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8 Common & Critical Small Business Website Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

8-critical-website-mistakesWith small businesses one fact is true today, your business website should be a central hub for your business.

Your business website should effectively represent your brand while providing ways for your leads to easily engage you. All roads in your business should lead back to your website, making it the pivot point for all your marketing. And you want to treat your website that way.

Furthermore, having a website opens the possibility to not just market to your leads, but to create a powerful touch point for engaging your audience in conversation and building relationships with your prospects and clients.

So if you want a successful business, and I believe you do, it only make sense to create a website that fuels the growth of your business.

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Why Your Marketing May Not Be The Reason You're Not Getting More Clients

marketing-and-selling-work-togetherMost of the the small business owners I work focus an abundant of time on their marketing. They put tons of effort into crafting their marketing message, polishing their marketing funnel and fine-tuning how they generate leads. And often, they do so before any of this produces new clients.

Marketing your business is a really good idea, don’t get me wrong. However you choose to do it, marketing is a vital part of your business. As a matter of fact, marketing your services is something I teach my clients to do more effectively every day.

Yet I find that there’s a hole in the thinking that “all you need to do is effectively market your business.”

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4 Step Economic Stimulus Plan for Life Coaches (& Other Small Businesses)

So there’s more talk of economic stimulus for our sluggish U.S. economy. If this is going to be like the previous stimulus then we can guess it’s not going to be much of a help, right?

As a Life Coach, a Business Coach, or a Holistic Healer you probably have been feeling the affects of the slow economy in the U.S. (and globally) since way back in 2008. Hopefully you’ve found a way to kick-start your life coaching practice and climb out of your own sluggish economy.

But maybe not. I’ve spoken and worked with dozens of Life Coaches and Business Coaches the past few years who are struggling to find clients. They’ve seen a downturn in their business just like the one we’re seeing in whole economy. [Read more…]

Why You Need To Invest In Your Business

invest.jpgAre you investing in your business?

I’m not just talking about time. Of course you’re investing time, right? If you’re not, then you’re likely not very successful.

But what about money? Are you investing money into your business?

Over the past decade, I’ve worked with hundreds of small and medium-size business owners. Some have been startups with funding while others have had large marketing and PR budgets.

But I’m not talking about those businesses. I’m talking about small business owners. I’m talking about corporate trainers, business and marketing coaches, personal development experts and other service providers. I’m talking about clients whose businesses are generating less than $150,000 per year. In other words – small businesses. [Read more…]

Marketing vs. Advertising: Is There a Difference?

I’m certain that you market your business. But, do you advertise your business?

I’ve heard so many web-based small business owners do their best to avoid using the word advertise that I’ve begun to wonder why. I’ve worked with enough clients offline to know that it’s not small business owners in general. Offline businesses use advertising constantly to get the word out about their business.

But it seems different for online small businesses. Somehow it seems that the word advertise is unclean or dishonest or something. While I haven’t quite put my finger on it, it is obvious that online small business tend to look at advertising differently. They often don’t consider placing ads – even Google Adwords.

This strikes me as odd because a few, well-placed advertisements can often drive far more than business than their cost.

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Remember, Your Website Is a Sales Tool – Don't Be Afraid to Use It!

If you have a website, it serves one purpose – to sell something!

Whether you’re selling goods and services or ideas and opinions – websites are about selling. If you have an offer, you want people to buy it. If you like something, you want people to try it. If you believe something, you want people to believe it too. And if you know something, you want other people to know it as well.

It doesn’t really matter how you slice it, the point of a website is to sell something. Otherwise, what’s the point of having a website? To display pretty pictures for everyone to see? Of course not. Websites are about selling because as people, we’re selling all the time. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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