Many bloggers, like Preston, have asked this question of whether they should fake comments on their blogs to begin the conversation. Darren Rowse had some great advice. As did Jason Kaneshiro from Webomatica and Dee of Blogozine.

They each had some great suggestions of writing more conversationally and more often, asking direct questions of your readers, and having realistic expectations. Also, consider creating a comment policy, and removing no-follow. All these are really great suggestions.

ducktalk.jpgBut I was thinking…what do we want from our blogs? If we want comments we probably want conversation. And if we want conversation, we likely want to create relationships. And through relationships, there’s even the chance we could create community.

So if we want conversation, relationship and, eventually, community through our blogs, why not just jump right in?

How? Find other new or newish bloggers whose content you enjoy. Sure, leave some comments on their blogs. You know they’ll come a visit. If they jive with your content, they’ll likely leave a comment or two also. If so, email them and start a dialogue.

That parts all pretty straight-forward, huh? You’ve probably heard that before.

But let’s go one step further…create an agreement where you comment on each other’s posts. That way the conversation can get started on both your blogs. And there’s no need to fake comments.

The beautiful thing is that your agreement has the potential of developing into a relationship that could help you both grow your blogs – and perhaps your business. And if nothing else, you’ll make more friends in the blogosphere.

So, have you tried this? If so, what have been the results?

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  1. Roberta says

    I do this all the time…I love to meet and talk to new people. I find new blogs all the time that are just chock-full of a wealth of information. It just goes to show ya that we all have a lot of good stuff to say and we’re openin’ the door and comin’ in 🙂

  2. Jonathan-C. Phillips says

    Good idea/experiment Dawud, will definitely try that out, as I’m working on an ebook (conversational blogging) I could probably gather some useful data to add to the ebook (by the way, I’ll send you an e-mail about that ebook soon, cause I’m trying to get conversational blogger writers to participate, and well you’re a conversational blogger, it shows in your comment section) 🙂

  3. Jonathan-C. Phillips says

    see! me and Roberta saw your post, and I just commented on Roberta’s post! That’s a good start! 🙂

  4. Matt Keegan says

    For almost the first year of blogging, I received very few comments. Then, a lightbulb went off when I realized that *requiring* people to register was a huge turn off. So, I changed the requirements, added “do follow” and the comments have been rolling in.

    I guess I was never that concerned about lack of commenting to make comments up myself!

  5. Carma Dutra says

    Dawud, these are just the kinds of tips I need. I followed your instructions and took Nofollow off my blog and it seemed I have received less comments than before. 🙂

    I go to many posts and usually leave a comment. Most people comment back but I don’t think they need to feel that they MUST comment back.

    I want people to feel comfortable at my blog and join in with out pressure.
    I am still trying to find my “brand”. Right now it is pretty general.

  6. Webomatica says

    Great post. Yeah, I have noticed with a few bloggers (who know who they are) are pretty good about commenting or linking regularly even without an agreement. I think this is the best way to have comments and conversations is in an organic manner.

  7. Dawud Miracle says


    Sounds like we’re cut from a similar cloth. Do you purposefully comment on new blogs you find with hopes to create relationships with the blog owners?


    Exactly. I love the fact that the blogosphere is a lot about giving. And the conversation is a big part of the giving.

    And let me know on the eBook. I’d love to participate.


    I’m not suggesting people feel like they ‘must’ comment back. What I’m suggesting is a step beyond just commenting on the blog. It’s about finding other beginning bloggers and working together to help each other build traffic and interest in each other’s blogs.

    So what I’m advocating is building the relationship with other bloggers who are in a similar position as you and helping each other.

    As for branding…sounds like you’re searching for your blog’s purpose. What do you love to talk about?


    Thanks. I agree. And I think sometimes we can help the organic nature of how the conversation grows on our blogs. With a little cooperation and a bit of sharing, not only can beginning bloggers help each other out. They can also, possibly, form relationships that can be mutually beneficial.

  8. Dawud Miracle says


    Great point. I don’t bother commenting on blogs any more that require registration. As a matter of fact, I’m soon going to remove the math problem on my site because I feel it’s still a bit of a barrier – though I know the solution is easy.

