Happy Holidays

I'm going to be away until Jan 2 for some much needed (and deserved) personal time with my family. 2007 looks to be an exciting year at Healthy WebDesign. So look for a lot of updates, changes and growth this next year. Please enjoy your holidays and have a wonderful new year. See you soon. Dawud … Read more about Happy Holidays

Launch: LionHeart

I just completed a new design for LionHeart Consulting. I did the site architecture and coding (xhtml/css) using the visual design from Mary Elliott, their graphics designer. We worked together to formulate the final visual look, making sure all the site elements fit well with the visual design. … Read more about Launch: LionHeart

WordPress Podcast

Everyone who knows me knows I'm a huge fan of WordPress. I love the ease of setup. I love the ease of use. I love how it automates trackbacks and feeds. I love plugins. And I really appreciate (read: love) being able to customize it. And, there's so much more. Today I found a podcast all about … Read more about WordPress Podcast

Tips for Better Sleep

Found a great post on To-Done about getting better, more restful sleep. Points 4 (keep the bed for bedtime things), 5 (meditate) & 6 (exercise during the day) have worked for me for a long time. I also like to spend some time breathing. No really. Doing focused breathing exercises where you … Read more about Tips for Better Sleep

Get Into Blogging

Darren Rouse of Problogger.net posted a really good article about on why he things personal blogs can be helpful. Personally, I've had to step away from my personal blog to get my new business site up (this site). With dmiracle.com, I've integrated a blog into my site, changed my marketing focus … Read more about Get Into Blogging

RSS Feeds – How to…

I just wrote an article for Dave Schoof about RSS feeds. In it, I describe what an RSS feed is and why you'd want to know about it. In a nutshell, feeds let you get blogger articles, posts and updates without having to check back to the blog site each day. With a feed, you will get updated on new … Read more about RSS Feeds – How to…