George Bernard Shaw once said:“The reasonable man adapts himself to the conditions that surround him… The unreasonable man adapts surrounding conditions to himself… All progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

If Mr. Shaw is correct (and I think he is) then all progress – hence all success – happens when you adapt your surrounding conditions to meet your specific situation.

Think about what that means in your business.

So often, small business professionals get caught up in playing follow the leader. They find some system or program – some marketing philosophy or method for copy writing – and they follow blindly. They think that because this method has worked for others, that it’ll be great for them.

What they don’t see is that when we’re always a follower we’re always at the whims of the what’s around us. And when the marketing plan doesn’t work for them they either figure they’ve not learned enough or that they can’t learn it at all. So they either spend more time as a follower or they quit.

But successful business – whether you’re a coach, consultant, therapist, widget maker, etc – isn’t found in following the leader or conforming to the masses. Successful businesses are built out of stepping out of line and finding your own path.

I liken building a successful small business to hiking, which I’ve done plenty of in my short life. Sure, you can follow the trail that’s been cut and see some great scenery. It’s easy, just walk and let the trail be your guide. Or you can decide to bushwhack; getting off trail and taking a risk. It’s when I’ve gone off trail that I’ve discovered the most serene mountain lakes, amazing meadows full of blooming flowers, glaciers hanging off unimaginable cliffs and easy access to ridge lines that lead to breathless views – none of which I would have seen if I’d remained on the trail.

The same is true with your business. Be willing to cut your own path. At the very least, explore off trail. Don’t just be a follower who adapts his or her self to the conditions that already exist. Rather find your independence, become your own leader and make the conditions that surround you work for you and your business.

How can this be pragmatic? Don’t just settle for following someone else’s marketing plan. Learn it, adapt it to your business – rather than your business to it – and leverage what you learn to generate more business. If you’re learning copy writing, don’t just learn the formula. Instead, learn the formula and then figure out how you can adapt it to your specific way of communicating and to your specific business model.

In other words, own it. Own what you learn by making it part of you and adapting it to how you work best. Learn it, adapt it, own it! And be as unreasonable as your business success allows.

So what can   you do today to be a little unreasonable; to go off trail or to adapt your surroundings to your business?

And if you’re unsure, consider how you’re allowing your surroundings to dictate how you do your business – and share it in the comment box.

Let’s talk about it.

(note:  image from  mutbka on  Flickr,   some rights reserved)

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  1. @Stephen says

    It’s not really my surroundings that are the problem, it’s more of the “macro-environment”. The thing that is holding me back is a temporary day-job that I took to help my wife in her job. It takes up so much of my time and energy that my small biz is suffering for lack of content and engagement.
    This simply calls for patience, until 1 Nov. Then it’s rocket time!

  2. DaveMurr says

    I like being unreasonable – at least in the eyes of the beholder. Its very much perception. Juts starting to dip my toe in the business world pool I’ve already noticed the trend of follow the leader.

    It could be only natural to want to follow the successful model – however, why be like everyone else?

    Trust your heart listen to your intuition and follow your unreasonable goals all the way!

  3. Mary E. DeMuth says

    Absolutely true! I wrote an article once entitled, “Trends are set by those not intending to set trends.” It’s the mavericks (pardon the political word of late) who create trends by simply following passion.

    Mary DeMuth
    Book Mentor

  4. Merchant Account Specialist Chad says

    Great post, Dawud! I always find that I am more productive when I stray off the beaten path.

    To me, it is comparing activity vs. productivity. When someone is willing put in the time but not engage themselves — they are just turning circles — I consider it activity. They follow the path that has been set for them just because it is the simple way.

    On the other hand, someone that is fully engaged knows that best results come from breaking away from the set formula of how to do things. How else is one to learn unless they try new things? With small businesses having fewer resources, you have to make the best of what you have, which most likely involves changing plans on the fly.

  5. Modern Advertising Methods says

    Hi Dawud,

    Thanks for this reminder that successful business people, do it their own ways.

    Of course we can follow other successful people, but we have to put ourselves and consider our target markets in everything that we do.

    We also have to monitor what we do and evaluate what is bringing us the best results.

    For instance, I write posts in series. I don’t see many other bloggers doing this, but it works for me. It enables me to go into more depth than in a single post, plus it cuts down on keyword research.

    I’ve linked to my latest series.


