For a few weeks I’ve been on a campaign to rid the blogosphere of the dreaded nofollow attribute. Of course, I didn’t start this. But I’m convinced that nofollow must go. So much so that I’ve been asking everyone I know to spread the word.

ifolloworange.jpgA few days ago, Randa Clay had the great idea of creating a badge. Great idea, I thought. Why didn’t I think of that? Well, the great thing is, she has.

What does nofollow do?
What it was supposed to do is greatly reduce comment spam. We all know that didn’t work. What it does do is tell Google bots, and other search engines bots, not to follow links in your comments. That means, when someone posts a comment, they get no Google Juice. I don’t feel that’s right. It’s sort of like thanking your clients by cutting off their hand (okay, maybe not that extreme).

Why should we remove it?
First, it doesn’t work to reduce comment spam. Or if it does, it’s quite minimal. Second, by removing it, you reward your commenters with link love. And link love is good. I’m all for spreading as much link love as I can.

Why the U Comment, I Follow Badge?
It’s one way to let your readers know that when they leave comments, they’re going to get link love. Sure, you can write a few post about it and even remind readers from time to time. But many will not see it. But the badge, that stays and your readers can see it.

More and more bloggers are removing nofollow every day. So what are you waiting for? Hop on over to Randa’s blog and get yourself a nofollow badge.

And if you still have nofollow on your comments, take it off, learn how. Using WordPress plugins, it’s easy. I’ve even found how to do it in TypePad – it’s just a bit complicated and would one long post. You can also remove it Blogger and Movable Type.

Let me know when you’ve removed nofollow from your comments. If you need help, let me know. And please, keep spreading the word.

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  1. Andy Beard says

    I think Randa actually suggested using the badge to link through to your post explaining what the badge was all about, and maybe link through from there to Randa as you have in this post.

    There are actually a few different logos now

  2. Dawud Miracle says


    You’re so welcome. I’m happy to hear the badge is picking up. That’s great for everyone because it means that more and more bloggers are removing nofollow from their comments. And that’s our point. Thank you so much for keeping this in motion.

  3. Karin Karin H. says

    Like the logo, button, principle etc.
    At the moment if I copy and past the logo I will have to include a little text I’m afraid. As in: On Typepad I can only promise I will work towards….

    (Dawud, I don’t care if it’s a very long text or document, but could you send me your tips etc on typepad?, Please?)

  4. Dawud Miracle says


    I’m fine with that. I just didn’t see it mentioned any where.

    Karin H.,?

    Okay, I’ll write the post. I’d rather do that so that everyone can take from it. I will work on it over the weekend and see if I can have it ready for Monday. Sound okay?

  5. Tara says

    Hi Dawud,

    Yes, please post the Typepad instructions! Those will be much appreciated by many.

    peace be with you,

  6. Dawud Miracle says


    Thanks. Now that I think of it, I have seen that badget around. Thanks for the link.


    I will post it. I’ve taken a bunch of screenshots and will do my best to craft a long, but easy-to-follow set of instructions over the weekend.

  7. Armen says

    I’ll be honest with you Dawud, in my short time in the blogosphere, I haven’t come across anything that has explained this issue as clearly as this. Thanks!

    Won’t this effect PR though?

  8. Andy Beard says

    Armen, I would say it actually has an overall positive effect, as long as you have a sensible internal linking structure. I would certainly recommend adding links to related posts, and if you start getting lots of comments some dynamic internal link growing using maybe a tagging system (though wait for WP 2.2)

    You don’t gain links to your posts unless you have subscribers and community, or are extremely influential.

    Oh.. community.. every movement has to have a focal point, and I have been dragging my heels for too long, and decided to take some action with a tried and tested community builder, with a little customization. Just posted an announcement

  9. Dawud Miracle says


    Thanks for catching this. What you’re saying is what I know as well. I didn’t think that removing nofollow would have any negative effect either. Great points, though, on the positive effects.

    I just checked out your announcement. Great. I’m on board and will join on soon.

  10. Dawud Miracle says


    Thanks. For me the blogosphere is about conversation and sharing. We’ve got the conversation part through commenting. Removing nofollow lets us share even more.

    As for Page Rank, I don’t believe it does. I could be wrong and would love to hear Andy’s opinion on that.

    Karin H.,

    You’re welcome. It’s not really hard as much as there’s just a bunch of steps.

