links.jpgWe all want more traffic to our site, right?

While there are numerous ways to drive more traffic to your site, one of the most effective and far-reachings ways is to link build. Link building is simply the way you get more links to your site. The more links you have, the more traffic you’ll get, the better your SEO and the further your reach.

Many business hire firms or consultants to help them create link building (or link baiting) strategies. However, often the costs of hiring a consultant can be an impediment to the small business owner.

That’s why when I found this list of interviews on Manish Pandey’s blog, I had to share them with you. I haven’t read/listened to them all yet, but those I have are top notch. And just look at the quality of people being interviewed: Lee Odden, Seth Godin, Andy Hagans, Jim Boykin, Loren Baker, Bob Gladstein, Debra Mastaler, Eric Ward…wow…it’s like a who’s-who of link strategy experts. And the interviewers, themselves, aren’t too shabby.

  1. Peter Da Vanjo interviews Fantomaster.
  2. Aaron Wall interviews Dabra Mastaler.
  3. Barry Schwartz interview with Jim Boykin.
  4. Lee Odden interviews Eric Ward.
  5. Sugarrae's group interview on link development.
  6. Patrick Gavin interviews Loren Baker.
  7. Julia interviews Bob Gladstein.
  8. Loren Baker interviews Patrick Gavin.
  9. Aaron Pratt interviews Stuntdubl.
  10. Scottie Claiborne interviews Mike Grehan.
  11. Joe interviews Matt Inman.
  12. Glen Allsopp interviews Lee Odden.
  13. Aaron Wall interviews Andy Hagans.
  14. Dev Lakhani interviews Seth Godin.
  15. Aaron Pratt interviews Lee Odden.

So there’s a ton of great information. But what’s your own link strategy? And if you have a great resource for information about link building, please share it in the comment box.

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  1. Martin says

    My only link building strategy at the moment has been visiting other blogs, but i find its most helpful to read new techniques and how to do it successful. Thats for these links, im sure they will help me.

  2. Acopic - Web Designers says

    Some really cool interviews there. Really useful information for small business owners looking for some SEO advice. Thanks.

  3. Malignant Ignition says

    Thanks for the list of interviews. I’ll be spending some time this weekend reading through each of these.

  4. financial hack says

    The important thing to remember is to build your links with quality. Spamming comments will get you links, but also turn off every person that reads them. The ultimate goal is to get people to your site, not the link itself. As the articles above show, there are plenty of ways to do this. Pick the ones that you are most comfortable with and do them often as well as post quality information and your blog will grow.

  5. Mike Taylor says

    Great article, thanks for all the great resources. Although, now this is just another thing I have to do.

    I think the real key is to create a diverse link portfolio so that if G chooses to devalue one of them you still have many other links.

  6. Internet Tips says

    I read the interview of Dabra Mastaler where he revealed a very good idea of getting links.
    He told to offer Mailing Lists in return for links. I think the idea is really good and effective.

  7. Promotional Items says

    The best way to approach a link building campaign is not with a “How can you help me?” approach, but rather with a “How can I help you?” approach. Provide others with useful commentary, write top-notch articles about hot-topics, and relevant back-links will form naturally.

  8. Penny Gould says

    Oh my gosh! I just launched my other website ( 2 months ago, and I was looking at a backlink checker tool, and I was FLOORED! It showed over 150 backlinks to my site, most of them from Dawud! Well gosh, what can I say – a BIG thanks! My google rank went from unavailable to “1” a couple of weeks ago. Not sure about all this stuff, reading about inbound links, etc. It looks like just about every page you have links to mine! How are you doing that? In the site background? I’ve read that linking to “inferior” sites like mine will hurt your rank, is that true? I keep finding opposite opinions about SEO and page rank everywhere I go. So just for kicks, I listed my other site here on my comments. Thanks for the email suggesting Word Press. I will attempt to upload the free software on my site from Thanks!

  9. Penny Gould says

    Once again thanks for suggesting wordpress for blog software. Unfortunately I was not able to load the software on a Stores Online site, but I just cracked up when I saw my site has a pagerank of “5”!! LOL who knew?!?!

  10. Coffee addict 007 says

    Just read your post on link building interviews. Wicked post! Better get on with some work now, but will surely be coming back.. Thanks x

  11. John, Camas Homes says

    Great resource here. We’ve been working on becoming better bloggers in our own local community, as well as reach out to others in our industry across the country; along with the usual populating quality directories. Thanks!

  12. Usenet Tutorials says

    This is a great article – there are a lot of things I found useful trying to build seo on my usenet tutorials site.

    thank you!



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