catheart.jpgWould you like your customers and clients to promote your business for you? Of course you do, right?

Andy Sernovitz, author of Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking, states that around 80% of online shopping time is spent researching products (and services) rather than buying. And 77% of online shoppers will read reviews before making a purchase.

So obviously what people think about you and your business is very important to your success. And with blast and interruption marketing being less and less effective, what people are saying about you becomes even more important.

wommarketingbk.jpgIn Andy’s book he says, “Traditional marketing is no longer the safe way to go. It may make you more comfortable, but it is becoming gradually less and less effective… It’s time to focus on making customers happy – earning their trust and respect and getting them talking about your stuff.”

So how do you get your customers and clients to talk about you and promote your business? Well, first, “Happy customers are your best advertisers.” (from Andy’s book).

But I go a step further…I say get your clients to fall in love with you.

Think about what happens to you when you fall in love. You’re giddy and excited. Your face carries a perpetual smile and your stride has a bit more bounce to it. And when you’re in love, you can’t help but telling people about it. Especially your friends.

That’s exactly how you want your clients and customers to feel from their work with you. You want them to leave your meetings excited, hopeful and with a bit of bounce in their stride. Then you’ll be the topic of conversation when your client talks to their friends.

So how do you get your clients and customers to fall in love with you? Here’s 7, rather easy, ways to begin:

  1. Be nice
    Above all things, if you’re kind, polite and compassionate, they will feel it. And they’ll internally compare how they feel interacting with you with how they feel with others. It’s subtle, but it makes a huge difference.
  2. Be fully attentive
    Whenever you’re interacting with a client or customer, put everything else on hold. If things come up during a meeting, write them down so they don’t get in the way of your being fully present. You know when someone isn’t fully there with you – and your clients do too.
  3. Exceed their expectations
    Whenever the opportunity presents itself, take the extra step. Doing small tasks that have little impact on your time can pay huge dividends in how your clients see you. Going above and beyond creates a ‘wow’ affect. It makes them feel like they’re the most important client to you. And that’s what they’ll talk about with others.
  4. Listen to what they’re really telling you
    People don’t always do a great job saying what they really mean. Listen to their words, AND listen to what they’re saying between the words. When you answer the unspoken questions and concerns your clients will trust you even more because they’ll feel like you really ‘get them.’
  5. Help them understand how
    People have hired you or bought your products to help them solve some problem in their business. So make sure it does. If they don’t understand how to use it, they won’t and, in turn, you won’t succeed either. They have to be successful for you to be successful.
  6. Always follow up
    If you say you’re going to do something by a certain time, do it. Do it earlier, if you can to exceed their expectations. And if you can’t do it on time, let them know as soon as you do. If you keep your clients well informed, it will go a long way to building respect and trust.
  7. Stay in touch
    Even after you’re finished working directly with them, stay in touch. Give them a call or send an email that specifically asks them how they’re doing after working together or buying your product. Trust me, this will be a very pleasant surprise. And, it can give you valuable feedback as well.

Here are but a few ways to make your clients fall in love with you. Put them in action and you’ll have raving fans who want to tell everyone they know about you.

I know I haven’t covered all the ways to make your clients fall in love with you. So let’s talk about it. What’s worked for you? What hasn’t? And what have I left out?

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  1. Katie says

    Great post, Dawud, and one that really made me pause and digest it for a few minutes.

    When I begin working with a new client, I sometimes feel that way about the client, even though I had never thought about it before.

    With some new projects, it just feels like work as usual. But you do know when you have started something special. There is a spark of recognition that “This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship,” as Rick says in CasaBlanca. And, you’re right, that is accompanied by giddiness.

    I don’t think I have ever considered how the client felt about me, beyond hoping they would find me efficient and responsive.

    Hmmm. Good one!

  2. Jean Browman says

    Amen to that, Dawud! I’m a customer, not a business person, but being treated as a respected human being always gets my loyalty.

  3. Ponn Sabra says

    Nice concise list Dawud!

    One (or a few…whatever mood my little fingers will type out) thing to add:

    * Make him/her (your client) feel special, unique, like they are your only and best client! All are the best, if they’re helping you pay your bills.

    * Express yourself openly, honestly, forth-rightly once you preseve a problem may or may not occur. For example, I’m still on medical bedrest; but once I was admitted to the hospital I had a post up and my emailboxes attended too…and, not only were my out-standing duties/responsibilities of present clients patient (still are) they were gracious in they’re time, offering help, and much more.

    * Speak directly one-on-one to your clients. Even if you’re talking plural to clientS together, speak me to “you”…this can be done in your blog posts, articles, ezine lists, on the phone, in your proposals and more.

    For example, instead of “So how do you get your clients and customers to fall in love with you? Here’s 7, rather easy, ways to begin:”

    “So, how do I get you, my client/reader/subscriber/customer to fall in love with me and my products and services?”