  11. Ponn Sabra says

    Hi Dawud!
    Randa did do a fabulous job! I have my badges up and very proud to be apart of this movement.
    Great post–very simply put 🙂

  12. Ponn Sabra says

    Just followed your link to Andy’s and signed-up! What a wonderful community, thanks for sharing Dawud.

  13. Dawud Miracle says


    Thanks Ponn. I really feel this needs to spread. Nofollow, while well intended, sort of goes against the open sharing of the blogosphere.

  14. Andy Beard says

    You might want to switch back, as Haloscan doesn’t give you followable comments from your blog.

  15. gilda su says

    my blog’s just a few days old (and i haven’t told any friends!) but this sounds like a great idea. i switched to haloscan and lost all my comments *sob* but i hope this is good for my future readers!

  16. Dawud Miracle says

    gilda su,

    I know what it’s like to start. It wasn’t that long ago – less than four months – that I launched my blog. It’s been a lot of fun and a lot of work. Good luck.

  17. johno says

    I’ve just added the plugin to my blog. I never realised that a nofollow tag was automatically attached to comments links. I’m going to design some web 2.0 style badges if anyone is interested.

  18. Dawud Miracle says


    They certainly look great. I’m just a little unsure if anyone would know what they mean. Remember, part of the web is making everything easily usable (read: understandable) by the user. So think like a user. And, they are very nice.

  19. Market Matador says

    Thank you for alerting me to these nofollow websites! I’m personally thinking about removing the tag from my website, but I just don’t know yet. I think I will wait and read a few more posts about the topic, just don’t want to feed through more spam!


    -Sam from

  20. Don@AffiliateWatcher says

    Glad to see more and more blogs going NoFollow. I’ve removed the nofollow from my comments as well with the “DoFollow” plugin for WordPress.

    That plugin makes it real simple to remove the nofollow.


  21. GoddessCarlie says

    Thanks so much for the buttons. I only recently found out about “no follow” and so I’ve removed it from my blog. I wanted a way to let people know I’ve done this and then I found your nifty little button, so thank you! 🙂

  22. Frank says

    This is such a good idea. I have some other blogs that I am putting this on. There’s nothing wrong with letting people have Google juice if they take the time to comment.

  23. bhangra-world sound blog says

    it’s nice that you have installed dofollow plugin i wish if wikipedia shld also do the same.lolzzzz

  24. Cade @ Write To Right says

    I agree that it is silly and people are too concerned about do-follow and whether or not it provides good content. I think the networking alone has helped me out a lot. It is like anything good in life, you can take it seriously and use it torward your advantage or not. What benefits have you seen so far?

  25. MizErisha says

    Thanks for this post. Now I know where to get the badge as I’ve removed the nofollow in my blog. At least with the badge. it would be easier to spread to my friends about this and let my readers know.

  26. Dawud Miracle says


    Content is the most important thing, for sure.

    Benefits…I could say my comments have increased because of removing no-follow. And, I focus so much on creating conversations that I often get a nice group of comments anyhow.


    Sure. Please, spread the word.

  27. Suburban Oblivion says

    You have the best explanation of why we should remove nofollow, so I have linked my badge here for readers to check out.


  28. Dawud Miracle says


    Absolutely. Content is really the most important thing. It’s the post content that starts everything – including the conversation…

  29. Dawud Miracle says

    Suburban Oblivion,

    Thanks. I’ve worked hard to explain this to people so they’d get it. So I’m glad you’ve found value. Please, pass the word…

  30. Dawud Miracle says


    I think it’s working. Though, as you could expect, it’s also created a whole new opportunity for people who want to take advantage of open backlinking.

    mr. simplicity,

    Yes. By removing ‘rel=”nofollow”‘ search engine bots will follow each link in comments – giving each commenter a link back.

  31. Chris says

    The NoNoFollow movement is a great way to increase blog participation at the end of the day if you want to leave a comment the last thing you want is for it to be moderated by some backdoor piece of code. I for one have implemented the DoFollow plugin on my blogs and hope more people do so in the future.

  32. Adam Kayce : Monk At Work says

    I’m using the triple-combo of Bad Behavior, Spam Karma 2, and Akismet… seems to do the trick quite well as far as spam goes.

  33. Dawud Miracle says


    True. But I’m finding as my blog reaches more people, I’m getting more spam than I can deal with manually.

    Hot gadgets,


  34. bharadwaj says


    Everybody loves links. Even the google bot, but it dies not like non- genuine links.

    For instance, some time ago, google had a controversy over following paid links.

    Now for a spider or a crawler to identify the paid links from non-paid is almost impossible.

