There are so many ways that coaches and holistic healers can get a website today.

You can go the ‘old fashioned’ route and have a website designer build a pages in HTML. You can use some of the pre-made services you’ll find on any number of hosts (though most of the designs look like they’re 10 years old). Or you can have your website created on one of the myriad of publishing platforms available today.

Of course my favorite publishing platform for coaches, healers and the other service providers I work with is WordPress. There’s others, of course. But having use other platforms I find WordPress to be the right combination of ease-of-use, expandability and power for my clients with their coaching and healing practices.

And since I’m constantly getting asked why I like WordPress so much as a platform and content management system for coaches and healers, let me offer a bunch of my reasons:

  1. WordPress is free!
    That’s right, WordPress itself costs nothing. It’s open source code and protected under GPL licensing so that no one can directly sell WordPress (keep that in mind when you speak with your website designer). Now that doesn’t mean your designer shouldn’t get paid for their time – they should. And it should be clear that what you’re paying for isn’t WordPress, but the skills, time and support from your website designer.
  2. Easy Editing
    Adding and editing your content in WordPress is a snap. Click a single button and WordPress creates a new page or blog post for your site. And the editor works in very similar way to Microsoft Word – take a look at this video. So with your coaching website on WordPress there’s no need to pay your web designer to do simple updates to you copy or even add new pages to your site. Huge time and cost savings.
  3. Easily Add Audio/Video
    So many coaches and healers I work with today are using video and audio to promote their businesses. Well, WordPress makes incredibly easy to add either (or both) to your website. No more sweating through code trying to get that YouTube video on your site (if you even dare).
  4. Easily Change Your Navigation Bar
    Your navigation bar is one of the most important parts of your website. Being able to add new links, change their names or reorder them has long time been reserved to coders. But with the most recent versions of WordPress you – the coach, healer or service professional – can have complete control over your navigation bar with a simple drag-and-drop feature. This is yet another way to that you have control over your site and can save tons of money in updating your site.
  5. Small Learning Curve
    I keep talking about how easy using WordPress is to use. One of the reasons is because the learning curve is so small. Now I’m not talking about using all of WordPress. I’m simply speaking as a publishing platform and content management system. I usually teach my coaching clients how to create, publish and edit their first page in about 10 minutes. Pretty small learning curve for a huge capability.
  6. Integrated website and Blog
    As I write this I keep watching myself want to write ‘the most important thing’ about WordPress. But you can’t really have more than one ‘most important’ thing. That said, having your website and your blog on the same domain name is vital. Not only does WordPress allow you to do so, it allows you to completely manage both the pages and the blog posts of your coaching website from one place.
  7. No Limits on Size of Your Website
    Your coaching website on WordPress can be as small or large as you need it. There’s no limit to the number of pages or to blog posts. This site, for instance, has more than 500 posts and over 130 pages – and I haven’t written that much in the past couple of years. So your coaching website on WordPress can scale to handle whatever size site you need.
  8. Integrates Easily with Social Media Sites
    People offering a service build their business on relationships. Nowhere on the web are relationships more accessible than social media. There are so many ways to get WordPress to work well with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +1 and a whole slew of social media sites that it would take many posts to explain even a bit of what the possibilities are. Just assume that your WordPress website will be able to do anything you’ve seen done already on the web – often very easily.
  9. Plugins
    Plugins are add-ons to WordPress that give it expanded functionality. While at this moment I don’t know how many plugins there are, there must be thousands. Think of anything you want to do on your website – anything to better promote your coaching or healing practice – and there’s a really good chance there’s a plugin (or ten) already created to do it. Nearly all are plugins are free as well.
  10. Themes
    Themes are basically designs in WordPress (though they can do more). The great news is there are thousands of free and paid themes available from a massive source of designers. Want something custom? That can be done too. Basically, if you see a design you like it can be built as a WordPress theme. As a matter of fact, I often rebuild existing coaching and healing websites as WordPress themes.
  11. Security
    No system on the internet is hack proof. And WordPress has gone through some growing pains when it comes to security. Yet security in WordPress is excellent. You can even go the extra mile and make it even more secure through specific plugins and coding. I have a package I call the WordPress Security Protocol which  you’re welcome to ask me about.
  12. Google Loves WordPress
    Google loves content and WordPress allows you easily publish what you want when you want it. Combine that with the clean code, a number of SEO features both built in and through plugins, and easy content submission through sitemaps and RSS and you have a powerful system for getting your coaching website found in search results.
  13. Forever Expandable
    The same way there’s no limit to how many pages and posts your site can have, WordPress makes expanding your site incredibly easy. Want to add a membership or shopping cart to your coaching site? No need to a full redesign or even another ‘part’ to your website. WordPress, with a bit of coding and some choice plugins, can grow to whatever you need your site to do.
  14. Lots and Lots of People Are Using WordPress
    If your coaching or healing site isn’t on WordPress chance are you know quite a few people whose are. Not only can they tell you about how great and easy WordPress is to use, but they can also show you around a little bit. And because WordPress is so widely used now, there’s very little chance of it ever going away.
  15. Support
    Of course I support all my clients through one-on-one training and access to my large catalog of short, topic-specific video tutorials. But beyond me there’s tens of thousands of active WordPress users that you can likely find an answer to just about any question you have around your WordPress website.
  16. BONUS:
    This is a great site that has all sorts of professionally recorded video relating to WordPress. There’s even a great ‘How-to’ section that covers a number of topics.
  17. BONUS #2: Autonomy
    Before I ever became a WordPress fanatic I had two question – how much control can I give non-techie users over their sites and how easy would it be to learn? Well, WordPress is so easy to use I often teach my clients how to blog, add and edit pages, change what’s in their sidebar and change their navigation bar in as little as 20 minutes. Seems odd, but my goal is to make myself unnecessary to my clients. And WordPress does a great job at that.

