one2one-sm.gifLiz Strauss asked me, Dawud, “When I go to your blog I get the feeling there's a back room behind your blog where you work. What work do you do there?”

And so kicked off our one2one conversation.

So what am I doing behind my blog?

When I’m not rubbing the swollen feet of my pregnant wife, chasing around my two young kids, or working on our kitchen remodel, I can usually be found parked behind my Mac Pro plugging away at work.

The work…of course, I design websites – for about a decade now. But more often I coach my clients to use their websites to grow their businesses. So you could say I’m a web designer – plus.

What I do is bring together knowledge of the internet, web coding, design and usability with the skills of a business coach, marketing strategist and just, plain overall problem solver. Basically, if you’d like to solve your business problems through the internet or take the next leap in your already successful business, I’m your guy.

The past year or so, I’ve been spending more and more time coaching and consulting with people on how to use social media (blogging, social networking, social bookmarking, etc) to expand their reach, grow the conversation and build a community around their business.

Liz, as you already know, I’m all about helping people. That’s truly what makes my heart sing. Thus, the way I see my business is that I help people uncover, develop and grow their dreams. Everyday that’s what I do with every client – step-by-step.

The truth is – I really love people. And I get such joy out of seeing people who are struggling begin to touch peace, happiness, beauty and love. Yes, I’m a sap too. But it’s literally what moves my being. For a while I helped people through alternative healing. Now, I guide my clients to similar outcomes through their business.

I could go on and on because I really love what I do. But I won’t. Why? Because I’d like to leave some space to hear from you…what do you do in the back room behind your blog?

And since this is a one2one conversation…to Liz (and you too…):

What’s one, core thing that makes your heart sing? Could be anything. But something that really blows your heart wide open.

If you’re reading this, I’d love to hear your answer too.

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  1. Shana says

    Your post got me thinking about my “back-room”. I have many websites. However, my babies (the websites that are my entire heart and sole) are & the Blog that goes with this site . I love helping children. Or, more specifically I love helping Parents to spend more quality time with their children. I have designed Preschool Curriculums for parents that want to teach their children Preschool at home. I believe that if children are educated from birth that they have a greater chance at having a healthier and happier life. Plus, I educate the parents in how to teach their children in a fun way. Bottom line… there is nothing more satisfying in life than loving my children and watching them absorb everything they possibly can. I want all parents to experience this. I love hearing from my customers. I love receiving their emails and phone calls because they were thrilled with their order. I love when they tell me about how much fun both the children and parents are having spending quality time together on Preschool projects. At the end of the day I’m exhausted. But, my thankful customers, their children, and the love of my children give me strength for the next day. They give me the topics for the majority of my posts in my Blog and the articles and new items on my site.

    Thank you for this post. It made me take a break to reflect on the meaning behind my career as a Webmaster and as a Mother.


  2. Char Brooks says

    Hi Dawud:

    I loved reading about your back room. Since we’ve never spoken but emailed so many times, I feel like I know you a bit. I was absolutely fascinated by your history with the Jaffe Institute, healing, and how your business has evolved in such a creative and fulfilling way. You’re just awesome!!

    I’m not sure how far along your wife is in her pregnancy and am wishing you both lots of joy with your family. How wonderful that you’re rubbing her feet. I remember those days well – and my kids are now 18 and 22!

    What makes my heart sing is helping clients who have lost a loved one to embrace their loss, witness all the changes that involves and find their way after this life changing experience. I find that for those who want to use loss as an opportunity to grow, heal and recreate a life that works for them – it can be very rewarding for them – and it absolutely makes my heart sing to walk through this process with them.

    On a lighter note, I also love a great cup of coffee fresh from my French Press while enjoying my 2 dogs, Phoebe and Savannah and my 5 cats!

    Watching my kids come into their own as young men is thrilling for me as well. I love how they take their lives into their own hands and applaud them when they come to their own conclusions about what really works for them and makes their hearts sing! It’s very rewarding to stand on the sidelines and be cheering them forward.

    Thanks Dawud for your wonderful blog. One day. . . I’ll be blogging away as well. It is really exciting to hear how this has expanded your world and I long for that kind of experience as well.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  3. Shana says

    Thank you so much for replying to my comment. I am so impressed with that. As busy as you are to take the time to personally respond to my comment is a rare trait to find on the net. I am now a bigger fan of!!! 😉

    You asked how I manage my work responsibilities with my personal and family ones… I wish I could tell you something amazing that made me seem like a Super-Mom/Super-Webmaster, but I can’t. Honestly, I run on very little sleep and a lot of coffee. I wake up in the morning and start the kids eating their breakfast and once they are done they play in the family room for a bit. During this time I answer emails, process orders and package up items to ship out. I spend the rest of the day with the kids and trying to straighten things up and get dinner going. I sometimes will do some work on my laptop during the evening with the family. Once the kids are in bed I really focus on my work. I try to get to bed by 3:00, but twice this week it was almost 5:00 in the morning until I went to bed. I probably should mention that my husband works nights and sleeps days, so unfortunately I do not have his help during the day or night until the weekend. 🙁

    I really don’t have a schedule that I follow and I know that recently I have been feeling more than a little overwhelmed. It’s a feeling that I am not used to and I must admit it scares me. You see, If I’m not running around taking care of my kids or in my office manging my work then I’m bored. I can’t sit still… I have to be doing something. My whole adult life I thrived on the excitement of the “hustle and bustle” of business. The more stress I had from my business or kids the better at all of it I became. Well, recently I have been feeling like for the first time in my life that I might not be able to handle it all. Do you ever feel like this? If you do… what solutions to this feeling have worked for you? Do you have a schedule for each day that you stick to? If you have any suggestions I would love to here them.