    But in most CMS , including wordpress and blogspot, it is very easy to identify comments from content.

    do – follow may go void, if google thinks so.

    But still, it does good in the short term..

  35. Dawud Miracle says


    I try to remember that comments are content as well. So, to me, it makes little sense for bots to not crawl comment links. But I don’t make those decisions.

  36. seotalk says

    This is maybe one of the best things that bloggers can do to raise their comments and the participation of the webmasters, now people can get a link while share they opinions

  37. Neil says

    My comments on no follow is that it is only Google that follows the instruction anyway, Yahoo doesn’t follow the protocol. Since Google introduced the add on to the robots.txt exclusion it has paved a way for sites to try and reference but to keep their so called power to themselves, personally if you are going to let people comment and add fresh text to your website helping your sites rankings, why not give the link to allow an exchange of power.

  38. Dawud Miracle says

    Absolutely. And I think it’s only right – especially considering the generosity that goes around the blogosphere.


    personally if you are going to let people comment and add fresh text to your website helping your sites rankings, why not give the link to allow an exchange of power.

    Not sure I understand what you mean. Can you help me a bit?

  39. Neil says

    [quote comment=”8994″]


    personally if you are going to let people comment and add fresh text to your website helping your sites rankings, why not give the link to allow an exchange of power.

    Not sure I understand what you mean. Can you help me a bit?[/quote]

    Hi Seotalk, basically I was talking about if you add fresh content to someone’s website this can only help with someone’s rankings, it keeps a site fresh and increases a websites size, hence you giving some power to that website, if they then allow a dofollow link to your site this will give some power back to your site hence an exchange of power, I think when people are not SPAMMING a site with rubbish and someone takes the time to actually write something useful on another site the link should be a mark of gratitude as long as its not, Porn, Gambling or Pharmaceutical.

  40. Dawud Miracle says

    I totally agree and understand that. It’s why I feel strongly about removing no-follow – even though it’s only an issue in Google.

    I think I got hung up on how robots.txt exclusions could give power to a blog.

  41. 8everything says

    I actually like this idea because it benefits my readers whoa actually take the time to comment..

  42. MissMeliss says

    I don’t know if the I Follow “movement” has reached critical mass, but this past week I’ve seen the buttons everywhere, and had to check them out, see what it all meant.

    I’m now a supporter, and have activated the DoFollow plugin on my own blog.

  43. Alex Choo says

    Thanks! I wish I heard about this earlier..

    Felt bad penalizing my commenters all this while.

    I’ve removed nofollow in comments too.

  44. Andly says

    “It’s sort of like thanking your clients by cutting off their hand (okay, maybe not that extreme).”

    Wonderful 🙂

    i’m going to remove nofollow 😉

  45. Kango Traveler says

    thanks for this! I you must have got some link love back from your post because I found you in Google for your trouble; I’ll be getting this image added to our

  46. Rox Fitness says

    Usually this is a setting in your blog software if you us word press go into the admin console and there is a setting in the preferences where you can set comments to be followed or not other blogging applications have a similar option

  47. Funny Videos says

    I’m not sure that this “follow” campaign will work. More and more spam will hit your rank

  48. Lawrence Cheok says

    Hi Dawud, thanks for this recommendation. I am going to use the badge on my site right away!

  49. Sarah McLead says

    After I read the article and it reminds me of a tool I downloaded month ago. Its called g(oo)gle(sc)rambl(er) and is written in C#. —- There is a problem with copying content from other websites – google will kick your (sub-)domain very quickly. So you have to scramble the text before you put it on your website. The tool helped me very much to get a lot more visitors and the ads I host are clicked much more often. The project seems to be a non-profit project, very nice of the programmer. – Sarah

  50. chipseo says

    I just downloaded the plugin and noticed the date on this post. Incredible to see it is still alive this long. Perhaps with all the PR talk it is going to have more relevancy that it even did in the past. Scott

  51. Dee says

    I agree with you. I noticed since blogger has incorporated this it has dropped my comment ratio down. This also hurts me if I want to find the person who left the comment. Usually most use blogger. WordPress gets no love in blogspot world

  52. Raymondm says

    This was such a useful article.
    I’m really glad i found it.
    I’ve also downloaded the plugin a few mins ago and i’ll have it running!

  53. joliber says

    Thanks to your post. I removed it already.. Wow, it’s only now that i’ve read couple of articles about this movement! Thanks again.