Oh yeah, and let me clear one more thing out of the way – your WordPress website DOES NOT need to look like a blog. As I said above, anything that can be done in web design can be done on a WordPress website.

WordPress rocks! It really does. And here’s my bottom line statement on how it can serve you: If you can’t currently edit your own website’s content, then you should move your website to WordPress. There are many options for doing so – each of which we can discuss in a short, no-pressure phone call. Remember, in moving your site to WordPress you can:

  • Keep your existing design the way it is – we just make it a WordPress theme and show you how to use it.
  • Keep part of your existing design and make those updates you’ve been wanting to make as we turn your site into a WordPress theme.
  • Get a completely different website design with features and functions you never had before.
  • Any other combination you can think of.

Just get in touch with me to talk about how WordPress can help you specifically. I take calls from people everyday who pick my brain and get their questions answered. As I said, no pressure – just help, advice and guidance.

The list of why you should be using WordPress for your coaching, holistic healing or professional service website could go on. But WordPress only matters if you’re using it. So find out how you – and your business – can benefit from this amazing publishing platform.

And if you’re using WordPress already for your site, tell me what you love (and don’t love) in the comment box.

(note:  image from  Lincolnian (Brian) on  Flickr,   some rights reserved)

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  1. Mary Elaine Kiener says

    I am so glad that I followed Dawud’s advice years ago when I developed a new website – and long before he wrote this article. His words still ring true in a really powerful way. Now, when folks talk about creating a new website, I always recommend WordPress AND Dawud!

  2. Jeff Calderone says

    Thanks Dawud. I definitely agree that WordPress is a solid platform that is free and easy to use. Though you are pretty much limited to what it does out of the box, which granted is quite a bit. We have standardized on Drupal since as we’ve grown we wanted a level of customization. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.



  3. Dorthe says

    I think WordPress really excels as a website/blog platform. There are so many plugins developed for it which is really amazing and helpful. I’d say it’s all you’ll ever need!

  4. VT Web Design says

    WordPress really makes things so much easier. If you don’t have any knowledge of web design, it’s definitely the way to go.

  5. Calvin Hamler says

    Agreed with all comments here – I’ve had many web sites designed and built on WordPress. It’s very easy to work with and the SEO value cannot be understated…

  6. Scott Adams says

    WordPress sites are great for people wanting to manage their own website with minimal training. There are indeed lots of resources available that make WordPress sites easy to create.