    That way, when you end your post with: “I know I haven’t covered all the ways to make your clients fall in love with you. So let’s talk about it. What’s worked for you? What hasn’t? And what have I left out? ”

    I am already erady to answer you! Be in to ‘agree’, ‘disagree’, ‘recommend’, etc.

    Gotta run…a library-kid is trying to swipe headsets from my daughter 😉

  4. Jean Browman says

    Amen to that! I’m a customer, not a business person, but being treated like a human being always gets my loyalty. It amazes me that some small businesses just don’t get it.

  5. Dawud Miracle says


    I love the idea of falling in love with your clients. Perhaps that’s really what comes first? What do you think?


    Me too. You’d be surprised how many clients come to me because they’ve been mistreated by other web designers. I’ve almost built a business on that alone.

  6. Karin H. says

    Hi Dawud

    To your list (excellent list) I would like to add: try to ‘shorten the decision cycle’ for your customer.
    I’ve wrote a post about it a while ago how one printing company managed to do just that and which I will copy with our “DIY with a difference” project.

    Karin H. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

  7. Dawud Miracle says


    All great points Ponn, thanks. I definitely hear you on writing on a more personal level. Yet, in the case of this post, doesn’t it feel a bit presumptuous to suggest that people have already fallen in love with me?


    Ooh, good one. This one is often overlooked when business owners consider the internet. Yet it’s one of the most valuable parts of having a website – specifically a social-based site.

    How have you seen your sales cycles change using both your sites?

  8. Karin H. says

    Hi Dawud

    We’re in the middle of changing our websites (now Supply & Install and DIY are more or less integrated into one) by ‘diversification’: part of the site will be dedicated to Supply & install customers (where we install the floor for them, so rather ‘local’): ‘shortening’ will be focused on inviting ttem to visit our showroom for face to face conversations. The other part will be dedicated to DIY-ers whole over the UK who are looking for high quality floor-covering. The difference will be adding loads of information and various options to request a quote or buy directly on-line.

    I’ll keep you posted, but at the moment – with the integrated sites we receive many compliments already on the amount of info we (freely) give away = building trust.

    Karin H.

  9. Webomatica says

    I’m all for this as a consumer. There are so many tales about bad customer service and less than stellar products that it’s almost like many companies have forgotten that awesome products and great service can sell themselves. Any time I have a good customer service experience I remember it; that’s for sure.

  10. Dawud Miracle says


    Great. Definitely keep me informed on how the changes go. I, too, have found that ‘giving it away freely’ leads to increased trust and certainly shortens the sales cycle.


    Me too. I think that’s why it’s so important to me. I also remember the poor service and usually don’t deal with that business again. How do you handle poor service?

  11. Andy Sernovitz says

    Dawud –

    Thanks for the great post.

    Love is the big idea (and it makes marketers plenty squeamish.)

    But no one talks more than a teenager in love. Or an executive in love with a cell phone. Or a new purse, or pair of shoes, or CD.

    If people love you, they talk about you.



  12. Dawud Miracle says


    Thanks for a great book.

    I couldn’t agree more that Love IS the big idea. Isn’t if funny that we trivialize love. Having come from a healing background, this is certainly a topic we could explore.

  13. Mark Tillison says


    Great post that rings true with so much of my own evangelism about business development.

    Poor salespeople always miss the point about expectations particularly, and the clients do leave the meeting with that happy grin, in love with the promise. They are going to get everything they want and life is going to be so perfect.

    And then they go and betray you. And just like love, ‘hell hath no fury…’

    And that’s not good is it?

  14. Dawud Miracle says


    No, it’s not good. Some do ‘betray’ you. I’ve had that happen. Others, stick by like your dearest friends – constantly sharing your business with people they know need your help. Personally, I like working with folks like that. Not just because it’s good for my business. But because if the relationship has that depth, it’s because we really understood each other. Those are the relationships I’m interested in because we both win.

  15. ramla says

    you are brillant.
    today i have my new job as an assistant of a broker and i was seeking for a doc teaching me how to make a diolog an effective one ;i find your article it was like a gift for me
    thank you

  16. ramla says

    I find it very helpful in the way that to make a person buying from you a house ,not from another real estetes you have to make him love you
    I hope you the best

  17. Michael B. says

    As the owner of a high end car detailing company, I always choose 3 things to go above and beyond on for each vehicle. Whether it is fixing a loose piece of plastic, reorganizing their personal items left in the car, or removing a scratch/dent they never mentioned. I’ve had customers go ecstatic over the smallest of extra thing I did for them. That’s one way clients fall in love with my work.

  18. How To Make a Guy Fall In Love With You says

    no doubt all your ways are really great but if I will do this thing, my customer will seat on my head….
    Is there any way to make them happy without getting irritated..???

  19. Teresa Bean says

    I agree with making your clients fall in love that realy works , i have heard so many clients say how they love there stylist they be so happy about there hair that they will wait patientlly all day if it took it to get there hair done. But some people you just cant plz.


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