  54. kslye says

    This is very good information. I have been seeing the badge ‘u comment, I follow” but never knew what it was. I think its an excellent incentives to get comments to postings. Thanks for sharing.


  55. Rebecca says


    I just put on the badge… but I haven’t the foggiest how to link the badge to one of my own blog posts… or to anyone else’s for that matter…

    Can you help? Or send me in the right direction? I use

    Thanks so much…

    A fairly new blogger… 🙂


  56. Dawud Miracle says

    Sorry, I actually have spent no time using blogger. I use WordPress exclusively but do have some working knowledge of TypePad and Moveable Type.

    Great to have you on.

  57. SEO News says

    It’s main purpose wasn’t to reduce spam from comments. It’s purpose was to keep search engine results more accurate.

    When someone leaves a link on your site that has nothing to do with your site. It pretty much messes up how Google works to keep it’s results so accurate. Google just made it seem like they were doing blogs a favor when actually they were trying to improve their search results.

  58. SEO expert says

    Within the comments for this post I found at least 7 comments targeting specific key terms more or less important form the SEO perspective. From the bare content of those comments I can presume they were written only to improve rankings of the commentator for the targeted term.

    Who do you think is called:
    – Simple Saving ideas
    – Hot gadgets
    – Blogger Blog Tips
    – Forex Trading Tips
    – SEO expert (That’s me aka Frantisek Malina)

    …if you run a site that lets anyone add a regular link, webspammers will eventually find your site and spam it as well.

    The solution you are using still leave you exposed to manual comment spam, short comment spam and “great-post-thank-you-fluff” submitted only to get some link-love.

    Granularity is a solution for this.
    WordPress users please vote for idea at

  59. Dawud Miracle says

    SEO News
    Yeah, I know. I guess I wrote it wrong. WordPress tried to use nofollow as a way to limit comment spam because Google has implemented it. Thanks for clarifying.

    SEO Expert,
    Yeah, I know. I’m using three spam plugins now and deal very little with comment spam. The last thing I want to do is add another plugin and drain more system resources.

    But that thanks for the suggestion…and enjoy your link love.

    Great. Glad to have you on board.

  60. cat whipple says

    i think the do follow movement is great. but what i’ve been seeing now on several sites is people saying they won’t remove the nofollow tag until you’ve commented a certain amount of times on their blog. i think its misleading for them to put a do follow badge on their site and then not remove the tag until you’ve met their “quota” for comments. i think it undermines the whole idea of do follow.

  61. North Dallas Condos says

    Cat W, I think about 30% of the sites that say there dofollow are really not. Hate to see people advertise what they are not.

  62. MissMeliss says

    I’m curious. Do those of you who are running high traffic sites also have some kind of comment policy, so that when you get comments that are obviously spam, you have no compunctions about not publishing them, or stripping the links.

    I mean, I’m all about do-follow, but not about giving link-love to sploggers.

  63. Simone's Butterfly says

    I remember the first time I saw the picture U comment I follow – I thought it was a program that said if You comment on my blog I will visit your site.

    Later on I realised what it actually meant when someone had a link to this site. Then I joined.

    I got an e-mail telling me that I still had no-fellow tags. It took a while but I figured out how to remove the tag from blogger.

    I have even won a calendar from for participating.

  64. Anthony says

    I don’t like nofollow too, but still I use it on my website. Because some pages really don’t matter whether they would be indexed or not. So, they will get some link juice which is irrelevant and that’s why I don’t use it, but on blogs is it an different story, I must admit.

  65. usa newspapers news says

    We can be the starters of “rid the blogosphere of the dreaded DO Follow attribute”,Maybe:)

  66. radio valley says

    How come I came across this “u comment I follow” thing only now!
    Anyways thats a bold move.

  67. Rex says

    Wow! Over 150 comments so far on this blog post. That’s the most I personally have seen anywhere in the blogosphere. Congratulations.

  68. Dawud Miracle says

    Personally, I see little reason to keep nofollow on any site.

    Why not?

    radio valley,
    Not sure. It’s been a movement for a few years.

    Thanks. I’m just happy people are getting the nofollow concept and implementing it. Spread the word.

  69. Rex says

    I do not even have a blog yet so I am not personally experiencing the spammish downside of blogging. For those of you who do have active blogs I’m wondering: what percentage of the posts are spam? How much time does it take to delete out the spam?

    Also, I have noticed that some bloggers will actually write a post chastising the spammers and making recommendations to readers on how to make a worthwhile post. Has anybody had any experience with this practice? Does it reduce spam?

