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Small Business Productivity Tips for Monday Morning

What do you do with your Monday mornings?

So many people I know sit down at their desks and mess around for an hour or two – reading news or catching up on email. Others grab a cup of joe and jump right into the project they left on Friday.

If you’re in business for yourself, mornings are often crucial to your workday. A well-spent morning can often mean the difference between a productive workday and not.

But what about Mondays?

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The Most Pressing Problem in Your Coaching Practice

Everyday I ask life coaches and business coaches alike this question: what’s the most pressing problem (or issue) in your coaching practice right now?


Most of the time the coaches give me answers that have to do with getting more traffic to my website, getting more people on my list or getting enough coaching clients. The interesting thing is even my other clients – healers, therapists, authors and other service providers – give me similar answers.

While it true that as a life coach you may need more traffic to your coaching website or you need more coaching clients in your practice, it may not be the most pressing problem in your coaching practice. And often, getting more traffic to your coaching website isn’t.

But for most of my coaching clients, the most pressing problem can be elusive. This is because usually the most pressing problem in your business has nothing to do with your marketing or generating traffic to your coaching website. Rather it usually has to do with how you actually DO your business.

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Small Business Productivity: Is Your To-Do List Doing You?

Do you make to-do lists?

Most methods for productivity include making various to-do lists of the things you want and need to get done. Whether it’s David Allen, Stephen Covey or Jerry Seinfeld, everyone suggests making lists.

But do you ever find that your lists keep growing? Or do you get discouraged looking at a never-ending list of stuff that needs to get done? Or worse, do you find yourself not getting things done because you’re overwhelmed by your to-do list? So, what happens when your to-do lists start doing you?

What happens when the to-do lists you make begin getting in the way of actually getting things done?

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Are You Alone In Your Tower?

I’ve found a lot of business owners have one thing in common – they think they can do everything themselves.

Feel that way? After all, you’ve built your business from the ground up. That didn’t require much help, right? Sure, you may have gotten some marketing help or worked with a web designer. And it’s likely you’re using an accountant. But basically, when it comes to the daily workings of your business, you probably go at it alone, right?

Yet running a business requires you managing and completing a whole bunch of tasks that have little to do with your expertise.

For instance, if your a business coach shouldn’t your time be spent working directly with prospects and clients? Or even better, planning how to increase your business to reach your revenue goals?

Yet if you look at your daily workload, how much of it is spent doing things that have little or nothing to do with either growing your business or working with clients? Likely quite a bit.

Let’s see, most business owners push around paper, set appointments, do their own billing, sort and answer all their own emails and phone calls, manage content updates on their website, act as a editor for their marketing message, do their own promotion, manage their own marketing campaigns – and the list goes on and on.

Aren’t these the tasks that business executives hire assistants to do?

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137 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

productivity.jpgMany things go in to creating a successful business. Whether it’s vision, marketing, message or audience, each has its importance in the growth of your business.

Yet each part of your business needs a plan and a structure to get accomplished. And how you get accomplish your plan is just as important as what you try to accomplish. That’s why productivity is so important.

So, thanks to Ben Yoskovitz’s efforts a short time ago, we have 137 ways to increase your productivity. [Read more…]

Feed Reader Overload: Mark All As Read

buried.jpgAs you know, I’ve been away for a while remodeling our home in preparation for our new baby and then welcoming our latest Little Miracle into the world. So I haven’t “officially” worked or blogged in weeks.

For a moment, imagine the mountain of voicemail, email and blog posts I came back too.

The first few days I was back in my office, I have to say, were overwhelming. It took me almost an entire day to just to listen too, make notes on and begin wading through all the voicemail.

And email…do I even need to go down that road? I hadn’t checked my email at all in three weeks, at one point. That stretch, alone, left me with 1,500 messages to sort through – not including spam. I started sweating as I watched the number of new messages keep climbing in my various inboxes and folders. Needless to say, I didn’t even try to get through them. All told, I had thousands of messages waiting for me when I returned. Not through them all yet.

Then, there’s the 190 or so feeds I regularly follow in my reader.

I’m usually quite judicious at going through my reader; looking for the most interesting and useful post titles. When open my reader daily, it takes me less than an half-hour to scan and partially read all the posts on 190 feeds. But that’s usually a few hundred.

What do you think happened when I didn’t check my reader in a month? Same as email…but worse. Thousands of posts sitting unread in my feed reader. I know some of them have to be great. I know that some of them have to be helpful. What’s more, I know reading some of them would help me as a blogger and a business owner.

But there’s just no way I have the time to wade through all those posts to find the jewels.

My option…just not read any of them. Let them all go. Mark them all as read. What I missed, I missed. Simple as that.

I does pain a bit. But I guess that’s just comes from being afraid I’ll miss out on something amazing. And, well, I haven’t really. Information that’s that good will be back around. And I’ve certainly not missed out on the important things…like family.

Anyhow, when you’ve gotten way behind, what have you done to catch up? Have you slogged the mountain of email and lived to tell about it? How?