    Linda P. Morton

  6. rummuser says

    “All progress is precarious, and the solution of one problem brings us face to face with another problem.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

    I believe that being reasonable or unreasonable is unimportant. Course correction as one goes along is the answer to problems as they keep popping up. To that extent adapting whatever needs to be adapted is the formula to follow.

  7. Data Entry Lady says

    Just found your blog. I have a small data entry service business (since 1992) and like your tips. Good counsel above. I decided to stop paying the ridiculous yellow pages advertising prices and have been promoting and optimizing my own website instead – I have learned a lot, and had what I believe is more success than I would get from a $300+/month yellow page ad. I’ll subscribe to your blog. May I share my story (I don’t sell anything):

  8. Easton Ellsworth says

    I think it’s what Seal means when he sings, “No we’re never gonna survive unless we are a little crazy.”

    Thanks Dawud. This is the shot in the arm I need today.

  9. Thomson Dawson says

    I like the idea of unreasonable… and I agree with your thinking here… it takes extraordinary, unreasonable people who believe in their ideas to stay in the game of business and have the belief and faith necessary to “know” their success is already on its way…

    Important to remember that customers determine your success, not your marketing. Customers also determine who is a leader and who is me-too. Business is the art of exchanging value… it is a creative process.
    How “unreasonable” can you be in the art of creating value for your customer?

  10. matt says

    Thank’s for your reading is meaningful thought, Dawud.

    “The essence of knowledge is, having it, to apply it; not having it, to confess your ignorance.” Confucius

  11. Hendry Lee says

    Understanding the real reason why a strategy works is key, I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    A system never works 100% the same for different niches.

    Just one example is coming up with a USP. While the process of looking for one may be very similar, some creativity is still required and the result is an entirely different thing.

  12. Kids GPS says

    I think I agree and I disagree. Most ground breaking and wildly successful businesses break from the masses, but there are plenty of business that make lots and lots of money by doing exactly what everybody else does. Granted, these are businesses that have been given a time honored need for masses of people – grocery stores, chain restaurants, farmers, etc. – but they can still make lots of money by looking just like every other McDonalds, or farm, or grocery store in the world. All they need is a demand for their already established brand.

  13. Mike New says

    So very true! This was a great article with many eye-popping quotes. I wrote a few of them down and put them up on my wall. Entrepreneurial begins with finding a reason to make everyone’s lives better and being passionate about that one thing!

  14. Dallas Web Design says

    The easiest way to distinguish yourself is to take yourself off the beaten path. Sometimes people laugh at you and point while your doing the bushwhacking, but that is the only way to get to where no one has been before.

  15. Blueunplugged says

    Many people in Corporates follow their leaders as they feel that those conditions will work perfectly for them as well but the result is exactly the opposite indeed! Success is your own originality for me.

  16. wilson says

    Dawud, I was totally agreed of what you’ve mentioned here…

    Most of the millionaires or billionaires are brave to make the changes and revolution, as those losers will probably stepping in the same places for over and over again…!

  17. Ron Meledandri - Sentra Business Solutions says

    Often small business owners think that whatever big businesses do must be correct. Following the lead of big business is wrong for small business owners. First of all, I beleive that those big businesses that remain big and make money do so because of monentum, not good management. Secondly, in today;s environment, many big businesses are in the red. A small business client of mine recently compalained that after three years in business, she wasn’t making much money. I remindered her that she was billions of dollares ahead of GM. My general advice to small business owners is to find what is best for them, not what big business does.

  18. Joy says


    Once again, your blogging has really hit home. I was musing over this very same thought this morning over my coffee.

    I’ve been following some advice that, in theory – is sound – but it’s not me and what I think is best for me and my business at this time.

    My most successful clients are those that do the exact opposite of what their competition does. I guess that will work for awhile until the competition catches on! 😉

    Thanks for sharing your insight.

  19. Joe - Self Esteem Help says

    I completely agree, you have to be willing to adapt to any environment if you are to be successful. A previous commentor also made a good point, having knowledge means nothing, it is what you do with that knowledge that counts.

  20. Lening says

    Running a successful small business is not about following the leaders, it’s about doing things a little differently from that of your competitors. Get out of the box and ignore the conventional wisdom. If everybody else is doing it one way, there’s a good chance you can find your niche by going in exactly the opposite direction – swim upstream.

