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  1. Andy Beard says

    I am still following a very specific strategy I wrote down 9 months ago, and I believe it is working the way I want it to.

    One important factor, a strategy doesn’t have to be clear to your readers, but you have to be very clear about the strategy for yourself.

    A strategy also can take a slightly meandering route, but you should try to take a few steps towards your goal as often as possible.

  2. Stuart Baker says

    Dawud, these are wonderful guidelines, and a great continued reminder to me of how to approach promotion of our businesses.

    Back a few hundred years ago when I was a full time builder/remodeler I sat down and asked myself what my customers should be able to expect of me. Then, what could I expect of them. Then I actually opened discussion with prospective and existing customers on these issues. And I learned to ask about their hopes and fears, and so on. I ended up with more friends and a very loyal customer base.

    It was eye-opening to be this direct and try to dig down to the core. This thread led me to examine the roots of conflict, how it may arise, and what may be done to avoid much of it.

    Thanks, Dawud.

    Stuart Baker

  3. Stuart Baker says

    My relationships with my customers went to a whole new level. At first their frequent reaction was a dropped jaw- they never expected to hear such questions and dialogue. A new level of mutual caring emerged, and as our buddy Mark Silver says, they became my sales force.


  4. Stuart Baker says

    Yes, Dawud, I found that the referral cart came behind the horse of caring and commitment in the first place. As you perceived, I did not build relationships in order to receive referrals but learned that the referrals were a very welcome side effect of the relationships.

    AND, those referrals were usually great, usually people of similar caliber to the people I had developed the good relationships with. Plus, the new customers came in already having some degree of faith in me through their friends.

    Whoa, I am seeing new blogs here….



  5. Dawud Miracle says


    Hey Andy, great to see you back.

    I couldn’t agree more. Your readers don’t need to know much about your strategy. Instead, they should witness it working.

    And I know what you mean about a meandering route…happens to me sometimes. But what do you do to make your route as short as possible?


    Exactly. Great idea. I’ve found clarity, openness and honesty are the backbones of having a successful business.

    How did your relationships with your customers change when you had these discussions?

  6. Dawud Miracle says


    That’s what I thought. And that’s the key. Some of us build relationships because we want referrals. Others of us build relationships to help each other, mutually, in any way that organically manifests itself. This way doesn’t always lead directly to business. And it ultimately leads to more business than just building a referral base.

  7. Andrea says


    Having just commented on your prior post, I find it funny that STUART writes…

    ‘Whoa, I am seeing new Blogs here’

    So these comments are another source of good content!

    I feel like I am interrupting a conversation here, so please excuse me :),

    I LOVED this post.. I just loved that you used the word clarity instead of Focus.. I am getting so sick and tired of focusing!! 😉

    Can you (no pun intended) ‘clarify’ this paragraph ?

    “Next I ask myself (and my clients) how: how do you do what you do. I can’t even begin to express how much my business changed when I took a long look at not just what it is I do, but how I do it. My eyes opened to things about my business that I never had considered. And I’ve watched this in many of my clients over the years.”


  8. Dawud Miracle says


    Yes…that’s my experience as well. Word-of-mouth is the most powerful way to spread your business. And it’s the relationships that grow word-of-mouth.


    They are another great source of content. That’s why I love having these conversations with you and everyone else.

    You’re never interrupting – only adding. So please jump in to any conversation whenever and wherever you like.

    With the focus, I think of not seeing the whole picture. It’s like drilling down to the minutia of details. But with clarity it’s like wipe away the dirt from the window so that your view through the window is less obstructed.

    It’s these obstructions that get in the way of us identifying and growing our business.

    So, how do you do what you do?

  9. Andrea says

    Thanks Stuart!


    I have been going through a tough personal time at home with too many cries for my attention. Your question only ‘clarifies’ for me more how much MORE patience I need to be where I want to be.

    How do I do what I do?? Well I dont and I cant. FORTUNATELY, my day is so packed with interruptions, that I am going to have to write a post soon about how my business goals are going to have to be redefined to compliment my current reality – falling asleep in the middle of writing this comment while I nurse my baby.

    I am clear about one thing. I dont want to rush 10 years from now. I want to live today. I’ll try to let you know what I come up with :).


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