  70. Chris says

    I would love to see the nofollow movement growing expodentially, but there’s still very little on comment hunt and every list of no nofollow blogs I see looks to be pretty much the same.

    I’m also another one who doesn’t like the conditionality on some blogs, e.g. post so many times and you get link juice, post for a month and you get link juice and so forth.

    The upshot is that you can’t just get on with posting on blogs you find interesting any more – you’ve got to always be thinking about link building

  71. Rex says

    To Chris: To add variety to your link building/commenting activity: college newspapers. Find a university or college newspaper near you and visit the online version. Most of them use the same software which is much like blogging software. They ask for comments and the link to your website. The site will usually list which are the articles which are “most commented”.
    These are often controversial and fun subjects and you can find one that you honestly have some feelings about and add your thoughts to the discussion and pick up a link pretty easily.

  72. unTECHy says

    I follow on my blog too. There are other ways to reduce comment spam without adding the nocomment.

    I’ve also added commentluv to my blog which adds just a little extra special luv for my commentors.

    Great post

  73. Bob says

    Had the plugin added to an old site but never promoted it but all my new sites are getting the badg e added as well 🙂

  74. Most Commented says

    Thought I’d add a quick comment to say i’ve installed the dofollow plugin and top commentors onto my website “the worlds most commented” thought i’d try and encourage people to comment about everything and anything and how best to reward them with a link back to their site, as the site gets stronger their link will become greater.

  75. shytobuy says

    really nice & initiative post. I hope all the blogmasters follows you. You are fully right that there is about nothing which can stop spamming. Now spammers have also discovered how to fight against captcha. They do have a softwares now, that can easily crack the captchas.
    anyways, Thanks for a nice post.

  76. visvesvaraya belgaum says

    I think I ll use this plugin on some of my blogs.
    As of late, comments on my blogs have reduced.

  77. Adam Hyman says

    I’m going to turn off the “nofollow” in my blog and see if I can get some more comments and readers.

    Thanks for the advice!

  78. Agriculture Stocks says

    I’ve added this to a number of my sites. I’ve found that it does add a number of comments, some useful and others just to score a link. But on the whole its added to the discussion in a positive manner.

  79. Dan needs slot machine tips says

    What is the nofollow tag anyway?

    nofollow is a HTML attribute value used to instruct some search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index. It is intended to reduce the effectiveness of certain types of search engine spam, thereby improving the quality of search engine results and preventing spamdexing from occurring in the first place.

  80. pdfmania says

    same as anirban. now i understand why wp use noFollow for default link. with doFollow I think i might need more time to delete spam comments 🙁 since doFollow blog will become the target of spammers.

    btw. it’s a nice description for noFollow-doFollow. great job and success always to you..

  81. unTECHy says

    It seems like nearly all “I follow” blogs on the web are PR0 or PR ‘n/a’.

    It’s hard to find anyone with a PR1+ that follows. As a PR2 blog, I applaud you for following.

  82. Asia'h Fan says


    Thanks for this post.

    I have read a lot about using the do follow lately, and before I start my blog, I was wondering if you are seeing any negative results from Google for having it?

    I had heard about your page rank being affected.

    Is it working ok so far?

    Thanks! John

  83. Anonymous Alcoholic says

    Thank you very very much, I have been looking for a way to get some comments.

  84. Bill Stanley says

    I think it’s great that you’ve removed nofollow. One of my biggest concerns is that Google may decide to force blogs that do not have nofollow in their unrelated links to be ranked lower or even google-bombed to pagerank zero. That will be damaging to the blog’s search traffic.

    The i follow movement is great though, because in principle, if nobody used nofollow, then Google wouldn’t know how to compare the links and can’t rank a blog lower or higher based on whether it had it. That would be a great situation for bloggers.

    In the end, bloggers should stick to akismet and other spam detection systems rather than no follow. It would be so awesome if typepad, wordpress, and other blog software didn’t use nofollow by default. I think a lot of bloggers just don’t understand what it is, and they have it turned on automatically.

    Of course, Google owns blogspot, so that’s a whole ‘nother issue.

    Thanks for the post 🙂

  85. MSN hacken says

    Yes, it is an known suspect, but if, you can tell me how to do this kind of fully respecting google’s decisions.