  21. stan says

    yes you are right – being unreasonable is going to make you fail – basically having unrealistic expectations goes hand in hand wiht what you are saying

  22. Private Investment Blog says

    I read this once: The best advice I can give someone is to not listen to anyone’s advice. The person who is giving you the advice would not be telling you the advice if it was so great because they would have done it themselves already. I think I kind of messed up the quote but I agree that while you do need to look at what works you need to simply use common sense – and mainly you need to “try stuff”

  23. NDN says

    I feel there are two roads to sucess in every endeavor, you described one. The other is its opposite, the points you disparage.

    Its like Warren Buffett, tried and true, steady slope. His “wisdom” is as old the written word. He definitely follows the leader (albeit the right leaders) and doesn’t do anything unreasonable.

    The unreasonable side is like Donald Trump and T. Boone Pickens. Mavericks who have both made, lost, and regained fortunes. Peaks and valleys who do not follow old ways and are unreasonable.

    This is not say either is right, it is to say both are a path. The steady slope takes time. The unreasonable is faster but know it full of peaks and valleys.

  24. Sohbet says

    Hi Dawud,

    Thanks for this reminder that successful business people, do it their own ways.

    Of course we can follow other successful people, but we have to put ourselves and consider our target markets in everything that we do.

  25. Shailesh Ghimire says

    Some men ask why and some men ask “why not?” – I guess that is the difference you are talking about.

    Thanks for motivating me. I’m have to convince a lot of folks about the benefits of my services and a lot of times what I offer changes their surroundings.

  26. Erica- Copywriters Needed/Make $200/hr says

    You are so right. I personally have had my share of “follow the leader” moments. As a young child, I was always the rebel that wanted to do things differently, but somewhere in my life, I got caught up in living out my mother’s dreams…
    Go to college, make big money…and guess, what, I wasn’t happy for a long time, until I decided to say hell with college and start my own business.

    I have done this recently and have tried to find new marketing ideas that others have not tried, which is soooo hard, but I’m working on it. Besides, when you play “follow the leader”, you have sooooo much competition because everyone is doing the same thing…it does pay to be original.

  27. Michael says

    I simple can’t produce when I’m following the common way of doing things…since I learned this litlle secret my capability to create things increased.

  28. Kirk says

    that is an interesting concept… you often hear the idea that emphasizes the importance of learning to adapt to ones surroundings… it’s a great ideology, but i think that george bernard shaw’s concept is more powerful, and fits perfectly with handling your business… a book about marketing comes to mind, in the same vein, it talks about the success of your business being dependent on ‘you’ dictating what consumers want…

  29. Graphic Design Worthing says

    Really enjoyed this blog, thank you very much! I run my own web business in the UK and this information is very useful to me. It is important to try and carve yourself a niche for your business to ensure unique customers. Great way to get some income!

  30. London Removals says

    I couldnt agree more with your comments. Ive always thought to myself that setting up your own business and being your own boss is the way forward. There is a saying in UK that goes, “9 to 5 is a mugs game”. This basically means that working full time for someone else is only ever going to get you so far. Be your own boss and make your own path.

    You have to carve your own business product to be completely unique and I agree that most of the time this is what will get you the most money!

    Great blogging

  31. foro casas rurales says

    Just like hiking off the trail, sometimes you run into a dead-end. No problem, just backtrack a little get your bearings and continue trailblazing.

  32. Josh Jacoby says

    Reason comes from the Greek word “logos”, the root of logic, which translated into Latin became “ratio” and then in French “raison”, from which the English word “reason” was derived. (I got that from <a href””)Wikipedia, I know it is not yet considered a scholaryl source, but I’m going with it)

    Perhaps if the ratio in which we invest our time and resources is occasionally skewed, great things may happen. Of course, it takes an intuitive person to see when to take the extra risk and when not too.

  33. Frank Polenose says

    This is the first time I have come across your site – and it really is a great read. Thank you for your hard work – hope you keep it up.

    Frank Polenose.

  34. zoom says

    Reminds me of a “rebel”. A rebel changes what is around him, and refuses to adapt to it. pretty interesting, and I must agree.

  35. Google Wealth Maker says

    I totally agree, it’s all about stepping out of the line and being ahead of the competition.You should always add your own spin to everything.

  36. Kids Printable Crafts says

    What a valid point. I think I started off making my own trail when I started my company. And along the way I have become a follower. But what use to sit my company apart was when I started it and owned what I was doing. Thanks! Great site!