  7. Eric Sterling - Internet Marketing says

    Ha, I was scrolling down through this posts slowly until I finally saw what I think are the best features of wordpress – plugins and themes!

    With plugins and themes you have the ability to extend the look and the features to almost anything that you can imagine.

    I’ve been using wordpress now for a couple of years and I can’t imagine not having it.

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  9. Kev says

    Like the article….I’m currently on Blogger and I can see that in the near future I’ll be switching over to WordPress. However, I will have to disagree with Dawud on one account. I really believe that Blogger is more Google friendly for the simple reason that it is Google’s. My blog is only 2.5 months old and I already rank on the first page of Google search results for some very high competing keywords. Just saying….Thanks.

  10. Kevin says

    Yea, I agreed and I’m using wordpress since I start my webmaster fun :D. WordPress is very easy to use and with heap of template, plugin …

    I always recommend my friends of using wordpress for their website.

  11. Bowen Agency says

    I’ve been using wordpress for 2 years and I have to agree with all the points you’ve raised. I had a tough time with spam before but with the new WordPress version, everything is just flawless.

  12. Melvin says

    It’s nice to be back on this site. Few years ago, been reading articles about blogging and other SEO stuff in here and it’s simply amazing finding that nothing has changed. Dawud’s really awesome and this stuff about wordpress are true. Easy and very convenient to use. And yes, the plug-ins are fantastic.Thanks Dawud.

  13. Sam says

    yep the main advantage of a wordpress – it is free. why hire web designers and pay for the admin panel which is quite expensive when it comes to coding the new one..+ the actual usage spec. plugins for wordpress makes thing easier a lot. And you dont even have to pay for the hosting.

  14. Oliver says

    I have tried a few CMS and I agree WordPress is a very powerful one and it’s probably the most easy-to-use out of the biggest ones. However, I still prefer Joomla if I need to build a large website.

  15. Project management says

    WordPress has a lot of pluses compared to other content management systems. Sure it has many bugs here and there, but it’s still probably the best software available. Thanks for sharing

  16. Finally Fast says

    I’m already a huge fan of WordPress, but you’re bonus point, was something I’ve never seen before. Ton’s of awesome video tutorials and it’s actually run by Automattic? The should definitely promote that site more. I think newbie wordpress people would get a ton of mileage out of the how-to section.

  17. Eric says

    Thanks for the info. I am new to building wordpress sites and it couldn’t be easier. I find that every time I complete one it goes faster and faster. If I had known this stuff years ago, it would have changed my life.

  18. fred - finally fast says

    I have been an advocate of WordPress over some of the other popular options for years now. I always advise my clients and friends to use WordPress. This is a great list of arguments on why one should choose WordPress!

    Freddy K

  19. N. Khan says

    Yes nothing like WordPress – not just for coaching but for all kinds of communications.

    The default is a bit vexing but there are several third party editors. Somewhere on my blog is a list of editors. Helps you present your best foot (page) forward.

  20. Dan says

    WordPress has so many resources available that it’s difficult to overlook it as the favorite platform.

  21. Noah @ Metal Ranch Signs says

    WordPress is awesome. The best part is that you can implement forums, etc.

    Once you get your blog up and running you can expand it into whatever you need to grow your business or personal brand.

  22. Altu? says

    WordPress really makes things so much easier. If you don’t have any knowledge of web design, it’s definitely the way to go.

  23. Dan says

    This is a good list. The only thing I would add to it is that WordPress is very intuitive. It doesn’t require a lot of thought to figure out how to use it.

  24. Gerard Reich says

    Good Article. I have never used anything except WordPress. I didn’t know there was anything else!! The great part of WordPress is that you can still do HTML editing but you can use the tools and do it the newer way also. Great website also!

  25. Derra H. says

    The virtues of WordPress are well worth extolling. Your reasoning for liking WordPress so much is compelling and well-supported. You certainly won’t get any disagreement from me. Glancing at some of the other comments I see that there is broad agreement.

  26. Dental Preston says

    I have to agree with Kev, I have several medical blogs , using both WordPress and blogger, but for obvious reasons , the same article does much better if published in the blogger than in the WordPress.

