5 minutes ” approach. This helped me a lot with better judgement of my perceived and actual productivity. I sincerely recommend it to anyone who has similar approach and then ends up working late, late nights to finish off some projects!

  28. Alex says

    Wow. Great list. I have started reading few articles on these listed sites. I really liked the Daniel Sitter’s
    20 Steps to Maximize Your Productivity ..
    Its brief and quiet handy.Thank you so much

  29. fax from your computer says

    WOW! what a great list! I’ve got tons of reading ahead of me 🙂 Thanks David for the resources. Having your own business is great but you definitely have to get a plan together and be productive.

  30. Mack says

    Thanks for sharing this worthy ideas. I am going to start implementing as much of it as I can right away. I am so burned out. I need to do as much as I can to get more productive and my mind in more positive light.

  31. storkclub says

    great links from Ben Yoskovitz’s Mack I too am burned out by all these techniques on what you should or should not do. I need it as simple as possible and not overly complicate things. I need to do more in order to get more.

  32. Chris says

    I will definitely be checking some of those recommendations out. I have read #118 and it really helped me get my butt in gear.


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