  37. Funny News Stories says

    I agree and disagree. Personally I thrive on innovation, I revel in twisting convention, and I think to be the next big thing, one must certainly do what has never been done before… but of course, that’s much easier said than done.

    My friends and I have spent countless nights “beerstorming” ideas, trying to innovate in each of our chosen paths (mostly web stuff, but not exclusively), and when brilliant ideas come, often they require resources we simply do not have. To bring fourth the next big innovation without immense resources, you have to really dedicate yourself to it, and personally, I’m already way too overcommitted to dedicate myself to just one of my ideas.

    Then again, just following the leader is so boring…

  38. Edward says

    Things around us are changing everyday, if we couldn’t adapt to it then we won’t be success in the end. That’s just so true & we would have to make ourselves more flexible to be more competitive in the business industry

  39. James Andrew says

    Another great motivational post here, thanks a lot. In a business it’s important that we have to try out things on how it works on our business. Experimentation I think is a big help in the success of your business. 🙂

  40. Chris Hutcherson says

    The constant tension of the changing environment is the dynamic that people (myself included) will be challenged with on a daily basis.

    The flexibility to “bend” with these changes is often the difference between success and futility. Thank you again for the inspiration.

  41. Max International says

    Wasn’t going to the moon or traveling across the ocean “unreasonable” at one point?

    Being unreasonable allows us to dream and achieve more than we could ever achieve if we were reasonable.

  42. web designer says

    Dawud i couldn’t agree more. All my success online has come from avoiding the herd mentality and carving out my own destiny. I’ve found my clients are better as a result, I can charge more for my services and as a result live a much more interesting life!

  43. Johnnie Debt relief says

    There are a lot of factors that influence your success. I can say that in my situation I have such trait as persistence and it works. Thanks for a blog.

  44. Monster says

    Running a successful small business is not about following the leaders, it’s about doing things a little differently from that of your competitors.

  45. Dom SEO Kingz says

    I completely agree, you have to be willing to adapt to any environment if you are to be successful. A previous commentor also made a good point, having knowledge means nothing, it is what you do with that knowledge that counts.

  46. Alrady says

    Great article! Know I undertstand why my hubby is so successful. He is great at adapting the things around him to fit our situations.

    Really like the hiker analysis and agree totally. I have to be careful though because sometimes the offtrack can derail –

    Like the pictures with your article.

  47. Graphic Design says

    Adapting to different business patterns is a great way to get yourself success! I myself have done just that and am enjoying lots of business! Great post, like the pics!

  48. says

    Absolute truth! Never be a follower – invent yourself something, that you like – usually it is liked by other people too, and that could a formula to successful business as well.

  49. Cigars says

    No doubt about it, thinking outside the box is the only way to truly set yourself apart from the competition. Anyone can copy another innovative idea, but it takes time and effort to make something of your own successful.

    Example: Bill Gates. Drops out of Harvard. Do you think that was an easy choice to make? He went against the grain and now he’s on top.

  50. License Plate Topper says

    I agree, you have to find what works for you as a business person. You cant always copy others to the tee.

  51. Rick says

    Yes I agree with that, Absolutely what a very nice article. People makes their own way to got a suitable business for them.

  52. TeasasTips says

    I have always been unreasonable and was called stubborn by my mom..however, my stubborness, if you will, paid off. I was stubborn because what I knew to be right and true absolutely was. Now that has paid off in my adult life with the many ideas I have for making money. Great post, great comments.

  53. Lina says

    Funny… since our early years we are taught to follow the leader, to be the same as other people are – and a bit better… but in order to be successful you need to think differently from how most people think, you should understand people’s needs and motivation, and use your knowledge… and be risky enough to try new things, as only new ideas (in production or marketing) allow making some really big money.

  54. Jordans says

    I understand where you coming from, and I will “try” and use it on my business practices. And if it fails i will come after you!!!

    (kidding lol)

  55. Chris says

    Terrific quote – thanks for that! It’s true: in life, love and business, the greatest rewards come when you take a chance and go out on a limb. I’ve been a freelance consultant for well over 4 years now, and I love every minute of the business I’ve created for myself.

    I must admit though, I took a somewhat reasonable approach to my unreasonable career path. Rather than just jumping straight into a freelance writing career, I held a part-time job until the business could support itself. I’m all for risky jumps, but I like to do them with a safety net underneath. At first, anyway. 😉

  56. Seo My Site says

    Indeed, going against the grain can prove tough, doing something different or more importantly taking that risk or leap of faith can sometimes be the obly way to truley be succsessfull in this life.