  27. Martin says

    Maybe Blogger is more google friendly because its Gogles child but WP has much more to offer and if you are thinking about running some serious blog or website you wont find better platform to do that than a Word Press.

  28. Per Allerup says

    I wonder what we did before wordpress – oh, I remember, something fuzzy called TYPO3 and there was also Joomla – Glad I dont remember how these things work.

    I have made a lot of wordpress sites for friends and customers, and the system is so allround, that I wonder why people would ever bother to use another cms.

  29. Roz Bennetts says

    I tend to agree with Martin above but I’m still regretting not starting up with WordPress. Maybe I’ve set up my blog incorrectly but it just doesn’t look as snazzy as the WordPress ones I see out there.

  30. Mouh says

    Who could beat up WordPress! I just love it. What I love about it is, well everything! Even if you don’t have any experience with blogging or website designing, you can easily create things. Instead of looking for a script or mess up with code to create something, you simply add a plug-in and save time!

  31. Dany says

    I just started my very first WP blog and I have to agree, it’s very cool. I wanted to build one for a very long time now. Hopefully will be the first of many (profitable) ones. Just click my name, hehe! 😉

  32. Alease Michelle says

    Thanks Dawud for your generous wealth of information regarding WordPress. We all learn so much from you and I love the comments too.

  33. SAP says

    What a share dear!
    I was not aware of many facts provided above, But the most I like about WordPress is that it get indexed very quickly and as soon as we update its content the crawler comes that quickly here..
    Love wordpress 🙂

  34. Cheap whiteboards says

    WordPress is so amazing. You can do so much with it! Even if you are bad with making themes, there are free and even premium themes out there for you to get. It’s also really user friendly.

  35. Nancy Rose says

    I TOTALLY agree with you on wordpress. I love WordPress. I was on and just moved to I love the ease of use and there is lots of material available. facebook and linkedin has lots of discussions on free advise on what plug-ins to use.

  36. Tom Ewer says

    I absolutely love WordPress. It’s clean, simple, and lets you get on with writing quality content. No more poring over CSS trying to get the design *just* right!

  37. Skeem says

    Super post. I always use WordPress for blogs. One of the big advantages for me are the wide range of themes. And then there is always support to find somewhere on the net

  38. Andrew says

    WordPress is immense. I have never used a better CMS (open source or paid for).

    Customisable, expandable and easy to use. What else do you need?

  39. Indian Wedding says

    you know. i am trying to learn wordpress theme, but some time when i changed something in index page, it crashed and it don’t work as like that. I think that i have need learn more php things. but when i talks with my friends about wordpress theme then they says that it is very easy and i can learn with in an it right?

  40. Acne says

    Totally agree. The most embarrassing question I’ve gotten at a job interview: “But why didn’t you just help the customer set up a free WordPress site?” Yeah, why didn’t I do that… 🙂

  41. new home Birmingham says

    Great blog. I love WordPress. I set up my blog and it’s so easy to update and also the interface for the content management is intuitive. I didn’t need any training, I just played around with it and it is fantastic. Also the amount of free plug-ins that are rated by users and the themes available are fantastic. I really think that it’s a great place in the online world right now, because people can get this free tool and build their own online presence which they couldn’t do three-four years ago.

    And yes, WordPress is great for Google rankings. I am #1 for keyword terms I didn’t even try for! What is really important with WordPress is that the content is fresh, especially for blogs.

  42. Woman Matters says

    some say that WordPress is less SEO friendly than Blogger..
    i don’t know how the fact it goes..

  43. premium wordpress templates says

    I also agree with that. WordPress is really a very interesting blog . It is so interesting for reading. It contains very unique and very helpful information. Thanks very much for sharing such interesting information.

  44. pre employment testing says

    One more reason is that there is plenty of wordpress tips, guides and tutorial out there!

  45. Brinkmann Grill says

    I agree with the article above. I am using a WordPress ever since then I started making a blog. I find it easy to use and no hassle for me. And it is also comfortable and no any disadvantage.

  46. Web Sitesi Tasarimi says

    I have tried a few CMS and I agree WordPress is a very powerful one and it?s probably the most easy-to-use out of the biggest ones. However, I still prefer Joomla if I need to build a large website.

