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5 Website Hacks You Can Do Right Now to Attract More Clients


Every coach wants to attract more clients.

You have your website. You even write and article here and there. But why is it so difficult to attract more clients?

Well, once someone is on your website, what are you doing to get them to stay and to inquire about your business?

Here are five quick hacks you can make to your website that will help you attract more clients – paying clients:

1. A very clear and very visible call to action

What’s the single most important action you want people to take on your website? Whatever it is, make it incredible easy for people to find. And include your call to action on every single page and blog post on your website.

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5 Signs You Have Website Overwhelm (& What To Do About It)


If we’re honest, most of us have some sort of overwhelm with our websites.

Either there’s too much we’re told we have to do to have a successful website. Or the technology hurdles become so high that we’re paralyzed by them.

The fact is website overwhelm is a real thing. Often we can feel like we’re alone, swimming in the vast ocean, surrounded by sharks with no sight of land in any direction. And this can be quite daunting.

Yet, even worse than daunting our website overwhelm can get us stuck and keep us there. It can make us feel incompetent or incapable. And our website overwhelm can flat out make us give up trying all together.

But it really doesn’t have to be this way. Website (and business) skills are simply things we can learn. If you remember that everything in our lives we’ve learned since birth – language, walking, reading, writing, etc. Combine that with riding a bike, driving a car, using email, and a million other things and it should be obvious that we’ve learned how to do a lot of things.

But before we can learn we have to deal with our website overwhelm and how it affects us. So here’s 5 signs that we’re overwhelmed by our websites and what we can do about it.

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Why Life Coaches Have Marketing All Wrong


If you’re a life coach, business coach, leadership coach, spiritual coach – heck, any sort of coach at all – you may want to pay attention to this post…

Do you know that you’re not really marketing your coaching practice to a target audience, that you’re not communicating to a niche market, and that you won’t find your next coaching clients if you ‘engage a marketplace?’

It’s so true. Yet most of the websites that promote life coaches seem to think that’s exactly what they’re doing – talking to a market or an audience.

Is your life coaching website getting you coaching clients?

If you ask a life coach whether their website is getting them coaching clients – most often the answer is no. I know this for a fact because I teach coaches how to use their websites – really their entire web presence – to build a following and get more coaching clients. And most of the life coaches I work with come to me with website copy that is trying to speak to an audience.

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Why We Don’t Ask for Help – Even When We Need It


Most of us have a difficult time asking for help. I see it in myself; in my friends and colleagues. I see it in my kids and their friends. And I certainly see it in many of the people I work with. So why don’t we ask for help – especially when we need it?

Often, it takes courage to ask for help.

It seems simple, right? When you don’t know how to do something you ask someone who does. With their help the learning curve lessens and you spend less time being stuck and more time getting things done.

But we think that asking comes with a price. We risk being seen as unintelligent or incapable. We risk people judging us. We create some story in our minds that this should be simple. Or we believe we should know how to ‘do it.’ And when it’s not simple or we don’t know how we get stuck judging ourselves for what we don’t know.

And that’s the crux of why we don’t ask for help – we’re too busy judging ourselves.

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9 Signs You Should Get Help With Your Website


Is your website bringing you business and getting you new clients? If not maybe it’s time to give your website a health check-up.

Here’s 10 common signs it’s time to give your website some attention:

1. Your Website Isn’t Getting Much Traffic

If people aren’t finding your website then they can’t learn about you, your business and how you can help them. There’s hundreds of ways to get more people to your website. It’s not difficult. However, if you’re not actually doing something to help people find you – they never will. With a little planning and consistent effort your site can go from a barren desert to an oasis of opportunity. If your site isn’t getting enough traffic – it’s a sign you should get help. And if you don’t know, just assume you’re not getting enough traffic. [Read more…]