    So, to answer your question… I make notes as to what I would like to complete the next day. I number the list in order of priority. But, my list changes as the day goes on due to my kids. I keep sticky pads around the house because ideas and new projects come to my mind through-out the day and I make a note to work on them later.

    Sorry that this response is so long. This was not an easy question for me to answer. I always bragged about the amount of structure I have in my very busy life…. but your question made me realize that what was once structure has become chaotic. I will have to work on this… I thrive on structure.

    Thank you again for your wonderful Blog.


  4. Zakman says

    Hi Dawud!

    I’m coming here from Liz’s site and eavesdropping with invitation 🙂

    What makes my heart sing? When someone asks me for a favour and when I’m able to do it. (It happens each time Haley’s Comet passes by.)

    For example, a couple months ago, my 14-year old niece asked me for some help with doing research on the Web for her school project.

    Alright, this is gonna sound stupid and immature — but I was overjoyed! So even I can really be of some use to someone?

    She thanked me when it was over, but the inside of me said, “Thank YOU.”

  5. Dave Origano says

    Hey Dawud,

    inspiring post and very helpfull to those who think you (and I, as well as many others) are only about business.

    The most heart-warming thing I do on a daily basis is working with other people. Working with them to make their (business) dreams come thru. And after that, to teach them how to add value and joy to the world.

    Most people in business are there for the money, but I teach all people I work with that life isn’t about money. It’s about the things you can do with it, whether good or bad – for others or for yourself.


  6. Dawud Miracle says


    Thanks so much. I love what you said about watching your sons develop into young men…how incredible. I still look at my kids and wonder how is it they’re mine. Amazing being a parent.

    As for business, it has been an interesting ride. And I feel it’s going to get more so in the coming couple of years as I make further changes in my business offers.


    Thanks for being a fan. I try hard to reply to as many comments as possible on my site. Remember, I want the conversation and I hope to build relationships with people who visit and read my site. So it’s great to hear your appreciation. And don’t worry about the length of your replies. Write as much as you like as often as you like. That’s how we get to learn about each other.

    I do understand your time dilema. I also know someone who might be able to help you reframe some of your time issues, if you’re interested. Try Adam Kayce from Monk at Work. He’s a long-time, dear friend and is great with productivity under ‘real-world’ circumstances. A brief phone conversation with him would be all you’d need to know if he can help you.


    Ease-drop away, please. And you certainly don’t sound stupid or immature. Sure, I’ve helped people through some very difficult periods in their lives having been a ‘healer’ for a while. It’s great to help people at that level. And it’s great to help my five-year-old nephew climb a tree and watch the expression on his face when he overcomes his fear. Helping comes through give and I’ve never found giving to be immature.


    Beautiful…and thank you for sharing your thoughts. What would you say is one, major key that helps your clients ‘get it?’

  7. Doris says

    Hi Dawud, my ‘back room’ is being mum to my little boy and running a seminar biz plus making sure there’s food on the table every evening.I’m kept busy all day but it’s meaningful. LIke you, I have a passion for alternative healing and natural therapies and I enjoy sharing this knowledge with anyone I know. This is a nice conversation, I’ll find time to take it to my blog one of these days. So glad to know you love people and enjoy helping people – what a wonderful gift you have. To enjoying helping others is indeed a gift, a gift that we are blessed with but somehow, not all of us recognize this potential in us 🙂

  8. Carol L. Skolnick, Clear Life Solutions says

    Hey Dawud, if you weren’t a sap, I wouldn’t have partnered with you on my website. It’s an essential quality. What makes my heart sing is getting at the heart of the matter and connecting. I’m not always so good at it, which is why it has become my life’s work. You should have seen this here sap mopping tears as she strolled the streets of downtown Santa Cruz yesterday, upon suddenly realizing she was mistaken regarding an assumption about beloved family members she’d held for, oh, only 40-plus years…I have to make a lot of phone calls this week as a result. I look forward to it. Anything that brings about connection is a good thing.

  9. Doris says

    [quote comment=”6754″]Doris,

    Thank you. What are you doing to ‘promote’ your alternative healing and natural therapies work?[/quote]

    For now, I have a health blog ( where I share my passion in health and alternative healing. Other than that, it’s more like one-to-one sharing with friends whenever the opportunity arises. What about you?

  10. Dawud Miracle says


    Hey darlin’. Great to see you here. I understand what you mean. I, too, have some cleanup work from my past. Luckily we all have the chance to forgive and be forgiven. God speed.


    I’m currently not doing anything more with my alternative healing training other than work on friends and family when the need arises. For now, my work is with helping businesses – and the people who own them.


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