  47. medical writing services says

    Are you using thesis theme? Though wordpress is easy it depends on the type of theme that you are using at the end. Especially you should take care of this if you are hosting on your own..!!

  48. gofur says

    Agreed with all comments,simple, and lets you get on with writing quality content. No more poring over CSS trying to get the desig

  49. bhayden96@bestmassagechair says

    I think word press is the most useful as well as most famous blog,we have.I found wordpress a mini search engine.

  50. Rob Benwell says

    I?m currently on Blogger and I can see that in the near future I?ll be switching over to WordPress. However, I will have to disagree with Dawdle on one account. I really believe that Blogger is more Google friendly for the simple reason that it is Google?s. My blog is only 2.5 months old and I already rank on the first page of Google search results for some very high competing keywords. Just saying?.thanks Rob Benwell

  51. Rafa says

    I some times wish we used wordpress as CMS instead of the very limited MODx wich we use now. Being free and open source it has a vibrant community and a lot of tutorials, templates, etc… Thanks for the post, very helpful.

    Maybe Joomla would be good material for another post like this.

  52. Carmen @HomeBusinessIdeas says

    I am definately not an expert when it comes to the online world but am so pleased that I was referred to Word press when I started my blog several months ago.

    The platform is very user-friendly and with the wealth of free plugins, the only obstacle is choosing which plugin will best suite your specific requirements. I am also not complaining that this is all available for free! What a bonus!

    There is also a wealth of information and tutorials pertaining to how to use Word press and because it is so widely used, there is usually someone willing and able to help you with all your questions when you need them answered.

    One thing I have however not decided on yet is which are the most user-friendly options to back-up your Word press site and blog on a regular basis. Would appreciate some ideas here based on what others are using.

    Thanks again for highlighting all the advantages of using Word press.

  53. factory direct furniture says

    WordPress helped me alot with all my sites, like you mentioned in your points, can you tell me about that security protocol you are using as because thats my only concern with wp. anyway great post

  54. Bo Andersen says

    You’re totally right about the use of WordPress. It just makes everything so much easier to control. I definately wouldn’t make websites in any other way at the moment.

  55. Monkey Joes Coupon says

    Another good reason to move your blog to WordPress is because Google loves constantly updated sites. That is why blogs get high search engine rankings. The more you update and make posts, the higher your rankings will climb!

  56. Amplified Speaker says

    I have nothing to say about WordPress. Because all commenter are explain that facilities. I am using WordPress to my personal website. Always I like to change it themes. It notify me into my mail when a new theme arrives.

  57. Police Sunglasses says

    I agree with the idea of using WordPress as the CMS of choice for any website.. or for any kind of web presence. Its flexibility and advantages for SEO are unmatched.

  58. Slim and beautiful says

    I was thinking about moving to wordpress and Dawud convinced me right now 🙂 I know that there were tons of plugins and useful things like all in one seo pack etc. I’ll definitely try it.

  59. Golf Stats says

    I find wordpress a breeze to use. It’s great for a newbie and has easy learning curve. And of course community spirit and help can only make this the best blogging or website creator.

  60. Tissu metre says

    WordPress is the perfect platform for blogging. You can almost do what you want and there is a large number of plugin which can help you a lot. And as you said google loves wordpress

  61. will says

    WordPress and posterous are the best blogging website out there. you can use them to autopost your articles to the other social media like tweeter and bookmarks, which is very useful for business exposure and link building.

  62. Club Planet Clone says

    You?re right about the use of WordPress. It just makes our work easier to control. I Google loves constantly updated sitesand so your blogs will get high search engine rankings. more you update and make posts,it would result in good pr

  63. barbie oyunlari says

    I have used WordPress and I definitely agree with the point that it make your work more easy. Liked the information shared. Great one!

  64. portr?ttegning says

    WordPress is awesome – I think that WordPress is the only way to build a website now a days. It is very easy to design and implement new features and even more easy to use.
    The idea of putting plugins into wordpress to get some specific features is genial.

  65. Internet Marketing 101 says

    100% agree with you. Almost all of my websites are using wp. One major factor that I like about wp is the numbers of plugin available. The plugins enable us to customize our sites to our heart desire.

