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See How Interruption Marketing Is Turning Away Your Customers

Continuing with what now appears to be my David Armano Appreciate Week, I found this great video on his site yesterday and I couldn’t pass up sharing it with you. Take a look (if you can’t see the video in your feed – get to my site and give it a watch)

Bring the Love Back reports that in the first 40 hours this video got 14,000 views. It makes such a powerful statement. It was inspired by David’s article in Newsweek, It’s the Conversation Economy, Stupid.

I think this is a great example of how interruption marketing is loosing its grip. Think about it, we’re interrupted every day with tons of messages trying to get our attention around their product or service. But people are really being turned off. Consumers want more control. This is one reason the blogosphere has grown so quickly.

I’m hopeful that more marketers are beginning to see that it’s the relationship, the conversation, that people want. Not just the product and all it promises. What marketers need to do is flip the funnel. Think of their clients and customers as people and develop relationships with them beyond just cash transactions.

I don’t know about you, but I’m inspired by the video. What about you? If you put yourself in the shoes of the customer, how would you feel? How are you using conversation in your marketing?

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  1. Ponn Sabra says:

    Short, sweet and to the point! The video is hysterical! Stumbled my friend 🙂

  2. great feedback, loved it

  3. geert,

    Thanks for getting it out there. I think it sends a strong message – one I support fully.

  4. Great and hilarious video Dawud … good way to drive your exellent point.

    I’ve stumbled it too 🙂

  5. Great video. It sure spoke to me.

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  7. Wow, this is great Dawud.

    This guy is SOOOO BAAADDD!!! 🙂

    Have an awesome day!
    Dan & Jennifer

  8. Dawud:
    That video nails it, doesn’t it?
    Great illustration… but I want to see the sequel. Where do you think she goes?


  9. Hi Dawud

    Video had me in stitches, what a great way to portray the message!

    As for the tool of interruption marketing, yes we do use that, but differently.

    We’ve asked permission to interrupt (email newsletter once a month) and with persistence (we promised one a month, so we send out one a month). And the persistency is starting to pay of: conversations slowly start.

    So we call it: persistent permission marketing 😉

    Other ‘standard’ interruption marketing (paper ads etc) don’t even work for us. WE tested, we measured and skipped them. No conversation in there.

    (Stumbled it too)

    Karin H. H. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

  10. Ponn, Deborah & Jean,

    I hear you. Me too. I must have watched it half-a-dozen times on David’s site before I wrote this post. What a great illustration. Thanks for the Stumble.


    I’ll check it out.

    Dan & Jennifer,

    I know. Can you believe how out of touch the ad guy is?


    I’m with you on a sequel.

    Karin H.,

    I don’t think all permission marketing is bad. It’s just obvious that there’s a movement away from it – both from business and from consumers. And when you have permission, that does change the game a bit.

    I’m just far more intriqued these days around coversational marketing where the consumer has all the control.

    Thanks for the Stumble.

  11. awesome post! great video!

  12. guilherme,

    Sure. I am still watching it with interest and fondness myself. Sends a strong message, does it not?

  13. Your site and your posts are an inspiration to someone starting off…

    Loved the video, really, really funny.

    Have a good New Year & All the best 😉

  14. William,
    Thanks. I found this video really drove home the idea of interruption marketing.

  15. good video, in bookmarks:)

  16. Hi Chris, the sequel is coming in a few weeks 😉

  17. Geert,
    Let me know when you put it up. I’ll take a look and likely post about it.

  18. You’re throwing the baby out with the bath water!

    Just like they’re good presidents and bad ones, there is good interruption marketing and bad interruption marketing.

    Anytime you try to get someone to read a blog post with the title of the blog, you’re using interruption marketing tactics.

  19. I’m about 2 years behind everyone else in finding this – but it’s still funny now!

    To Charlie’s point – I guess the issue is not about good vs bad interruption marketing; it’s that we’re becoming so much less tolerant of interruptions that if you do interrupt us it better be a very small interruption and it better be a relevant interruptions. A blog title isn’t an interruption for 99% of people – they look at it not because it’s being forced on them but because they’ve searched for it, or they subscribe to it. Huge difference with a cold call or advert.


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