Unfortunately, that’s exactly what I did yesterday. I wrote what I believe to be a really good post about what I’ve learned about writing blog posts so far. I covered seven major blogging lessons I’ve learnt:

  1. It's all about the conversation.
  2. Be an expert.
  3. Be willing to learn.
  4. Voice your opinion.
  5. Stay informal.
  6. Stretch yourself.
  7. Link away.

Oddly enough, I didn’t mention anything about titling posts, so I guess I’ve yet to learn that lesson. You’d think Copyblogger’s How to Write Magnetic Headlines Series, by itself, would give me more than I need to write great headlines. But I blew it on this one…

Blogging Is About ‘Meeting’ Your Readers

Of course, there is the chance that this wasn’t really a very good post and I’m just deluding myself. Take a read. Then tell me what you think.

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