  66. it-sikkerhed says

    Thanks for a great post.
    Yes, WP is great for all kinds of corporate websites. With all the plugins you can easilly implement you can have a cool company website up and running with all functionality enabled from the start.

    Thanks again. Will be back again soon. This site is bookmarked. 🙂

  67. Melatonin says

    I’m kind of stuck with Blogger now. I started out with them and it kind of continued without much analysis, but I have a feeling I’m outgrowing it. I’m seriously looking at WordPress now.

  68. Christian from Bikini Shop says

    You are so right – there is no doubt that WP is the way to go: any thing new you want to do on your site after moving to WordPress will be SO much easier afterwards…!

  69. Driving Lessons says

    I love WordPress, it is by far the best software out there for building websites and it is completely FREE. Excellent.

  70. Assurance auto says

    Hello! I completely agree with the 15 items of your post.
    7% of the world’s websites are developed with WordPress. With its ease of use and structure perfect for Google, it’s the CMS the most efficient for small and large companies.

  71. Mostafa says

    I am a newbie in creating websites, I used WordPress when I created my first website, I thought before creating my website that I had to know a lot about HTML codes and stuff like that, but when I used wordpress it was really easy and the plugins makes it more easy and fun 🙂

  72. Herret?j says

    Really great post! I’ve tried some different CMS, but I must say that after I moved to WordPress I’m never going back to Joomla or something like that.

  73. UK Web Designers says

    We agree, we’ve moved our clients away from Blogger and shifted them to WordPress sites both for blogging and full blown content managed websites. Works a treat for the smaller sized sites and doesn’t require such a large learning curve to pick it up.

    @Kev disagree sites are ranking very quickly and the controls and SEO friendly adons that you can use provide a far better control from an SEO point of view. So even from an SEO prospective WordPress tops Blogger.

    @Dawud Ease of use, ease of implementations, depth and breadth of plugins and helpfullness of the WordPress Forums

  74. Mohammed Bidiwala says

    i have created my own website on wordpress and also i am creating each and every website of my clients also on wordpress. WordPress is the great platform for blogging as well as website designing.

  75. Samdonna says

    Thank you for knowledge sharing. I agree with you. The main thing about WordPress is that, it is free and very user-friendly. The WordPress directory gives you access to over 1400 free themes to choose from. And if you do a search in Google for WordPress themes, you can find hundreds more.

  76. Elysse Parsons says

    I totally agree. I don’t know anything about website creation but when I started with WordPress, I was amazed. It was very easy and with lots of tutorials available online, you can’t go wrong. Thanks for the insights.

  77. Sai Koundinya Dhulipalla says

    I totally agree with it. I am currently using WordPress and i just love it. The plugin feature is just so cool. Cant find such number of developers on Drupal/Joomla like CMSs. WP rocks

  78. Rados P says

    I used Joomla and Drupal before.. but after I tried WordPress, I would never switch back, or change it for anything else. WordPress is the best think on the market.

  79. DipFA Trainer says

    Hi Dawud..Your right on point with this!
    We really enjoy using WordPress as well.
    The brilliant thing about WordPress is that it is very easy to use. An additional plus is the many forums which help you with customisation and plugins…Have fun blogging!

  80. Mike Smith says

    I simply love WordPress. Its free, easy for edit and update, with lot plugins and hugee community!
    That is reason why always WP like your main CMS.
    Thank you 🙂

  81. Biomagnetismo says

    I hadn?t tried wordpress until a few weeks, I am getting to know all the features and it seems to be a cutting edge technology with the plugins and all staff, that?s it!

  82. Jason Graham says

    Good post right here, I agree with you. WordPress, for me, is a great platform. I like how easy it is to customize it using different plugins, no need to know how to code or anything.

    I did try Joomla a couple of years ago, it wasn’t bad but not as good as WP in my opinion.

  83. usman says

    I run all my websites on WordPress. Initially my sites got hacked a number of times but now i use two security plugins and my sites are rock solid now.

  84. StatsProfessor says

    I agree about the majority of your points and I don’t even use WordPress at the moment. If I ever have enough time for another project WP will be at the top of my list.