    And you remind me of an interesting point…not all blogs need to be about commenting. It really depends on your blogging goal.

  9. Dee says

    First of all thanks for the link .. I really appreciate it 🙂
    Your blogging tips are always inspirational and you know I’m gonna link to this post too!
    I like the idea of having an agreement with other bloggers… for me these agreements kind of happen on their own. I leave a comment or two on someone’s blog (without the intention of getting something back) and they do the same for me. Next thing I know we’re regulars on each other’s blogs… not necessarily commenting though. So yeah, building relationships is definitely a must if you want more comments or regular readers.. you can’t expect much if you’re not interacting with your visitors in some way.

  10. Daniel Sitter, Idea Seller says

    Conversation, relationship and community; sounds like a great recipe for sound business Dawud! Healthy relationships require communication. Communities are simply groups of relationships with a common thread. It makes good sense then, to foster communications in our blogs to encourage relationships among readers.

    In my case, much of my communication with other bloggers happens behind the scenes,typically via email, notes at social directories and an occasional phone call. While this is great and enjoyable, it does prevent the sharing of these conversations and the further development of community.

    Let’s encourage each other to keep more of the comments and conversations public so that others have the opportunity to chime in and share their ideas as well.

    Just thinking…………

  11. Dawud Miracle says


    Thanks…and you’re welcome.

    I just think of what it was like when I began blogging. I met a few newbies right out of the box and spent some time commenting on their blogs. But I never contacted them directly nor considered how we could aid each other. But for new bloggers it makes sense to create little agreements like this to help each other.


    I communicate with other bloggers/personal publishers/business owners in both ways as well. I like keeping the conversation on my blog as much as possible, though, so that others can participate. Yet it’s not always warranted, possible or even wise to do so in every circumstance.

    Thanks for joining the conversation, Daniel.

  12. Lisa Gates says

    Dawud, you are a crafty human indeed. I’m just really digging into your posts and reading, and lo and behold I see at Technorati you’ve linked to me, but I’ll be damned if I can find where.

    Following all the links in this post I found some fabulous sites I have to visit now, and finally landed on the older post of mine about conversation/relationship that you linked to.

    Long winded way of saying you’re a thoughtful, complete and witty blogger. Thank you for all your great wisdom and for causing me to find some new sites to be curious about.

    This is a very Doc-like thang ta do, ya no…

  13. Emma Bird says

    Hi Dawud

    I came across your blog through following the progress of the meme Songs to make your heart sing.

    Anyway, just to say I’m loving it. I thought this post on encouraging conversation was particularly useful.


  14. Dawud Miracle says


    Thanks so much…and welcome. I’m happy you’ve stumbled upon me. Let me know if I can do anything for you.

    And…enjoy the conversation. Feel free to add to it as often as you like.

  15. Ann Jordan says

    I always read that you need lots of content and quality content to bring in traffic. How much does it take to get thousands of readers a day?

  16. Street Magic Blog says

    Thanks for putting me in your article. I’m starting to find blogs with related interest and commenting on them in hopes they will come to my site to comment. I think it will work out well.

  17. Dawud Miracle says

    It’s truly a combination of great content and reach. Some of that has to do with your topic, first of all. But you have to focus on getting the word out otherwise you’re just writing for yourself.

    Street Magic,
    Absolutely. Comment away…get the conversation started – or start your own.

  18. Marital Help says

    I was always thinking to start a blogg about theater. I study acting and sometimes feel really sorry that people around don’t know that much about theater as they should. Do you think these “rules” can be applied for a blogg like this too? Do you think there is a point in doing it?

  19. Dawud Miracle says

    Marital Help,
    Interesting…Not knowing much about theater life I’m not sure. I would give it a try, though to see where it goes. Maybe start small and build from there.

  20. Investmet Property says

    I signed up for Mixx today and they had your Benjamin Franklin article in the autoresponder…the title caught my eye and I then I found this post…great advice since I’m just starting out my real estate investing blog.

  21. free wii says

    I just don’t understand why google would need to do that. really, is there any point? I have read elsewhere that it still passes PR juice around? Anybody have an answer?


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