  86. Liod says

    Following comments can be used for seriously increasing of comments, but there are a lot of spammy comments, so I don’t know if it is a good decision or not. But sometimes it is better to give something you visitors want -> some linklove. Or this page doesn’t give any linklove, there are a lot of comments. pfff a lot

  87. Mar Matthias Darin says

    I’ve always despised the nofollow tag and never used it. I have the badge up so my readers know it too…

  88. RiledUp says

    Excellent blog Randa. Totally agree, spam is today killing trust of most of the bloggers.

  89. Eric says

    Great Post, It’s very timely since I am searching for Blogs using do follow attributes for my Blog commenting task. The placing of badge image was a brilliant idea too since it was visible enough to be seen easily.

    It’s much easier now to identify Blogs with a do follow attribute. Many thanks and hoping this will spread the word rapidly to others who don’t know yet about this great idea.

    You may want to visit some of this cool guides that works. Feel free to click this link Run Your Car On Water

  90. musgle says

    thank you for posting this!

    I do not think anybody reads these comments though, cause they are all here for “that” same linky purpose, but you have a google page rank as 3, which is a cool thing for a personal blog 🙂

    thanks again,

  91. Pradeep says

    I strongly believe in No Nofollow campaign and i have join the u comment i follow community on bumpzee and have added do follow badge on my blog

  92. Autopips says

    Just stumbled into this blog and seems to have lots of cool stuffs i can read here. keep up your good work Dawud!

  93. Gary says

    Thanks. I fully agree with removing ‘nofollow’ – the Internet has always been about understanding linkages between content, and having ‘nofollow’ enabled detracts from accurately comprehending the linkages.

  94. netpod says

    Do you think google can come up with a new logic to calculate page rank? Now every thing is based on page rank..

    I do see a short life for no follow.

  95. Opeth Watershed says

    I also don’t use nofollow. It is useless. Better to have spam prevent programs like akismet.

  96. Alex says

    I wish more people knew about this or didn’t respond to me as if I were talking about little green men from mars when I say something about nofollow.

    I know people are worried about spam, but spambots will leave crappy spam comments no matter if there is a nofollow comment or not. I think it’s great anytime a blogger joins in and shares their opinion and should therefore, when adding something of value, be allowed for somebody, at least google or another search engine, to view their site.

  97. Tummy Tucks New Jersey says

    Great post. I agree with Alex. Regardless of whether a blog has a nofollow or dofollow tag, the spambots will leave spam comments. Having a dofollow tag is a great way to reward fellow bloggers who leave valuable comments.

  98. Beauty Girl says

    I fell for all that last year and put a nofollow tag on my old website…i found nothing useful about doing it. Now, if a comment is not liked, I just take it off…easy enough for me!

  99. Jim Sefton says

    Great idea. i heard of one person doing this manually but really didn’t realise there was a campaign going about it. Great idea and I will make a post on my blog too, to spread the word!



  100. Adam Bean says

    Hi Dawd
    I am new to blogging and alot of the time the information I come across makes no sense at all because I have no technical background. Thanks for explaining U comment I follow so that even the likes of myself can understand. These community based movements that enable us to all support each other are great. Thanks again for getting this one started.

  101. Ann says

    I want thank to all people implementing this great no-nofollow idea! I’ll join it as well, but I have a blog on blogspot platform and I don’t think it is driven by WordPress… Is there a way to put a follow links to .blogspot? Thank you! Ann.

  102. iyinet webmaster forumu says

    Just followed your link to Andy’s and signed-up! What a wonderful community, thanks for sharing Dawud.

  103. Ann in Italy says

    Thanks for the information! I’ve since removed the “nofollow” from my blog and written a post about the “u comment i follow” and linked to your post and also to randa’s. Thanks again! I agree with tommy Cruzdale, if only everyone implemented this…..

  104. lida says

    Well, we started again… All the time I think I know ALL about css … somebody destroy my idea. Anyways, thanks, is good to know that I didn’t know some clinches.

  105. pizza hut coupons says

    Question. Do nofollow links still count as links for a website though it won’t give out link juice? or nofollow means no link count and no link juice at the same time?


  1. […] A while back I wrote a post arguing the case against nofollow, and why it has no place in the comments of a blog, just because everyone has the possibility to contribute and have their own links listed. I wasn’t the first to raise my voice against it, and now it turns out I certainly wasn’t the last either. Andy Beard was the one that showed me the solution to this, and also one of the first to argue the case, and since other prominent bloggers like Dawud Miracle and Randa Clay have joined in on the discussion. […]

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  8. […] Please follow every link within to get a full understanding. If you agree, then install the simple plugin and share the link love as you want others to share with you! […]

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