  85. Marcus@Personal Injury Attorneys says

    Hi Dawud..Your right on factor with this!
    We really appreciate using WordPress as well.
    The amazing factor about WordPress is that it is very simple to use. An extra plus is the many boards which help you with customization and plugins?Have fun blogging!

  86. Zainil says

    I would say that not just for coaching classes but for all types of site Word press is good. I am running all my sites on Word press. Its really awesome n very friendly to use..

  87. Web Design Coventry says

    I completely agree that WordPress is the future of online blogging. Its a great tool and I love the fact that it is open source.

    I have used a couple of different blogging platforms whilst experimenting and found WordPress to be the easiest to use, edit and promote. The easy integration of plug-ins and social media make this platform great.

  88. fahad says

    WordPress really makes things so much easier. If you don?t have any knowledge of web design, it?s definitely the way to go.

  89. sajan kopta says

    Hi Dawud.I have seen lots of eye-catching and wonderful wordpress themes.I have created my own website on wordpress and also i am creating each and every website of my clients also on wordpress. WordPress is the great platform for blogging as well as website designing.

  90. Famous Photographers says

    Very impressive points. for me, wordpress is the best content management system. It supports all types of website. What I love more about wordpress are their free themes and plugins which are specifically made type of your website.

  91. Ski Chalet Meribel says

    I love WordPress. Since v3 it covers all bases although media management still slightly lacking out of the box. But overall it’s theming flexibility means you can develop your website over time but still maintain a consistent content process.

  92. Canon 100mm Macro says

    Very nice written. To me wordpress simply means autopilot. Top of that you got so many nice themes out there with such user friendly option, you dont have to go back to boring html.

  93. business process management says

    WordPress is very easy and customizable management system,where anybody can easily start working for the business with a little help and develop the business process.WordPress is the best content management system as well as business process management system.

  94. asia says

    I ran my 20 websites using wordpress as platform simply because it is free..Themes and plugins are very accessible and you can customized the designs, nav menu, etc…However, you may experience bugs
    from plugins and themes but you can get through this since there are a lot of options to choose from..All we have to do is to read thoroughly what these free themes and plugins have to offer…

  95. Accountant in London says

    WordPress has transformed our Internet presence. I migrated our accountancy website to WP back in Mar-2012 and since then traffic has almost doubled per month!

    Great looks, easy to maintain, huge array of plugins and themes, auto-seo, etc etc – I would never implement another website without WordPress, period.

  96. Mark says

    I keep trying to convert people to WordPress. The social integration, flexibility, and the fact that it’s updated constantly make it the ideal CMS for now and the future.

  97. Hashtag Accountants says

    We are surrently setting up a WordPress blog and it is very user friendly. The amount of plugins that are available is amazing.

  98. Frederik says

    The fact that i never had heard of before made the post a success – seems like a great place to find the solutions to some of the problems i stumble upon in my search to become a wordpress master 😀

  99. Ben says

    Every web related client I have I urge to get onto WordPress, it truly is the best CMS out there, who needs anything else?

  100. Chetan Gupta says

    You are absolutely right. I am totally agree with you. wordpress is a great open source blogging platform. Its very easy to use than all platform. Once I installed joomla for blogging and gets many errors then i removed joomla. and again came back to WORDPRESS. 🙂


  1. […] In the past website updates were usually considered the responsibility of the developer or designer. ?This meant that simple changes could become very expensive, since they had to pay the designer for their time. ?Content management systems (CMS) are changing all of that. ?The CMS that is leading this revolution is WordPress. ?Dawud Miracle is a huge fan of WordPress for coaching websites and lists some of its greatest benefits in the post “15 Reasons to Move Your Coaching Site to WordPress Today!” […]

  2. […] In the past website updates were usually considered the responsibility of the developer or designer. ?This meant that simple changes could become very expensive, since they had to pay the designer for their time. ?Content management systems (CMS) are changing all of that. ?The CMS that is leading this revolution is WordPress. ?Dawud Miracle is a huge fan of WordPress for coaching websites and lists some of its greatest benefits in the post “15 Reasons to Move Your Coaching Site to WordPress Today!” […]

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