    My view is, as long as my children have a warm clothing, good fod & they are happy, i will regard my life as a succsessful one

    Thanks, great post

  57. Tom Cruse says

    GBS was a great ecentric. He used to live quite near to where I was brought up in Worcestershire England, along with Edward Elgar.

    He knew a thing or two about unreasonableness, being the cause of many a controversy, and a great provoker of public arguments.

    Neverthless a great playright and author

  58. Internet Cafe Software says

    I’ll have to read up more on that to see how to best handle code in strategy….. good job, this really makes sense.

  59. Fisher Price TMX Tickle Me Elmo says

    I’m on the same page with you when it comes to business decisions. I’ve had to learn the hard way that you have to go with your gut. When in come to your business it always seem like everybody knows whats right for your business, but it isn’t always best. What works for one type of business may not won’t work for every business.

  60. motiv designs says

    I really like your philosophy here Dawud. I feel that sometimes I actually allow my surroundings to influence me more than I think. These include my full-time job and my girlfriend, but I have been trying to get past that by creating more paths to success so to speak. I have big plans, but never enough time to do it all it seems.

  61. Buck Thompson says

    Very nicely said about the small business.small business professionals get caught up in playing follow the leader. They find some system or program – some marketing philosophy or method for copy writing – and they follow blindly.

  62. Stephen McFarlane says

    I have always been unreasonable and was called stubborn by my mom..however, my stubborness, if you will, paid off. I was stubborn because what I knew to be right and true absolutely was. Now that has paid off in my adult life with the many ideas I have for making money. Great post, great comments.

  63. David Black says

    I have followed the path of others to start with as i have set up a blog of my of my own, as have so many people in the past.

    But am going to leave the path there so i can make my blog stand out.

    Excellent post

  64. Rose at Thompson Outdoor Supply says

    I like the breathtaking scenery you described in this blog ‘coz I’m fond of hiking, too. Yeah, you’re right about getting off the trail. You might get lost but discovering such beautiful sights is worth the price. You must be a trendsetter if you wanted your business be noticed. Don’t be afraid to lose because you will still learn from your mistakes.

  65. kevindagnycu says

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  68. Imterview Questions says

    Hey Dawud, have you heard of (or maybe read) the book ‘Be Unreasonable’? Probably one of the best books I have read, and I highly recommend it!

  69. Web design says

    Your post really got me thinking, because in my work people claim all the time that the other person’s being totally unreasonable…and that’s a “bad” thing. Every one is having their own idea to become successful..opinion differs..

  70. Barbara Saunders says

    The kind of “reasonable” Shaw describes isn’t, in fact, grounded in reason. The man who adapts out of politeness or conformity isn’t reasonable to begin with; he is merely susceptible to irrational fears and need for approval!

  71. drigAnere says


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    I’m trying to build a web site for my new business.

    appreciate your feedback,


  72. Niro Thambipillay says

    Hi David, I agree completely with what you’re saying. I read a quote recently that said (and I paraphrase) “You are successful when you can choose to think for yourself and take the actions you know you need to take, even if they make you unpopular.” Your sentiments echo these thoughts, thank you for a great post.

    Cheers, Niro

  73. Elijah Clark says

    I thought that way once with following others without trying to implement my own techniques. As a small company, its hard to follow the big boys and their strategies. it really depends on the size of the company and what you can and cant do.

  74. Play Kitchens says

    Interesting thoughts but can’t you make an argument for the exact opposite. Haven’t we heard time and time again if you want to be successful find someone that has done what you are trying to do and then duplicate them? I see what you are saying but i also think when you veer to far away from the trail you get lost.

  75. weight loss review says

    The article is explicitly focused toward creating your own path, instead of following the already traversed path. The article is highly motivating and immensely thought provoking. The quote that is “The reasonable man adapts himself to the conditions that surround him… The unreasonable man adapts surrounding conditions to himself… All progress depends on the unreasonable man.” The statement is very true, but it requires lot of risk, courage and innovation. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful peace of text.

  76. Tom - marketing tips says

    Good post Dawud! I guess being unreasonable is a way of being unique, one-of-a-kind, which is important in business.However, one must be careful not to overdo it.

  77. Leo Wattit says

    Thank’s for your reading is meaningful thought.I like this idea.Building a bussiness is always a hard job and you never got success if you never try

  78. Cheap Medical Coverage says

    As you mentioned…your surroundings are indeed important. They can make or break you (literally).

    As an example…I’m in Ohio where Midwesterners are a bit more laid back than others. It’s something I always keep in mind.

  79. automated bagging machine says

    That’s a great article. It is so true. One started a business with a goal in mind and you must keep that goal in your line of sight and adjust your surroundings to adapt to your goals. For example, a business owner was asking me how he can make his sales team better. After some questions, I found that he was adjusting to his sales team (surroundings) to what they can do instead of the other way around.

  80. Blake says

    When taking risks there is always a 50-50 chance. Either it gets better or the other way round. I admire your courage. It’s high time I summon up some myself. Thanks for such an inspiring read.

  81. Billigt mobilt bredbånd says

    I completely agree with you. it is a nice article. It is very important to adapted to the environment if you want to be successful. The tips are even very good do keep uploading the post.

  82. ysf says

    “The reasonable man adapts himself to the conditions that surround him… The unreasonable man adapts surrounding conditions to himself… All progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

    a real word

  83. Pacific Crest Trail Maps says

    This has always been my philosophy. Most people look around and see what everyone else is doing and assume because that is the most popular course of action that it is correct. The entrepreneur looks around and sees that when everyone is doing something a certain way there is opportunity in doing the exact opposite. Thanks for the great post.

  84. Cigs says

    Great Article. We may learn a lot from it. Being unreasonable sometimes lead us to success not only in business, but in personal life as well!

  85. Tom - PDQ says

    This reminds me of the saying, nice guys finish last.. It’s a bit sad I guess, but if that’s the way the world works..

  86. Sam Winn says

    Hi David!
    While i was read your article I asked me “why not?”I will use some of these thinkings for my business.
    Thank you!

  87. Paul says

    Hi Dawud,

    It’s so true, if you look at most great businesses you’ll see someone who was willing to be tough, strong and oftten unreasonable. Excellent thoughts!!

  88. nuril ayu says

    This is a great article, I agree of what you’ve mentioned. Inspiring me.
    There are a lot of factors that influence someone success. And It’s a good source of information and motivation for future business owners. Thanks to you.

  89. smokeless cigaretees says

    A very interesting read. However I tend to think that the greatest buiseness success is not achieved as much through inovation as it is through renovation.

    By this I mean take something that works and improve upon it. This model has been demonstrated over and over again to be so. One company that immediately comes to mind is Microsoft. A little digging will reveal that Microsoft at its inception not an inovator at all.

    Great post though 🙂

  90. Nutrition Degree says

    I’ve never seen that quote before, but it makes perfect sense and it’s a really interesting idea when you apply it to a business. I’d also say that some of the best innovations happen by accident, like finding the beautiful lake when you get lost.

  91. Boyaci says

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  92. project plan says

    Impressive article. It’s a must read to everyone. It’s like saying also that “experience is the best teacher”…so take risk or understand your own business and learn from it. It’s not wrong to follow some advices or read some marketing plans, but let them be your guide but not totally. Keep your own as Dawud have said. 🙂

  93. Sam says

    Being unreasonable can give you success but other then that, it will bring immense happiness for you because you had something which others haven’t.

    So its like being out of the box.

  94. Cars Dubai says

    You are very right about most of the business professionals who follow other leaders or professional. We need to take a separate path in order to succeed in a better way. Really nice and interesting article, keep up this good work.

  95. Pink Laptops says

    This is exactly why Michael Schumacher is the most successful F1 driver in history. No crompromises, his way or the highway.

    Unreasonable is the new way forward.

  96. bromley92 says

    very good point i always say people who do what thay are told will never be great if people did what thay were told this blog , the internet ,cars , space travel , ect would not be possible . when you find your own way it opens many possibilities

  97. Tanzania holidays says

    You have definitely explored great areas that are easy to digest – Completely agree with your view discussing that ‘experience is the best teacher’ – This is definitely true to the point that people can offer their opinions and tell you to adapt a certain path, but without any action; it will be meaningless.

    I recall a great author who has changed my approach to life wrote – ’embrace failure – fail once, then fail again’ – then from that, you can learn from those mistakes and become a better person as a result.

    But thanks for this!

  98. zein says

    This is a great article,One started a business with a goal in mind and you must keep that goal in your line of sight and adjust your surroundings to adapt to your goals


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